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Ironsmith Research – Can you Handle the Heat?


Get your forge fired up and ready to go!

Ironsmith research is here! This research offers additional attack, defense, and march benefits. It also provides increased stats on your gear and requires mallets and Tier 4 resources. In order to take a closer look at this research, check out this Twitch Video where I look more at some of the stats offered by this tree and look at costs.

GoW Ironsmith Stats

Please note that when doing this tree I ran out of tier 4 resources way before I ran out of mallets. Currently, even though this research tree has great stats it is also very expensive due to the amount of resources available in packs. NOTE: A new token has now been released in packs decreasing the amount of RSS needed!!

GoW Ironsmith RSS Cost

What’s the Benefit?

So what does this tree really offer?? Why is it so expensive? Are the updates worth the cost?

So let’s look at some of the big ones here and you can tell me.

1st off Resolute Defense. There are 2 RD researches on this tree, both for 100MT! That’s a total of 200MT!!! That’s a very nice boost and I’m sure the traps will love it, once this tree is more affordable that is.

2nd we have attack boost, the attack went up 200TTT. This is a nice increase for leads and stats all around have nice increases in this tree with legion attack and the newer attack stats.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the march size boost. This tree increases march size by 42 Trillion troops and 21 Trillion traps for rallies. That will definitely make a difference for rally leads. This is the largest march size boost the game has ever offered. Rally Leaders will wanna look into this one for sure. Once this tree is affordable and leaders can finish it traps will be in big trouble!!!!! That march size is no joke.

Ironsmith research could make the difference in your battle… Can you handle the heat of the forge?


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