Interview With XxKuranxX: Once The Top Player In Game of War


Interview With XxKuranxX: Once The Top Player In Game of War

Who is the best player in Game of War? A long time ago, before coliseums, kvks, and relic gear, CardRx had far more power than anyone.

He resided in k58 where he single handedly terrorized the kingdom with 640 million power. That was about a year ago when gold packs contained no resources, no chests, and about 1/1,000th of the speed-ups they contain today. CardRx farmed the whole kingdom in order to steal the resources he needed to grow.

Now, there is another beast in Game of War, though, he is more of a humble giant. His strategy involves working together with many different alliances in an attempt to claim the No. 1 spot. He is XxKuranxX and he is hands down the leader of high-level play in Game of War. He has two accounts, one with 13 billion power and the other with 7 billion. Using these beasts and with the support of his team, they have taken turns controlling the Super Wonder for 210 days, while zeroing more than 30 different billion+ power accounts.

Have you spent over $100k? "Yes," he said.

A staggering amount of money that most people don't even get close to making in a year. You could buy a brand new Tesla with that much money.

Behind this stardom, is a well-mannered and humble guy in his 20s. He says his favorite parts of Game of War are "the social aspect, working together, and making friends."

I interviewed one of his very talented alliance members, Wahid1, and she said that they initially became friends after Kuran assured her the loss of a kvk kill event was not due to the points she lost defending the Wonder. It was a few months into Wahid's Game of War journey and she was still learning the ropes.

Kuran declined to answer whether or not he was the best player in Game of War, but did say, "every plateau, we have hit," meaning, his alliance has triumphed at all stages of the game, through every iteration developed by Machine Zone. Just a few weeks ago he zeroed a 2 billion power account in 10 minutes using the new rally time and rally march reduction research.

He also claims to have invented the most popular play style in Game of War today.

I invented T1 traps... the first time I saw the report we asked ourselves, 'Are we really going to take this route?'” he said. “We were too invested at that point. We had to. It was fun in the beginning.

He didn't stop there.

Some people will argue, but we started using the one-troop type rally first.

The way it works is, we rotate troop types when rallying billionaires,” he said. “It's the most effective way. Also, we defend the wonder with one type... the strategy is less effective now though.

Kuran told me he invented the "camp trick." To perform the camp trick, you send hundreds of thousands of troops to a camp. When the enemy sends a march to attack the troops at your camp, you recall your troops, then as fast as you can: port on the tile where your camp was, then quickly port away so the enemy march hits your stronghold instantly.

To date, I do not believe there has been a more progressive player in Game of War.

We talked a little bit about the new alliance city and he seems to agree with the majority of GoW players.

Useless at this point,” he said. “Maybe down the road we will be able to rally them and that will make things more interesting. They will become mini-wonders.

Although Kuran is progressive, he wasn't sure where MZ is going next.

Bigger rallies would be nice, it's a game of traps." He paused then said, "Maybe a new point system would fix the widespread nature of trap accounts.

The advice Kuran has for new players is crucial.

Have a direction of what type of player you want to be.

At Game of War Real Tips we frequently mention the importance of choosing a play style and sticking with it. You have to specialize to be successful in Game of War.

Last but not least, Kuran claims not to work for Machine Zone, but he would say this to the CEO if he met him face to face:

I wish I would have thought of this game first.

Follow XxKuranxX on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @xxkuranxx

If you have any questions for XxKuranxX, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Guy blows 100K on a phone game and you guys give him this write-up on “skill.” LMAO. I spent about $400 on Game of War, mind you… more money than I’ve ever spent on ANY game ever. Won a KVK with a 80 million power SH21 beating dozens of billion power players, that is, people blowing THOUSANDS on a game. Who’s the better player?

    I also know Kuran likes to blow his own horn, so the “modesty” thing, ahem… sure. Whatever.

    100K. That’s all you had to say.

  2. Can you help me end a stupid war in our kingdoom?
    Its all out of hand and we need players to grow, its like syria in there.
    I need advice

  3. A little off topic but no one can answer this my troop training speed is 470 but when I go into my barrack under more info it gives the training speed and underneath it says training time decreased by 82% that number never changes even as my speed increases is that a cap

    • Power > Boosts > training speed.

      Is that what you are looking for?

      • With gear and research as well as tree my training speed is 472 but my time reduction stays at 82% if reduction doesn’t go past 82 the training speed number doesn’t matter because your only reducing your training time by 82%

  4. I never heard of him ‘inventing new tricks’. I never watched any video or tutorial. Now someone linked me to this site and it’s almost the first time I heard of him. And I still knew about all this tricks..

  5. Ham Panda has slapped Kuran around plenty. Different level of good. If you want to talk innovative talk to that monster.

