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Interview With School Bus Who Has 10* Billion Kills!


Interview With School Bus: “Lover of Buses”

The name “School Bus” doesn’t have some fancy meaning from it like you might assume. He started playing Game of War with a different name altogether, but one day he went pick up his son at school and there was a bus there in front of him… so he decided from that point forward it would be his new name.

School Bus sounds like the most innocent War name someone could ever think of, but in fact he’s the most dangerous player in the entire game. With the highest amount of kills in Game of War, 10 Billion kills, School Bus is not someone you want to go toe to toe with in KvK.

School Bus 10B Kills
School Bus 10B Kills
This article has been updated to reflect School Bus’ kills going from 2 Billion (the previous record) to 10 Billion (the current/new record)!

There was no rhyme or reason to why he originally started playing Game of War. One day he decided to download the game from the app store and after a few days of playing the leaders of bx$ invited him to join and taught him the game which he has come to love.

He says:

The game was interesting, it pulled me in and took my time from my whole life.

I think we all know that feeling…

From that point on he’s made countless friends. Just recently Kane Kong and ATLienz spent time in the UAE visiting and the team had the opporotunity to meet up with other members of the super wonder family, including Stayalive and Hades. Even one of their  opponents Wahid joined in for the fun.

I keep playing for friends. If they quit I will quit too.

What makes people so attached to Game of War?

I don’t know but MZ succeeded in that way. My alliance and me are together more than we are with our families. I love the game because I love the people.

Moving on the from the mushy stuff, I asked School Bus how he became SO good in GoW.

I’m fearless, I don’t care about losing my hero. I don’t care about anything. I know my core limit, and target gear limit. I know how to choose my target.

They say you never want to fight against someone who has nothing to lose, and he definitely sounds like he’s willing to risk it all.

school bus hero preset
School Bus’s Dragon King Set

His stats from the last KvK were 6 BILLION points with 160 million kills. This is after losing his hero three times during the 22 hour marathon he spent playing.

There is one expert Game of War player from Canada whom School Bus said tests every single element there is in GoW. I am going to see if I can get in touch with her to write some articles on the most confusing topics players ask about. If you want to make suggestions, leave them in the comments section below!

Have you ever visited GOW Real Tips?

Yes I’ve visited many times. I like how you stay up to date with everything on MZ and the game. I’m happy to be featured.


Is it your goal to have the highest kills in the game or do you just do it for fun?

Ya I do it for fun. I don’t really care about the kills. I like to be #1 but it’s really not my goal. My goal is to make my kingdom win. Because of that my Power Destroyed is really high, because I’m always rallying.

Do you have fighting techniques that have been really successful for you?

I port outside of the enemy’s screen so he can’t see his stronghold when he looks who is rallying him. So he thinks I am far away, but when my rally starts it hits them in like 6 seconds.

What are your favorite gear sets right now?

I’m in love with the 4H set, I use it like drinking water.

The 4H set destroys the target. I love ranged, I always rally with ranged. 90% of targets have more infantry than any other troop because it is the first troop type they can train. Ranged beats infantry, and ranged is the strongest because it has many high bonus core sets.

What’s the biggest improvement that could be made in GoW?

The biggest complaint I have is that the game crashes on me sometimes.

What would you say to the CEO of MZ if you had the chance?

It would be great if there were more features targeted to smaller players.  He could also merge the kingdoms faster. I think they need to have kingdoms with very high populations so the game is most fun for everyone.

Do you have a final piece of advice to players?

They need to learn more about cores and most importantly that Game of War is just a game that you should enjoy.

So there is one more very interesting fact that I learned about School Bus at the very end of the interview. It’s truly something that could never happen in any other game, and I’m still shocked about this even as I write.

Before School Bus started playing GoW one year ago, he never never knew how to speak English. In order to effectively communicate with his alliance on Line and over the phone he was forced to learn English. Now he is fluent.


The last thing he wanted to say was:

Thank you to everyone in Bx$ and Harat for being such great friends.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with School Bus! I’m looking to start these interviews again and do them about once or twice a month. Let me know in the comments who you want to hear from next!

