Interview with Ctesse: “❤️ ONE Team ONE ❤️”


Interview with Ctesse: "❤️ ONE Team ONE ❤️"

It’s about that time again where Game of War Real Tips interviews one of the best players in Game of War so you can get to know your fellow champions and get to learn some valuable tips in the process.

Ctesse and her Alliance (ONE) have been Fierce contenders for the Super Wonder for the last 3 months. No one else was willing to put up a fight against (D:V) Stayalive77 after Kuran, until Ctesse came along and joined up with some old core members of The Order. For the last three months now, One Team has taken a stand against Stayalive with Ctesse leading the charge.

Those who know her refer to her as just Tess. She has instilled the philosophy in her Alliance that no single person can carry the team more than any other. In order to succeed they must work as ONE Team.

Currently, Ctesse has the highest Power in all of Game of War at 845 Billion!!

Now to the interview…

What are some facts about you most people don’t know?

Haha this is a tough one. Let’s see:

When Angry Birds first came out I ranked on the Global Top 10 Leaderboard.

Hahaha wait, why did you try so hard at Angry Birds?

It’s stupid I know, but when I play a game I like to become the best before I’m done with it! I’m a really competitive person! Lol!

I helped build a  library in Dubai for abused woman and children home. 20-25 computers. A place for the children and moms to learn and study so they can assimilate back into life more easily.

I started ONE Team ONE Region initiative to feed 6,000 underprivileged workers in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman during the holy month of Ramadan. That's where the name ONE came from for our Alliance actually.

Ok and the last fact about me is that I didn’t like the newest Star Wars. It was boooring!

WHAT?! Tess maybe you shouldn’t say that, people will get mad.

Nooo, but it was soo boring though, I wanted to sleep during it.

Lol I agree it was pretty slow. It was a good Star Wars, but definitely not my favorite one.

Anyway, let’s move on to more important matters like how you’ve managed to get in the position you are in right now in Game of War. What did you do to get where you are?

It wasn’t my choice actually to start. Some of the old Order (Kuran’s old team) reached out to me, but I said ‘no’ to them twice. Then they came back again and said ‘our team really needs you.’ So I thought about it for a little while and decided to join them.

Once I give players my word, I never back down.

When Kuran stopped playing we had a void of serious competition to D:V and yet we still had the core nucleus of the old team, The Order. We decided to put a new team together to compete for the title and I have to say I'm proud of our efforts so far.  Our ethos for the new team was centered around fun, the team, sportsmanship and commitment. DV are a tough and experienced team and it's always easier to attract players to the reigning champions rather than the underdogs. We are growing and I think many players in the game would like to see the current reign ended even if it's not via me lol.

I’m not that interested in becoming the Emperor. I’m more interested in zeroing players. I find it even more challenging than the SW because the traps these days are very hard to beat. I find them even more challenging especially with the progress of cores and defensive gear.

I hate those goddamn traps… I can be 800 billion, but a 1.5 billion trap can take my hero! Traps deserve a lot more complements, it takes a lot of skill.

What it’s like to be in your position? How do players treat you? What’s it like being under so much pressure during the SW?

Well Navi, it’s really hard. I get 1,000s of mails every super wonder with ideas on how to win. It would take me a 1000 super wonders to test them all. The strategy is not as important as the amount of core sets, fillers, and blockers you have. A great strategy without enough good players to help execute it is useless. No one likes to think about that. They offer strategy and yet don’t participate where they are really needed (as rally leaders, fillers and blockers).

Getting enough players to join us as the underdog isn’t easy. We have 100s of people who say they will help us fight next Super Wonder, but then they don’t show up. Not many are willing to take the risk of burning their Cores and losing significant troop numbers.

D:V has been fighting for the last 11 times and they have tons of support. It’s easy for them because they have so many people and each person can use minimal Cores and they can still last the whole Super Wonder. They can spread the load over multiple players.

Tess, can you share some Wonder strategies that you have learned are essential to success?

Everything is equal when you fight in the Wonder or Super Wonder (for example same core recipes) except for YOUR TEAM. It’s the only thing that separates you from your competitors. Fillers and blockers are just as important as the person going for emperor.

The majority of times my hero is captured in the Super Wonder, it’s because our team has made a mistake or miscommunicated. Not just one team either, but multiple teams. Communication is just as important as speed of play at the SW ....getting those reinforcements in fast, timing your Rallies so they land 1-2 seconds within your target time etc.