  6. I love Kuran, he’s a buddy of mine and when I had a glitch for unlimited silver I hooked him up with billions and that’s when silver went for $100 per 100mil. However, most of the things he said he invented, I was doing on my own long before then. I would discuss tactics with him about things like this to get his opinion and he did teach me a lot of things about the game, but I would say he was who spread those tactics wide range as opposed to being the first to actually think of them. There are hundreds of kingdoms and I’m sure others have thought of things like that, but as a semi-spender who can’t afford big losses, I’m forced to think of new tactics to bring bullies and big targets down as well as to come out on top against larger players.

    • Unlimited silver glitch… dammmn

      • Yeah, at one point I had over a trillion silver on one account. I made over $13k in two weeks selling silver until it was patched and they took all but 2bil silver from me. So I’m done with my silver business obviously, although tonight I think I figured out a way to easily move silver between kingdoms but I need to test it first, but if it works, then it will open silver selling up a lot.

  7. Hey man sorry that I keep dpimg this lol but I’m a huuuuge fan of chuck norrs yes tap spaces 12 million power he resides is k84 and his alliance is MjD plz do him!!! He helped with the capturing of a 8 billion power player with kuran

  8. The “best” player in game of war is once again failing to do anything against Stayalive77 at SW. Maybe you should consider changing the title of this article lol.

  9. This interview would have been better with stayalive or copoto…

  10. Are there alliances that are multi kingdom alliances? When you get to the super wonder there seems to be alliances formed already from the beginning and from different kingdoms. MDV seems to be one. Are there others?

  11. With all due respect a journalist pushes back or vets information, he doesn’t parrot information. Many consider Kuran or Stay as showman but not real players or contenders. There’s dozens of individual alliances or players that smash them hard in the realms of kingdom vs kingdom kill events where the playground is more equal. The SW is a ridiculous core credit card game. It’s a showcase of recklessness and borders on being worthy of scorn.

    Why do you guys think Stay or others grow so large? It’s to amass enough of the cores and pieces to compete in the SW. It’s absurd. When was last time Stay won a kill event? As someone recently said, the Super Wonder is like a three pointer shootout in basketball….but it’s not the real game. It’s the circus act.

    PS: please don’t altar, change or remove words from my post. You may not like what some of us say but if you want the respect of players for this site then you need to post the good with the bad. Moderating is a trust that your viewers leave in your hand and they expect to be treated fairly on your site.


    • WagTheTail

      I appreciate your feedback. I’m new to this whole interviewing/ reporting thing, but I’m trying to write an exciting article for you guys and provide an opportunity for you to hear from the biggest players in the game.

      haha, I don’t remove words from comments unless they are completely disrespectful.

  12. First I want to say thanks to Chad for his outstanding work in creating this web site. I consider it the better place in the web to find relevant and strategic information about Game of War. I’m not the type of player who spends or can the money that it costs a house (100 000 $ ) in a third world country like XxKuranxX in a game, but I respect him if he really thinks that his investment was it worth it. Chad mention in the interview that XxKuranxX is the best player in the game of war but he never said based on what evaluation criterion?, I think this is very relative because controlled the super Wonder for 210 days does not mean precisely that, and less when he got that with the support of many other players who spend tons of money. HOWEVER is admirable his persuasion and conviction to put so many people agree. Next time you will talk about the best player take better criteria like the number of victories against the number of defeats for players of more than one billion for example, thanks for the article.

    • Victor,

      Thank you for your constructive feedback. It’s very rare that I get a comment I can actually learn from…

      I did have some criteria for kuran being the best player as you mentioned, but you are right I could go into more detail.

      In fact, since that article I have reached out to some other players who may or may back up kuran on my claim that he is the best player.

      To be continued… 😉

  13. Chad….Chad….this is the most absurd article I have ever read….What are you going to tell me next Kuran invented my iPad as well??? I have been using 1 troop type attacks….port tricking people….and was well aware of the t1 trap before kurans daddy gave him his first credit card!!!! He did not invent all these things! What a joke, you just lost a reader….

  14. the rally glitch has been there since 2/13 at least. It happened to us on a wonder rally.

    As far as stayalive is concerned, he’s got money. Hats off to him for pulling together a large group, but far from the best player in the game. It doesn’t take skill to buy several thousand packs. Frankly, he has pretty much ruined the SW. Very few can spend the kind of money required to hold it now. That’s not skill

  15. Holy Cow man! You smoked those guys on power. I would invite more idiotic 2.5 mill troop rallies with power losses like that. But I’ve heard that alliance is all money and no strategy.

  16. on the glitch part in forum of this site there is a even more odd rally report. I shows a rally taken to someone with more then 3m troops.. Wth?

  17. This is what the guy is talking about I’ve seen it a few times now.

  18. I got rallied with 2562500 troops yesterday .. How is this possible ? That’s more troops than anyone in my alliance had ever seen used and on top of that the guy said next rally would have been 3 mill.. Any answers?

