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Jiao Dragon Gear Stats and Defense Gear Comparison


The next generation of defense has arrived. The Jiao Dragon Gear Set arrives following Glacial King set. Both sets are what all trap players will be equipping for the coming months.

Equip yourself with the Jiao Dragon Gear Set and embrace the mysterious power of water. When maxed out, it will give you more than 1000% Attack, 3125% Defense, 1200% Health, and 265% March Speed Debuff. Rise the depths of the ocean and strike fear into your enemy’s heart!

Jiao Dragon Gear Stats

Jiao Dragon and Glacial King Defense Gear Comparison GoW Game of WAr

Jiao Dragon Gear Set Gems

For Jiao Dragon Gear you want to maximize defense. If you have the Gem Set research tree half finished with gem set modifiers then you want to use Aegis Defense Gem Set. Otherwise, use the highest defense gems that you have available.

Learn more about Gem Sets from our YouTube video Best Gem Sets in Game of War.

Jiao Dragon Gear Set Hero Skills

The hero skill tree generally should focus on Defense, Attack Debuff, and Full Set Bonus. You must ask yourself if a Base Set Bonus of 25% more of 400% individual health is worth the loss to skill points on the left side.  I’d guess most traps will not want the Base Set Bonus skill for this set as the health will not help much at high troop counts.

However, if you are running this set with a Health Trap setup then take a look at using the Base Set Bonus.

I’ve given a thorough analysis on setting up Gems and Hero skills for defense in the Skeleton King Gear set article.

  1. joseph garite says

    Giddeup ,what gear did you use?

  2. Game name(Giddeup) says

    I thought jiao gear was for defense. I was attacked by a 113t player wearing Rhea cores and lost 1.6 billion troops. Then I switched to a mixed gear that I set up with three knifes and killed the 50m rally and captured his hero. While I only lost 7500 traps. In my opinion jiao gear with aegis gems isn’t that good

    1. Darkthorne says

      Great job adapting your trap to your needs. What gear did you choose to use with the daggers?

  3. ColdKawk says

    From the stats posted Glacial King set is better than the Jiao set.

    Why would GOW release the Jiao set if there were no advantages over the Glacial King set?

    Please address what is the unpublished advantages to the Jaio set?

    1. Darkthorne says

      The advantage of Jiao Dragon over Glacial King is the higher troop type defense which is harder to debuff than the general troop defense of the Glacial King.

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