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The Reign of Kunoichi’s Kunai is Over


The Reign of Kunoichi’s Kunai is Over

For months, one piece of gear has given rally leaders a major head ache, the Kunoichi’s Kunai. Traps have used this item as their guaranteed protection from rally leaders. “Equip a couple of these daggers and you will be fine,” will now be a phrase of the past.

Kunoichi's Kunai

The Kunoichi’s Kunai changed the game of trapping because of their Defense Debuff Resistance stats that would cancel out the attackers Defense Debuff, making their attack set much weaker. Unfortunately, like all good things, the reign of Kunais must come to and end. Rumors have been going around the last few days about a way to beat the traps that sit in daggers 24/7, so yours truly decided to put out the facts and reports to our faithful followers.

Myths and Facts of the Kunoichi’s Kunai

It’s time a little mythbusters lesson in Game of War. Here’s exactly what you need and don’t need to burn traps in Kunais.

Don’t Need

  • A custom recipe. You can use the Ares Core Set.
  • To gem DD or HD. My Ares recipe alone takes out more health than any trap would have in normal gear, around 1800.


  • Gem your Ares set for full attack
  • Set your set bonus to attack to reach close to 7k attack (even before forge 23)

The enemy can have 1, 2,  or 3 daggers equipped for this to work. Also, they can have mixed gear, and even shogun. All traps ended up in.. FLAMES!

So after properly gemmed, skilled, set bonus set, boosted, and equipped, your stats should look like this:


As you can see its roughly 1,000 DD. For the people using 1 or 2 daggers they will still feel the pain. All health is cancelled out, and then as much attack as you can get (roughly around 7k is what I was aiming for).

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]Have trouble reaching 7k attack? This article on how preset stats trick you may help.[/box]

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Like much of Game of War, there are hundreds of ideas and lots of rumors, but at the end of the day all that matters is the proof, so between 2 alliances in the last 24 hours I have hit 20 different traps all with different set ups and troop numbers. Power ranged from 4B to 8B, troops 200mil to 550mil, gear was mixed with 1 dagger, mixed 2 or 3 daggers, full frost, even shogun. One thing they all had in common, FLAMES.

Here are some reports with the proof.

1466200238133 1466200189870 1466200173574 1466200165997 1466200157520 1466200155943

Special shout out goes out to the Mad Scientist in W*N for setting up the sets and of course the 3 rally leaders: Tubal Cain, Ora, FNG.  As we say in W*N, “legends do legendary things”. So get out there and go do something legendary!

Blind Eagle

  1. Lenin Portillo says

    What would it take to beat a trap with hero 110, Nemesis gear and 3 kunai daggers.

    1. Darkthorne says

      A ton of attack. The daggers reduce your defense debuff to zero. So you are basically attempting to burn a guy with likely trillions if not thousands of trillions of troops and his full defense when he’s got 3 daggers equipped. In the past we were able to burn 3 daggers only when attack was relatively higher than defense and troop count. THat is no longer the case. Also, players have defense that can’t be debuffed at all like resolute defense.

  2. Rich says

    Please tell me why I’m 15T power with max research except for new pantheon research and chimera defense gear with 3 kunai and still get burned in a rally ? I have 350bil troops , troops attack is 750k defense 55k ….what’s going on ?

    1. Rich says

      Don’t mind the report that’s in last post this is one of the losing rallies I’m talking about

    2. Darkthorne says

      How much legion defense do you have?

    3. strmy says

      Not enough troops for one. Defense may not be high enough. The blades alone will not stop a rally. It is total set up plus the blades.

  3. KHII Bots says

    The kunai is only useful if it has the troops to back it. To beat a target with kuni you must have a heart that health debuf core.

  4. Waffles says

    Annnd they are alive and well again… depending on the trap and setup you can burn 3 of them or get capped with only one

    1. Darkthorne says

      With Legion stats they may be moving away from debuffable stats altogether.

      1. Justice Flash says

        What overall troop defense you need to cap hero 80 with core 100? I have 17.5k defense and 17k health with three kunai and still got burn badly last kvk. 50m march with 1.5 T5 traps. I was 663b in power

        1. Darkthorne says

          Troop count plus troop type mix is important. If you used your garrison effectively to swap troops to counter the incoming rally you may have had better luck. What is your research power?

