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Kill Event Readiness Checklist


Kill Event Readiness Checklist

Let’s face it, kill events are stressful no matter how long you’ve played Game of War. I still make dumb mistakes and I’ve been playing for over 3 years. So, I’ve made a readiness checklist for every style of player to follow.  This should help you prepare for a kill event. 

Step 1: Set an Alert for the Date and Time of a Kill Event

Knowing when a kill event is scheduled to start is the most important piece of information a Game of War player should know.  The last thing you want is your shield dropping just as a kill event is beginning.  This can mean complete annihilation and cost you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. I recommend checking the Game of War Blog frequently for announcement of Kill Events and setting a calendar even on your phone. 

If you didn’t you know, you can actually view the Game of War blog online for latest updates.

So, how do you prepare?  You prepare by understanding exactly what your role is going to be, and what other alliance member’s roles are, so you have terrific teamwork.

Step 2: Follow the Combat Readiness Checklist for Every Play Style

Very General Checklist

  • Equipment – powered up, gems in place, etc.
  • Presets complete if necessary
  • Hero Skilled for War
  • War Boost active
  • Reinforcements (optional)
  • Shield

Solo March Trap

  • Normal Equipment crafted equipped and properly gemmed.
  • Hero Skill Tree configured for War
  • Double check that your troops won’t be nerfed.
  • Reinforcements
    • For a solo trap I recommend receiving reinforcements ahead of time since a solo march could hit without much notice.  You will want those extra troops in place for that initial hit.
  • Pick a place to set up your trap.  
    • Wonder Forest – High visibility, slow marches for reaction time, however, if you are burned you will not be able to take a second hit because you are random ported away somewhere in Kingdom.  You will also lose any reinforcements in your Embassy.  
    • Outer Rim of Wonder – Moderate Visibility, normal marches for less reaction time, however, you will not be ported away nor lose your reinforcements.
    • Edge of Kingdom Map – Moderate-High Visibility, when Spotters or Rally Leaders look for targets they usually circle the edge of the Wonder Forest, then pan around the outside map edges.  
  • Resources
    • Will you be healing troops?
    • Do you have sufficient resources to heal quickly?
    • Do you have sufficient speed ups or gold to heal quickly?

Next, look over the readiness checklist for Rally Traps.  These two traps are similar but Rally Trap has higher stakes.

Rally Trap

Trapping a rally requires great preparation and skill.  Rally Leaders are stronger than ever and have some tremendous Core Sets at their disposal.  Do your homework on how to craft cores to prevent total annihilation.  Ensure you have a proper setup:

Tile Trap

Tile traps are quite tricky to pull off, but I’ve seen players amass large amount of points using this method.  How do you prepare to Tile Trap?  It’s important to have a strategy in mind ahead of time.  Tile trapping requires a sophisticated level of knowledge of Game of War.  Before placing a max march of troops on a tile with your hero I recommend reviewing a Tile Trapping article for detailed analysis of how to be successful. 

Rally Leader

Rally Leaders need all their Hades’ Rings crafted and ready to go.  Have at least one set crafted with gems and preset ready to equip if a target is discovered.  

Once a target is posted in Alliance Chat, you may only have a minute or two before that target is no longer viable.  You won’t have enough time to set up your cores before the target comes online, ports, or shields.  So, have that preset ready to go.  

Also, know what your account can handle by testing it ahead of time with your alliance or on other enemies.  Let your alliance know what you have ready. Also, inform the alliance of your preferred targets. This will greatly reduce the number of bad targets posted in “ac”.

  • Plan for Kill Event.
  • Target size and equipment communicated to Alliance spotters.
  • Get an idea of who will be online for Kill Event.
  • Communicating your Goals will motivate others to create their own and/or help you with yours!

Are you planning to hold a wonder? Hit wonders in a round-robin fashion to kill as many troops as possible to maximize the time on your rings?  If you let your alliance know ahead of time that you plan to participate and let them know what you need from them you will have a greater chance of them being there when the time comes you need their troops for your rally!  

Perhaps your alliance can’t fill a rally.  Knowing days in advance that you won’t have enough online for the Saturday overnight kill event will give you time to ask other alliances if they have need of your services.  There’s nothing worse than being totally ready to Rally some outlanders and you can’t fill a rally.  

Reinforcer and Rally Donator

Players who reinforce traps and donate to rallies are invaluable to an Alliance.  Without players to fill a rally, a rally leader can do nothing. 

Communicating to your alliance your strategy for a kill event does a couple things: it allows other players to plan their availability and creates a buzz of excitement for the upcoming event! 

To prepare, you should understand:

  • Troops  – What is the troop type, make a preset for various troop types and percentages for Wonder or Missile rallies.
  • March Size Increase – Send as many troops as possible to make sure the rally gets filled in time unless a march size limit was decided ahead of time (to allow more members to participate).
  • March Speed Boost – Getting troops to the rally fast as possible is crucial to a successful rally strike.
  • Anti-Scout – so defenders can’t tell what you donate to rallies


When your alliance rally leaders rings are burning it’s important for everyone to be looking for targets.  Rally leaders spend a great deal of time and money crafting those sets and want to maximize their use.  Any player, regardless of size or spending capability, can really provide a great service to their alliance by being a great scout for rally leader targets!   

Ask the alliance what size target they are seeking and what gear type is acceptable, then search for targets.  Also, educate yourself on how to spot a trap or landmine.


Most importantly, be present for a kill event.  You can’t help anyone if you are not around.  You are important and have a role no matter who you are.  

Have a goal in mind for the kill event.  Fill one of the above roles.  Goals are great motivation for not only yourself but your alliance mates.  

Share your goals with them.  They will help you and share in your successes.  This is one of my favorite parts of Game of War.  A friend shares with me his plan for a trap or new Wonder strategy.  All week we work out the details.  Kill event starts and she sets up and waits.  Then the time comes for action and the plan is perfectly executed.  

It’s a great feeling seeing your alliance mates be victorious knowing you helped them achieve their goals.  

Be ready and celebrate the victories with your Alliance! Good luck this weekend!

Do you have a question?  Do you have additional pointers for the Game of War Community?  Please leave tell us in the comment section below!

Strategy article contributed by Darkthorne

  1. Rolfenfang says

    Hi. Just wanted to remind you that your tile-trapping reference article is over a year old and completely out of date. It is utterly inapplicable to the contemporary GoW.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Added to the list of items to update. Thank you.

  2. meandmyownself says

    Any comment on the recent kill event boondoggle? People getting kills but no points, massive hits that made no mathematical sense, glitches, freezes, etc. How can you trust anything if the scoring is broken and the combat math is glitching?

  3. Diserna says

    Thank you for posting t
    These tips. Though I have played GoW for 3 years I haven’t had much fighting experience.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Do you have any specific questions we could help you wish? Just ask 🙂

  4. Mimi says

    I hit with set gear and lose every battle. I see kunuchi. I gem attack, I see defense gear I gem defense debuff, no hero? I make sure that my DD is over 1400 and still I lose. Why?

  5. murf says

    one more for general checklist: Hero XM boost is “on”.

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