  19. lol unless he played in k2 he never invented them oh wait nvm kuran invented machine zone i forgot
    Players were doing it long before him and his kingdom was even around.
    Maybe he invented it for his kingdom but not for the whole game.
    Also I see the reports on stayalive77’s instagram Kuran was smashed almost every rally even double rallies failed sometimes their triples failed. Both are big spenders yes but you’ve to spend big to get the troops and cores to fight. Stayalive77 made the better cores and used better strategy to win he hasn’t just throwing troops after troops loosing hugely he won almost every rally unlike kuran’s side abit biased title of best player.

  20. Funny how my comment about Kuran buying that 2bil acct to zero it just for Instagram purposes wasn’t approved and doesn’t show on the website. Why not allowing players to see the true “best gow player”?? I’m an ex order member and all I say it’s true. I don’t even play the game anymore so I don’t take sides, no point. But Kuran is a big liar.. Good player won’t deny that but so full of stories

  21. I think the reason for the author to bring up CardRx was not to single him out, but to make the point that being big has nothing to do with being good in the game anymore.
    I’m sure if Card was interviewed he would tell you how WAR ZONE took his hero and 350m points the last time his kingdom faced K52. When a 39m power player takes your hero and your pride, you have been out played.
    I would look forward to seeing an interview with WZ on how the NB alliance wins the most points every kvk kill event they play in. Maybe something more achievable for the average player that doesn’t have $100k sitting around.

    P.S. Last time I checked StayAlive77 was at 38 billion power and the current emperor. Maybe another good candidate for an interview titled “Best Player in Game of War”

    • As far as NB is concerned, its easy to be atop the leaderboard every event when you don’t care about how much you give up in return.

  22. Please don’t confuse spending more money than everyone else with being the best player in the game.

    Until MZ shows a +/- on points instead of total points, it is very easy to score a lot of points by giving up a lot aswell. How many cups does he have? Super wonder is about who has more troops and more cores.

    There are many players who do not or can’t spend that know the game inside and out, that adapt to their limitations and are far more effective.

  23. Kuran is talented guy but for him to think he invented t1 traps or the camp trick or single troop type attacks is just beyond ridiculous. There’s lots of smart players out there we just don’t promote. I’m surprised you didn’t push back against this assertion. What’s next? Did he invent the offscreen hit or the multi solo attack too? Trust me he didn’t invent any of those things and its a huge disservice to the inventive and creative players out there who have actually done these things.

  24. Yes, great read Chad! If ever you decide to do more interviews like this with big players, let me know. We have a monters (in both sense of the word), in our kingdom! Grrrr

  25. What about Stayalaive?, his alliance kicked Kuran/CoPoTos alliances ass at the last Super Wonder lol

  26. Kuran controlled the sw for 210 days but when a big ‘challenge’ (satyalive) came he went off to make hearts with camps…..

  27. What did he mean by rotating troop types in a rally? I assume it is because the billion players have all troops, and based on gear, countering with each attack as a different troop type?

    • Ya.

      From my understanding, when attacking a mixed troop stronghold, they will start with on troop type (gear focused), then switch to another type (gear focused), and then to the last. Starting with the troop type that is most effective against the enemy’s gear.

      Maybe when kuran gets to this post tomorrow he can provide more details.

      • It means for example, to start with infantry, weaken their cavalry, then use range(usaually week against cavalry) for less losses, and continue to do so

      • I think Kuran took this tactic to the max using snow cores. With attacks boosts in excess of 2000% he showed it was now possible to zero players up to and including 2B power.

        Troop missiles backed by a Core boosted Hero are true game changers.

  28. Yep, Card was and is exceptionally fair and reasonable compared to others in both k58 as well as across the kingdom. Very giving guy overall. I can’t say he hasn’t or didn’t farm people, but he’s definitely not a monster like the biased author makes him sound.

  29. Great interview. Left me wanting to know more. Does he have a day job?? lol. Does MZ send him a holiday card?

  30. Hmm..what about Stayalive77???

  31. Josh yea that is correct
    Cough cough k2

  32. Ive been playing for a couple of months the building,research takes so long im so busy working on troops i find myself having a hard time training my hero also silver is very hard to find it would be great to have more to resouce along with stone ,wood,ore,food.With the new allianice city at such a high demand for these resouces

  33. Where does Kuran get the money to fund himself on this game? $100k? That’s crazy!!!

  34. Hate to say this, but there were kingdoms one troops rallying and camp trapping before his kingdom ever existed lol

  35. Very thought out article. Well done

  36. Thanks for sharing Kuranxx! I’ve learned a lot through following your Instagram and wonder when the website is coming out. Maybe offer to buy realtips from chad lol….

  37. I think I puked a bit… Yup, I did

  38. CardRx is in k58 and he never farmed the whole kingdom for rss, he was holding contests and paid huge amounts of gold for what the kingdom fed him.. Get your stories straight!