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Tips and Tricks for your Economy Functions

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We spend a lot of time in our articles talking about PvP and different things in Game of War. However, when it comes to economy we tend to quickly brush over these functions and the features that help with them. However, it is important to note that making sure you are aware of and correctly utilizing different features that assist you with Economy functions will over time save you a good amount of money. 

Jazz up your Economy

So when we are talking about Economy what do we mean by that? For simplicity, we are going to include any function that does not include PvP combat. This means that yes, we will even be talking about monster hunting in this guide. Here are the functions that we will address: 

  • Research
  • Construction
  • Training 
  • Monster Hunting

So how do you save time, money, and get more from your city when you are working on building up your city? Prepare to Jazz up your economy with some Realtips Tips and Tricks. 

A Quick Word about Lifetime Boosts

When we are covering the following areas we have not forgotten Lifetime Boosts! Do not forget that there are lifetime boosts that you can buy from packs that help with Economic functions as well. However, since the ability to buy them is often time-limited we will not be covering them in this article. Just be aware that they are out there and they do help and once you purchase them you have them forever. 

Jazz up your Research

Research is a huge part of Game of War. The stats from it are significant and will directly impact your PvP play. We spend a lot of time talking about what research to focus on and what stats to get. If this is what you are looking for make sure you go and check out some of our research guides including, Prioritize your Dragon Dimension Research. We also have many guides covering the newest researches and how to prioritize those. However, today we will be covering things you should make sure you are doing when you are researching to make sure you are getting all possible reductions. 


Gear is the most obvious and first thing we think of when doing Research. We want to be wearing the best research gear we have to optimize our timers. Currently, the number one research gear is, Magister Research Gear Set, however, if you do not have this gear do not despair! While the newest gear will give the best reductions you are also able to use older sets to boost you when you are still working on obtaining the newest gear. If you do not have Magister then the next best thing is the Chief Inquisitors Gear Set

Important Note! There is a new accessory with 250% Basic Research Speed Reduction that has been released. This far outweighs the stats on our Magister Gear Set so make sure you look into crafting this new accessory for your economic needs. 

Superior Training PouchGems

There are gems for research!!! Most people have these gems in excess which is great. Because once you get a good number of them leveled to level 6 it’s time to pull out your prophecy Gems. Prophecy Gems will allow you to use two of the same gem which will boost your Research stats even more. 

Athena’s Armory

If you look at the set bonuses in Athena’s Armory you will note that full sets of Research Gear will give a set bonus for Research Speed. So say you have Magisters but you never crafted Inquisitors. Make sure you take the time to go back and do that as a full legendary set will provide a time reduction of 60%. 


Boost your Academy Level! Your Academy will help to reduce your research timers as well. The higher the level of your academy the higher your boosts will be. In addition, certain researches will not open until you reach the prerequisite Academy level. 

Boost Hall

The Boost Hall is a great place to make sure that you are completing boosts for your Research. The Boosts here are not for reducing your time but for reducing the number of resources you are using when researching. Resources are a precious commodity and used for so many functions so be sure to complete these nodes to save as much as possible. Note that often you are able to do so with rewards earned from events. There are two spots in the Boost Hall you can find these nodes.

Boost Hall ResearcArea One: Athena’s Rewards

While these boosts are smaller if you have the components needed to craft the boost it is, in fact, worth it. 

Area Two: Economics

Here you will find a ton of reductions for several tiers of resources when researching. Make sure you complete these and check back often to see if you have the ability to complete more

Hero Skills

When we are looking at your Hero for Research you will be using Hero One. This is the only Hero with Research Skills. There is one node for Research Speed and one Node for Exalted Research Speed. 

Dragon Skills

Your Dragon also has skills for Research Speed. There are two nodes that offer this so make sure that you hit them both and correctly skill your dragon when researching. 


Research to Research… well… yep… There are actually various spots in our research trees to help us with Research. The most obvious being in our Economics tree. Here you will find a Research node for Research Cost efficiency which is again going to help save you on those resources. You can also find various researches that help with time in other Research Trees (make sure you check out those rewards trees as they often have those Research nodes). 


The Lunar New Year Special Research Banner is a great banner to help you with your Research. It is a great one to toss on and make sure you have activated when you are working to complete your research. I may or may not have a habit of not checking to see if mine is activated.

Research BannerJazz up your Construction 

Ahhh, construction, often it can feel like a neverending thing. Construction consumes a good amount of both resources and speedups however, there are ways to save on this as well! Your buildings are essential so save on them as much as possible! 


When it comes to gear the most recent set of gear for construction is Glorious Architect Gear Set. This is the set you want to be wearing when you are building up your empire! However, once again, do not despair! If you do not have this gear set then grab a set of Architect’s Gear Set. This is the next best gear and will give some great boosts while you work on the newer stuff. 


There are Builders gems that will help with your Construction timers as well. Just like with our Research Gems make sure that as you are getting enough level 6 gems you are using the builder gem in conjunction with a Prophecy Gem to further expand your benefit. 

Athena’s Armory

Athena’s Armory is going to provide set bonuses that will be maintained even if you are not wearing the gear. Make sure that you are crafting your gear sets to get the possible bonuses that are available to you. 

Boost Hall

The boost hall is unique in that it contains resource reductions for Construction. You will be able to find these reductions in two places. They are offered for various tiers of resources and very valuable. We want to be sure we are saving on resources as much as possible so they last as long as possible. So be sure you are completing these sections of the Boost Hall. 

Boost Hall ConstructionSection One: Athena’s Rewards

Section Two: Economics

Hero Skills

Hero One will have skills for Construction Time and Exalted Construction Time. Make sure you are equipping your gear and skilling correctly when you are building your empire. 

Dragon Skills

More time boosts can be found in your Dragon Skills. With the Skill to here function it makes skilling your dragon so much faster now so make sure you are switching your skills to benefit from economic functions. 


You are of course going to find research nodes for construction in the Economics Research Tree. However, you can also find Research Nodes for this in various other places such as some of the Rewards Researches. Make sure you are finding these researches and completing them to ensure you are being efficient with your construction. 


VIP provides a very specific and special benefit for construction. It provides an instant construction timer. The higher your VIP is the better the benefit. This means that when your building hits the time remaining that your VIP takes off you can hit that free button and finish the construction. This will often save us a couple of hours worth of speedups which may seem small but will add up over time. 


There are two banners we can look at and equip for construction. The first banner we will discuss is older and more widely available. The Lunar New Year Construction Banner is going to take some great time off of your construction. 

Construction BannerThe next banner is BRAND NEW!! This banner is great and provides not only a construction speed benefit but a resource reduction as well. The Superior Construction Banner is definitely one you will want to strive towards getting. 

Construction BannerThe best thing is that you can equip both banners at the same time and see those benefits stack. 

There are so many ways you can jazz up your economics to save yourself time and money. This week we have covered Research and Construction, however, we are not done yet! We will be moving on to continue with Training and Monster Hunting. However, in the meantime make sure you join us on socials to get your questions answered on the go! 

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