I’ll end with a hilarious photo and some quotes I got from his friends:

school bus heroes captured

“When School Bus hits you, it’s because you didn’t look both way when crossing the street. He’s been teaching us safety since he entered the Game of War scene.” Cynical Fun

“He hates zeroing girls.” – Zo Zo

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  5. Congrats bruh says

    Congrats Bruh. Another great journalistic feat. Update the headline to 10B, basically change none of the content, then send it out to all your subscribers as an email update as if it is new content. Top linkbait work, bruh!

    “I’m in love with the 4H set, I use it like drinking water.” – You might want to check that statement for accuracy in the days of Emerald, Dread Captain, Frostbite and Zeus. Oh, wait, that would actually require you to do a bit of journalism and update the article, rather than just change 2B to 10B.

    Congrats, bruh, great journalism. Hope none of your subscribers get pissed off by your linkbait.

  6. Kim aka SD says

    I find it funny people hating on school bus , can we see all the stats from everyone who posted comments ? Bus is one of the nicest players in GOW ,yes he will zero you but that’s part of the game . don’t cry when it happens learn or quit

  7. Matt says

    This is kind of a depressing article/interview. First, School Bus says he has kids (the background behind his name). Then, he goes on to say the game has basically consumed his life. He just spent 22 hours straight on the game during the last KvK (presumably mostly ignoring his family). He also says he spends more time on the game and with his in game “friends” than with his family.

    Add, on top of that, the 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars he has obviously spent building that account and replacing all the 100s of millions of troops he has lost, it just becomes a depressing story of a father and/or husband ignoring his family and blowing tons of family cash on an addiction.

  8. […] 1: Interview with Stayalive77: A "Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Killer" Article 2: Interview with Schoolbus Who Has Over 2 Billion Kills Article 3: Interview with Wahid: "The True Kate Upton for Game of War" Article 4: Interview with […]

  9. p e says

    The best thing School Bus has done is lead a kingdom. He appreciates the input of the whole kingdom with praise, advice & help. Now that’s something that means more than stats. Thank you from Harat SB

  10. Christopher Jones says

    6bil points off 160mil kills? T3 kills are worth 40pts each. That works out to 6.4bil points with all t3 kills. Where are you finding these lower tiered troops unshielded during kill events, school bus? Almost all my kills come at the wonder these days, all T4 unless hitting someone with hero out that has lots of meat.

    1. interficio says

      1. meat of rally mines…
      2. power destroyed got implemented later then troops lilled so your math isnt quit right 🙂

  11. interficio says

    one of “the three” last KE 😀

    1. Chad says

      Crushed! Nice work

  12. andra ste says

    I read some of these comments and can’t help but think of the line “haters gonna hate” the green eyed monster is coming out in full swing here.

    Let’s see your stats if so impressive then we shall talk.

  13. Anthony Roselli says

    Took his hero last Super Wonder playing dead… If I beat the best, what does that make me????


    1. Chad says

      I think that makes YOU the best 😉 haha a he lost his hero a few times last kvk. Do you have the battle report?

      1. OhYup says

        I was “pretending” to have had cores run out, so had no gear on. Hero tree set to defense. Did not boost to continue to play dead. Took 12 rallies that day lol.. They just kept trying. I was 10 bil at the time.

  14. DTWhispers says

    thats a funny article! he is a good fighter, but the best? This past weekends kvk, my alliance held his kingdoms wonder almost the whole event and won it back from his alliance at the end with a solo…. the best? anyone can get kills stats up by killing T1 troops these days. Start focusing on stats like power destroyed if you want to impress anyone with your articles that is knowledgeable of the game.

  15. Conor Roy says

    Although Bus is a good player I don’t believe he’s the best. Theres younger players who have almost passed him and have done what he has in half the time. Nonethless he is a good player. But Babanough and Death by AJ are the best. In my opinion.

  16. Grant Augustine says

    id take a hit from SHOOLBUS!!!!

  17. Tazzy21 says

    This guys set a rally on me during last kvk… I promptly shielded. He’s a beast, but it’s cool to know that he doesn’t take the game too seriously seems prettty chill.

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