          1. Justice Flash says

            My research power now is 255B, I put on alot of research power after the defeat and I have 41b troops of T2/T5 under the nerf. my troop defense is 20.6k and health is 18k. Wonder if I can take a max rally now or still need more defense and health?

  5. badson says

    Just tried out my trap with 9,000 troop defense, 13,600 troop attack, 26b troops, using 2 kunai. Capped a 10.2 mil solo losing only 100k. Then took a 50 mil rally and lost 10 billion troops. Both attacks were using new calvalry core +20 the solo had hero 75, rally leader had hero 77 both sent T5 troops. The solo attacker said he is only slightly lower research than the rally leader was.
    How did I do so well against the solo then get destroyed vs the rally that bad? There must be something I don’t understand…

    1. Darkthorne says

      Solo marches do not gain the benefit of all the boosts from Rally Attack/Health skills, research and core gear set bonuses. Also, think of a rally as being 5x the strength of a solo march minimum. Its probably even stronger. Like a magnitude of 5. The problem potentially with your setup is even with 2 kunai you only have 9k defense. Rally leader’s now have extremely high attack. What level was the hero level? Hero 80 is significantly stronger than even hero 79. Also, check the report. What boosts did the rally leader use? Health debuff? What is the health of your troops? Work on getting your Defense and Health higher while wearing THREE daggers.

  6. CRYSYS says

    Kunai still work vs 50m rally. Research is essential though.

  7. CRYSYS says

    Kunai still work for me, lol.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Lol, nice work!

    2. Matthew Sanford says

      I finally burned three kunai

      1. Matthew Sanford says

        Here is his setup

        1. Matthew Sanford says

          Gere was his power

  8. Joe says

    Great article. Does is work with billions of troops also?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Kunai x2 leaves room for burn, but in my experience lately 3 x kunai is basically a shield….

  9. Mike says

    OK Used the Aries cores last night. Lvl 74 hero, 375 Billion Research power, T5 troops. New Years Attack Gem set, 15 million march rally.

    We were burning traps under 100 Billion power without a problem, but in reality losing in the points department.. We would kill 29 Million T2 but lose 15 Million T5/4.

    Are the Aries the best cores to use, or would Ice Persus or Legend 27 be Better?

    1. Darkthorne says

      Ares is a fairly old generation of cores. Luna is a better core set for cavalry. See this article: . That will help you understand which cores are best for each scenario.

  10. Anon says

    I’m taking 11 million t5 rallies and eating them with couple thousand troops in beds with rally leader in high core sets.. 2 or 3 kunai, heroes mine. 2 trillion players or 6 trillion, I’m around 150 billion, 6 billion troops

    1. Anon says

      Results of rally

      1. Anon says

        Gear used on rally hit.. attack debuff , troop health, and troop health with hero banner all applied. Not sure if all needed

  11. Botsy15 says

    This has been really helpful going to be trying it during the alliance kill event today in Angelo 926 🙂

    1. Darkthorne says

      Alliance Kill Event? That sounds fun!

  12. Nessa says

    I am not sure that kunai is over to be honest. But if you burn it, easily, I would be glad to come for a test. As long as we can share our settings and try to learn from each other… win win transaction

  13. TOMABUEY says

    In 912 we are capping all the trillion rally leaders in frost imp and 2 kunai
    So it still works but only like u said if u have research and……research! Troops also need to be higher then 2b

    Btw obsidian has been getting burned in our kingdom

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’m not really sold on that Obsidian Knight gear tbh. I still like my Skeleton King.

    2. Rob says

      Hello all,, they are trying to attack me in ob knight, i am still alive though, its all about the setup i think, my stats is 6105% defense and health is about 3179%, but i am still not sure

      1. Darkthorne says

        Full Colossus gear set is strongest still in my opinion. I burned Glacier King last night, I can’t recall how many troops he had but he was over 200 B. The issue with those high defense but low individual defense sets is they can be easily defense debuffed. Rally leader’s can debuff up to 7,500% defense now with a custom set and hero 74. With 20% resistance from research you need 6,000 defense+ to avoid complete defense debuff from the best in the game. However, even if you have that much defense you now have zero defense or very very little and now have to combat some 20k attack with no or very little defense. So, now you need large troop pool to spread the damage across. Less than 5 B troop will struggle with any permanent gear set now.

