Kingdom of Gods Recap

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Kingdom of the Gods

Game of War rolled out a brand new event, as the year was coming to a close. With four releases a day over the holidays, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that MZ had something big up their sleeve they were preparing players for. However, this event was different than ever before!!

Boom or bust?

I believe this event was a BOOM! It had way more participation than the last Super Wonder. Check out the screenshots of each one for comparison.

The previous Super Wonder had poor attendance since some of the major alliances recently left the game; however, the Kingdom of Gods Event was full of players, reminiscent of a popular Super Wonder.

It was the biggest turn around most players have ever seen. The participants didn’t just double or even triple. There were ten times the amount of people at the Kingdom of the Gods as the Super Wonder.

The Difference

This event was different than any previous event Game of War has offered. I believe three things went into making this event successful.

Bitcoin Prize

Bitcoin Prize

For the first time ever, a monetary prize was offered!! This was huge and it stirred the pot.  Players have been talking about it since It was dropped. Having a prize like that will definitely raise the interest of an event, and raise questions. Is this here to stay? Can we expect more events like this in the future? Will players strive to compete for all events or just wait for the monetary events? These are all questions that will be answered in the new year, but one thing is for sure. THIS MARKETING STRATEGY WORKED!

Packs and releases leading up to the event

Everyone was standing by waiting to see the huge release that would be dropped for this event. It was like waiting on the New Years Fireworks Show. Everyone knew it was coming and that it would go off with a bang. However, a drop never came. (Well nothing major). We had 2 trinity releases and VIP increases but I didn’t see a major drop. Even the new hero wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. These drops each contributed in their own way but they were not the standard $1000-$5000 drops we see the day of the Super Wonder. This was a welcome sight for many players. This comment was made in our line room (if you aren’t there you should be).

“I’m doing fine now, but after MZ major drop I won’t be playing tonight”

But with the drop never coming, it allowed more players to enjoy the event.

Pack Prices

The second thing MZ did was increase the value of the packs significantly for this event. As it got closer, MZ released better and better packs allowing for even the smallest accounts to make huge strides in preparing for battle. Spirit tokens went from 150 in a $99.99 to 160k for $19.99. This allowed everyone to get the latest and greatest creatures. The new hero, gems, and runes were all marked and ridiculously low priced. Yet another good marketing move by MZ.

Event timing

The third factor was event timing. This event was on the Weekend! Finally! One of the biggest complaints recently was the event scheduling. It’s extremely hard to stay up late and enjoy an event during the week. People have work the next morning. When the game first started, kill events and KVK were only on the weekends, every Friday or Saturday night. Players loved this and looked forward to it. People watched the blog religiously waiting for the announcement.

Weekend events are well received by the Game of War community where weekday events are often overlooked.

This event was INSANE. It’s not what the community is used to and was a very nice surprise.  I hope things stay this way.  I haven’t seen our discord or line rooms this busy in a long time. Click here to join our discord rooms or add Cinder by Line ID (fireandice315) for an invite to our Line Room. 


#teamrealtips would like to congratulate KELVINKILLER from the Alliance, No Equal on an amazing job. The Alliance is true to their name. They had NO EQUAL in this event. Congrats once again.


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