15yr Old BastiOn Breaks Trap Record – 3.7T Points

Bastion Trap Champion GoW

A new champion has risen in the trap arena. (AotL) v BastiOn has achieved an amazing feat, 3.7 trillion points in a single kill event!

Bastion, inspired by reading the interview with the "Godfather of Traps" (AoX) 0 Nex 0, decided to build a trap to beat Nex's record.

Nex, by being the first to achieve trillions of points in a kill event with his health-based trapping has inspired a new generation of Game of War players to create his style of trap and try to surpass even his greatness.

At just 15 years old, BastiOn becomes the greatest trap player in Game of War!

Game of War GoW Instagram Bastion

We had the distinct honor of interviewing this great champion.

Interview with the (AotL) v BastiOn - Le Champion Des Traps

Thank you BastiOn for taking a moment to share with us how you achieved this amazing feat!

Yes, thank you for the Instagram share of my points! This is so exciting!

Where are you from?

I am 15 years old from France so I apologize if my English is not so great.

Wow, how did you accomplish 3.7 trillion points!? Did you score a lot of points with Battle Marks?

I didn't score a lot of points with marking because I didn't have the time to check the map every time when I was taking 10 rallies at the same time.  I needed to retrain troops before the next hit.

(AoX) Nex learned of your achievement and asked for your information to congratulate you. He also mentioned he will come out of retirement as a result. Ha Ha.

Yes [he already messaged me congratulations].  Nex is who inspired me to release a trap that could make more than 1 trillion points.  I read the interview with him for being first to break 1 trillion points in kill event on your site and I turned to my friend and said, "I will try to get the next trap record."  Nex really inspired and motivated me. But for me he is the best and I'm sure he will get the next trap record.

Yes, Nex has inspired hundreds if not thousands of players to rethink how trapping can be done. I can't wait to see what he comes up with now that you have given him some competition.

How long have you been playing Game of War?

I've played for 2 years, but I've only been playing trap for six months.

Oh really? What did you do before trapping?

I just tried to survive. Ha ha.  I was a casual player.

I see. So what changed all that?

Trapping.  I just love that! If I had an unlimited budget I wouldn't build a maxed account. Instead, I'd try all method to trap with multiple accounts.

What's your budget were you able to build your account with?

I'm very limited because I'm only 15.  I spend approximately 1 pack every 2 or 3 months. I spend 2 or 3 days of reflection and thought before I buy a pack because I don't want to choose the wrong pack.

Bastion GoW Rally Trap Report

Wow, and you managed to score all those points!? So anyone can do this? What advice do you have for players?

Yes, I think everyone can do this. I buy a pack before the kill event.  Don't just spend all your money without trying first to find your style of playing (trap, filler, or rally trap) and enjoy the game!

Yes, it's a free game but it can also be very addictive.  Be sure you have a plan before you start playing a new type of account or it can be very wasteful.

That is a very good point.  Have you set any new goals?

Yes, try to break my record or the next one set by (AoX) o Nex o. 🙂

Well we look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future! Thank you very much for your time, insight and advice for our readers!

Bastion Trap Points Game of War

Basti0n Trap Style

BastiOn plays a health-based trap style similar to Nex. BastiOn says he uses wonder cores such as Legend27 or Nian Core Set with barracks to retrain troops after each rally hits.

Also, he makes great use of the Training Garrison in his trapping strategy. He can quickly switch troop types to counter incoming rallies.  However, he admits when many rallies come in at once this becomes very difficult to accomplish.

He was also kind enough to share his troop counts and make up.  BastiOn runs the following troop counts:

  • Regular T5 Mix - 200 M total
  • T2 odd mix - 1 billion

Bastion explains that when they send in range he counters with T2 cavalry, but in kill event its hard to change during so many rallies at once so he uses a different ratio of 40%/40%/20%.  This can be shifted to counter the troop type that the majority of rally leaders are using during that kill event or a quick glance at the rally leader's gear that are attacking you at the time.

His power is 238 billion and he uses Stronghold 28. 160 billion power is research, of which 3/10 is Runes Research besides the Runes Multipliers which are at 10/10.

Pro TipWatch our Video on Runes!

BastiOn Trap Gear and Strategy

Bastion uses Atlas, Legend27 and Nian as previously mentioned.  He uses health gems and runes to gain additional health and attack. He doesn't bother with anti scout. He reasons that when rally leaders see he has 1 billion troops they just come to hit immediately.

Bastion Trap Game of War

If you have a question for BastiOn please leave a comment below!

To learn more about health-based traps check out our Health Trap Guide to get started!

Read our interview with the "Godfather of Traps" (AoX) o Nex o.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX4ayH3R_TQ
    Check out my video for Rally Trap Set Up and Strategy 🙂

  2. is it still possible to make a health trap? hero 80 plus marks research looks like a big issue…how many troops you should run to trap atm?

  3. Outstanding job for event!!!

    Do you use siege troops? What tier are your walls? Thanks

  4. Curious on how he performed in the most recent KVK after the new hero levels were released. Under the new point system the screen shot above would be a loss for the trap.

    • I spoke to BastiOn following that kill event and he mentioned he didn’t participate much in this one. Yes, the scoring system requires players to use T1 to reduce the amount of points given up on impact if they still desire to burn.

  5. How many points did he give up? I know that KVK scoring is flawed, to reward those who’ll trade 50M T5 for 60M T2 because they’re “winning”, but it’s tough to judge all around efficiency based on just points scored.

    • I’m pretty sure I added some typical battle reports to the article to demonstrate how many points he was giving up. Keep in mind this was before the scoring change.

      • Nice. He essentially slaughtered them. I just hate the people getting thier rears handed to them over and over probably got 2nd place by throwing away a few packs worth of troops. Kvk should be net points, although it does make being a trap more fun, knowing your killing them on points for 1/50th the spend.

  6. Amazing job, what are some of the key trees you researched?

  7. Great work BastiOn. How many Barracks and how many hospitals do you have? What are your permanent buildings?

  8. Congrats! So you only have T5 and T2 troops ONLY? You don’t have any T4 or the others?
    What Traps do you have and recommend?

    • Thanks ! Yes i only use t5/t2 troops , i recommended health trap because it’s what I play and he can make more point in ke

  9. Nice job Bastion.

  10. Do you boost your cores?

  11. Congrats Bastion just wondered if you use gem sets in your cores or hades gems?