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Kingdom of Champions (Recap)


This past weekend was the Kingdom of Champions, an event launched by MZ tagged as the new and improved Super Wonder. The news resulted in tons of excitement and preparations from players to become the first ever event champion. People were excited to go burn and be burned. It took a few hours after it started for people to grasp how the event worked but as soon as they did participants began to grow. For an event that was highly publicized and had everyone excited, there were definitely some points where the event could improve though.

There were multiple reasons for improvement but it all comes down to one big thing! Let’s take a look. First, it took a special port to get there and you could not buy the port with gold. Next were there was limited information leading to the event, and finally, most players honestly had no idea how to adjust for the attack released and could not play without being zeroed. I’ll break each one of these down in greater detail:

The Unknown

New research came out for this event, Champions Research. In this research, there were boosts that would apply only in the Kingdom of Champions and these were huge!! In the forest of the Kingdom, a maxed player would have an additional 1MTTT attack. Those are attack levels we have never seen!!

When everything was already burning this unknown was scary for many people. However, many were still willing to go and test the waters and watch the world erupt in flames.

There were, even more, unknowns though. We knew that if we burned we would be kicked out of the kingdom. What we did not know was whether or not we would be allowed to return after this. That was not answered until just minutes before the event. Which leads me into the next section, the cost.

The Cost

Many players invested a lot getting ready for this event. The research in the Champion Tree was not cheap and clicking it out was time-consuming. So time was needed to prepare and be ready. and yet the night before the event the T19 Trinity was dropped, then hours before the event VIP 800 was dropped. This added a lot of frustration to players who were already working overtime to be ready.

A surprise came in less than an hour before the event where a port was dropped for players to enter the Kingdom. No one knew this was coming which led to frustration and some excitement (since this meant the event was really happening).

The price of the ports did decrease later but what we also found out when porting there was that your warrant only lasts for an hour. So if you got burned out of the Kingdom you had to use another port to get back and when your warrant expired you had to use yet another port. What was nice was that ports were offered in the prizes if you hit the different prize levels but with so few people there it was difficult to do so.

The Attendees

This event was fun! There was a good amount of attack and not only were you able to burn enemies out of the kingdom but there was a wonder to fight for. However, we all agree that this event would have been more fun with more people attending. Because of the poor attendance, this event was not what was expected by many.

What we saw was that a lot of traps were accounts that were willing to spend and therefore, they were capping. The big burns were happening on heroless players and when they were burning it was bad. Many big, well-known players were zeroed by soloes during this event while their hero was out!

Real Tips Champs

Real Tips was there and our Trap placed in the Top 100 while capping everyone, including a rally from Ctesse! Part of the points earned for this event was time spent there and our trap never got burnt out!

Our Lead placed in the Top 25! A good Lead Player knows the value of a good trap and in the Kingdom of Champions, our lead had an amazing Trap player!

Our trap was a beast and capped many heroes. When this happened our lead would solo! This led to some epic one hit zeroes!! However, our lead did lose its hero from time to time. So what do you do when you lose your hero during an event where you are not allowed to shield??  Simple … you TRAP. That’s right many of the leads points came from capping solos while heroless. This was confusing to many people. With everyone being zeroed how are these 2 accounts capping, even heroless? Stay tuned for our account set up video coming soon.


Big Burns

Big Burns

Heroless Capping

Heroless Capping

Big Caps

Big Caps

We also went live on Twitch so if you would like to see a small recap of the event check out this video!

This event was good in concept and the idea was well-received. It had something for everyone to keep them excited over the game once again. Definitely, the event could still improve in many ways and be a success in the future. But in order for that to happen, players need more knowledge of what is to come and give them necessary time to prepare! Now that we have been there, we have more of an idea of what to expect next time. Will you be ready when the Kingdom of Champions opens again?

In the meantime… I think Blind is still singing We are the Champions… Anyone have earplugs?

  1. Madd Bonzai says

    The champions event was not attended by many due to the horrible latency (LAG) many of us were dealing with. No one in my alliance was able to set skills trees. Also there is a 30 to 60 second freeze when you click to attack someone. That freeze, the unknowing of what going on, was too much for me and others.

    1. Cinder says

      I don’t know about you but I love the way that they have now broken up the hero skills tree! It has completely fixed the problem I was having with the freezing of those skill trees! However, Sometimes I do need to reload before it registers that I have equipped my preset!

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