Players need to be prepared to lose a lot of troops especially if they are in the team going for emperor. Protecting the leaders hero is paramount and troops are secondary. Having to wait for a hero to return for hours costs you very valuable time. I laugh when people quote how many heroes I've lost each SW....they don't seem to realize they are counting multiple of my accounts and I couldn't possibly be playing all of them. I'm not an octopus lol.

Do you have any favorite gear sets?

Yes the Oreo set.

… you mean the Orion?

No, I renamed it Oreo after my favorite cookie lol and our whole team calls it that now.

I also like the Emerald set, Dragon Bone does not work for me, I recently lost my hero to two traps with Dragon Bone.

How do you prepare for the Super Wonder?

I have Lady Nate, she organizes multiple Line rooms, who the leaders are of each room and where they should go. I also have a core leadership group like SK, Gator, Snow, Masq, Sticky, Sin, Han, Angry to name a few... if I forgot anyone please don't send me a mail... I love you lol!

While she does that, I prepare all of my accounts with the best Cores I can build.

During KvKs I test all of my core sets, gem combinations, my hero skill tree points, and my boosts to determine the best set for every battle.

But I’ve been also trying to get this guy “Navi” to join our team, because he can then tell us exactly what Cores to use. lol!

Hahahaha! I don’t think I’m professional enough yet 😂

At the end of the day, it’s just a game and I have fun every Super Wonder. I enjoy the Super Wonder a lot but I don’t enjoy the smack talking. After football games, or basketball games, both sides shake hands, have a drink and  they don’t talk trash to each other. These games are all about teamwork and sportsmanship, but that doesn’t happen in Game of War for some reason.

What things do you plan to do during this next Super Wonder that will give you the best chance of winning?

I can’t tell you that! Then D:V will know!

I did come up with a really good strategy that my team likes though! I told them all a few days ago and everyone was like, ‘OMG Yes! So we will see how it works.

Haha! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about it. After the Super Wonder I will ask you what the strategy was and we’ll add it to this interview 🙂

Can you at least tell me what strategies you’ve tried in the past?

Yesss, ok.

The first super wonder we used two accounts, CtesseDE and CtesseDS, to try and confuse D:V which one was going for the SW, but the funny thing is, my team got confused too!! Lol. It did make it really hard for D:V too though because their main blockers didn’t know which one to block either. hahaha

There’s a lot we didn’t know during the first SW. Among other things, we didn’t know we needed a speeder, and we didn’t realize how hard it would be to stay awake for 4 days. We worked out that coffee and redbull were our best weapons lol. The next SW we ended up taking shifts.

The second Super Wonder we setup a ton of blockers and D:V ended with this strategy in the third Super Wonder. So that was interesting.

Well, thank you for your time Tess. I appreciate you sharing with myself and other players more about what it takes to succeed in the Super Wonder.

Best of luck to you at the next one!

Quotes about Ctesse from her Alliance

"Tess is an amazing woman who inspires her team to do great things. Her tenacity, her loyalty, her character and her class makes us love her even more and rally behind her and support her endeavors. We love you, Tess!" - ChatoBoto K26

"An incredibly dedicated loyal friend that cares about all. Someone who you can depend on to fight for you not against you. A person I've come to love as a sister and a friend." - xXRiaXx

"She hates orange jelly beans 😂" - xXRiaXx

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  3. I would so love to be able have the fun fighting in the SW even just zeroing people, but I can never build up enough before not shielding for minute and being destroyed again. I once got a million a troops on my account which hasn’t spent a penny, and then had it crushed.

  4. I need help. Where do I go to get good players in my kingdom’s alliance?

  5. Serious questions, how many packs a month does one need to play at that level?? Should have been the number one question on that list.

  6. I’ve offered my help serval times. I don’t think it’s a matter of people not showing up. The problem I were response such as these, well you could be a spy, lack of response to emails, or just flat out being told no because y’all don’t know me. I’ve emailed and spoke to probably 10-15 people across multiple “ONE” alliances. So now I just save my cores and troops for KE and quit trying to fight at SW.

    • Hi Mac and thank you for responding to the interview. My name is Chato and I’m with ONE. I saw your comment and would like to extend you an invitation to talk about what happened and see what we can do to sort it out. ChatoBoto is my line app name and in game name. Contact me either place. I’m sorry to hear that the experience was less than stellar as we are always looking for players that want to fight. I hope to hear from you soon. I’ll try my best to make the situation right.