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Journey to Tempus

Step back in time in the Kingdom of Tempus!


Another day dawned on the castle, and Darius was lying in slumber. All of a sudden, he was awakened by something wet plopping on his nose. Opening his eyes, he saw the now-familiar carrier pigeon perched on his bedpost. He reached up to his face and grimaced in disgust. “Really?” he yelled. “Was that really necessary?!”

Opening the scroll on his chest, he read:

Phoebe Letter

As Darius finished reading the note, a knock came at his bedroom door. Wrapping a sheet around himself, he stumbled over and peeked outside. Peeking back at him was the most beautiful warrior princess he had ever seen. Blushing at his lack of attire (as usual), she said “My Lord Darius, I am starting out on a long journey to the land of Tempus. I will bring back annals of great mystery and victory.”

Darius just continued to stare awkwardly, captivated. “Well… okay, then. I’m off,” said Phoebe, and away she went, heading for the mountains to the far east. Two weeks passed as she ventured further and further from home. Finally, up ahead she saw it! Lurking in the distance was the gate to the Kingdom of Tempus.


Phoebe looked around in astonishment. Everything looked like she had stepped through a portal straight into the past. Maybe she had? The highest Stronghold level dotting the landscape was Level 30, unlike the SH 1140 she was accustomed to.

Tempus Hive

Fascinated she decided to walk further into the Kingdom, but when she tried to move forward her feet seemed glued to the ground!

“Excuse me,” she called to a passerby. “I appear to be stuck here. Is this some sort of nefarious magic?” The stranger chuckled, “No, Miss! In order to port here, you need Loyalty. Best you join an alliance so that you can move!”

The Need for Loyalty

Phoebe quickly joined an available Alliance and began investigating exactly what this “Loyalty” did and how to get some. “Apparently,” she mused, “you can get Loyalty three different ways. First by opening gifts, second by completing Alliance Quests, and last by hitting the help button. Easy enough, let’s see what I can buy”.

Phoebe entered the Alliance Store to take a look. Inside, she found the ports, thank goodness. Although they were a little pricey, she realized she at least would be able to move again soon. She also found many other items for sale, just like home. The only difference was that instead of gold, they were purchased with Loyalty.

Tempus Loyalty

“Oh Gosh,” she thought, “I am going to need a shield at some point and they use Loyalty as well!” Thankfully, a fellow alliance member pointed out to her that 30 day shields are available for gold. Phew!

Tempus shields

After chatting a bit with her new friends, Phoebe turned her attention to the inside of her Stronghold.

Buildings and Research

“Holy Smokes, everything is so….simple!” she thought. Missing were all the specialty buildings from home. All that existed were the original structures that she remembered from her youth.

Tempus Interior

Poking her head inside the Academy, she spun around in confusion. Where was all the research? There isn’t even Set Bonus or March research! Tempus really is like a time capsule, she thought.

Tempus Academy

After quickly constructing some buildings, and starting some research, Phoebe decided to turn her attention to herself and her gear.

Hero and Gear

When she had entered Tempus, her Hero Level had turned to 0 and she had no Gear! Glancing around at the Kingdom, she realized that the highest Hero level was 50. “Par for the course in this Kingdom,” she thought. However, looking a bit further, she discovered that many Heroes had very little clothes on. “Darius would love it here!” she blurted out, clapping her hand over her mouth as people stared. “I wonder why everyone is so scantily clothed?”

She soon realized why, as materials for Gear and Gems were only really available in Quests and in very small quantities in packs. Some events had a chest or two, but the events lasted 24 hours each! Phoebe resigned herself to being unclothed for at least awhile…at least no one was staring.

Tempus Gear


Phoebe turned her attention to her troops. As she suspected, only Tier 1 through Tier 4 were available here, and after listening to tales of battle from her Alliance mates, it seemed that most people used Tier 3 or below. The troops were so simple: only Siege, Cavalry, Range and Infantry!

Tempus Troops

Laying back on her twin-sized bed in her Castle (because let’s face it, there’s no room yet for a larger one), Phoebe contemplated her next move. The lifestyle here was so much slower and laid back. After a few hours of thought, she decided to stay awhile. “Perhaps I’ll build a trap…” she pondered. “I must send a missive to Darius with my findings. Where is that carrier pigeon?”

  1. MenestheusX says

    Super awesome version of the game. Throw away all the overly complicated mathematics, buildings and statistics. Bring back the old numbers starting from 0 and tier 1-4 troops and you have the re-making of what was once the greatest downloaded game on any mobile device. Caution to those under 14 years of age as the kingdom chat can be slightly overwhelming. All the fun of the game has returned.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Great to hear!

    2. BETA says

      Menesssss xoxo Beta

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