        1. Rob says

          Ty for answer darky, do i use aegis gem set on collosus

  14. YO Dadddy says

    Ok wow, I am both impressed and astonished at the amount of ignorance in these posts. First off let me tell you that 25 bil traps with 2 bil troops are not safe to sit in reg gear with kunai. Come to k382 and do it and our rally leaders will burn you all night while you sleep. I can think of 2 or 3 rally sets off the top of my head that will burn you. second, if you can be burnt then you can be zeroed. yes during ke the power matters but for the 153 hours of the week it doesn’t. Next, having the DDR researched and having a kunai equipped doesn’t actually cut the DD by half. The Kunai act as a multiplier to the research. 1~33% DDR
    2~43% DDR
    3~54% DDR
    Now with the new cores released some awesome custom defense cores can be crafted and using a kunai with them is still a very good option. However, sitting in reg gear with a kuani or 2 under 3 to 4 bil troops isn’t safe the majority of the time.
    Lastly, and all you “awesome traps” please listen up…all those troops mean nothing without the research to back them. It doesn’t take 2 bil troops to be a good trap. I have under a bil and can cap every missile set with hero 69 and below. plus in the end a trap doesn’t want to execute any hero over 60.

    1. Nessa says

      I would be impressed if you burn me actually.
      I am only 3B troops and still can handle all 11M rally with kunai and normal gear until now.

  15. Myrmeleon says

    Months later and the reign of the Kunai continues….

    Newer cores just have meant adding more troops, now approaching 2b troops in order to be effective in all cases.

    Kunais are still a staple of virtually all T2/T4 traps.

  16. Sandman says

    This article is bs. In a test rally with 7.3 million troops, I attacked a 10 billion fort which had a hero in Frostlord with two Kunai. Wearing Ares gear, stats 8,100% attack, 1,260% defence debuff, I only killed 5 million troops and my hero was capped.

    1. Bladerunn says
      1. Bladerunn says

        This isnt true you just need to build up your troop count up around 2 bil mixed T2 and T4.. Just make sure your not nerfed. 3 kunai daggers i have and new core gear cant even get past T1 traps . only kill 29k T1 traps with them having maxed research and hero 68 . 8 mil rally.

  17. Bolski says

    Looks like Kunis are still strong. I capped a sh24 450bil accounts full 6+ mil march, cored with Frost, Imp and 2 kunis. Lost only 5k T1 wall traps. Ate the entire march and capped his hero. Kunis are still going strong. Defense boosted on my Frost and Imp gear. Added gems to boost attack debuff.

    1. Bolski says

      Sorry. I should have said it was a full rally. Not a solo march. My bad.

  18. Grimmeo says

    chillex guys..other than traps, who else want to take a hit from the whales? Sometimes we lose, but mostly they just smoke us. Let the myth about defeating kunai fly over the internet.

  19. Angel says

    Sounds like all these traps got all excited over nothing…what the writer was talking about was the time where nothing burned a kunai,now you see a bunch of them being set on fire,which wasn’t possible before,we are not talking about ID you win in power or not,but can we free heroes thatbgot capped from other players, in my opinion most traps in kunai either burn it they are too big and people hit them anyways… Now you little traps gotta get bigger and ate winning because of being troop heavy not cause of the kunai

    1. Angel says

      I meant or they are too big*

    2. Darkthorne says

      Agreed. Thank you for comment Angel!

  20. Bob says

    Just sat next to 13 and 5trillion accounts with ultimate skulls and their alliance friends. I harassed them in the super and could not even get a scout. I sit in kingdom and I’m safe all because I wear two kuni. It’s far from dead. And the reason I can sit in kingdom….. I capped a 6.5 m March wearing Nike with 7900 attack. Yes it hurt I lost 7k t1 traps whoops Lmbo

  21. […] lately why these new sets have Health Debuff?  Could it be that Game of War is responding to the Kinoichi's Kunai problem by reducing the Defense Debuff of Core Set and instead adding Health Debuff in its place? […]

  22. Nir says

    You’re right the all those traps had flames! BUT you still loost on power… This is what really mather!
    You right we all want to cap the rally leader hero but its not always happening ok if we look closely
    you lost around 160m power each time and with all those 6 reports the avrage lost of the trap is 74m less than half of yours…

    I belive most of the ppl will agree with me on the bottom line you lost…

  23. Morgana says

    hahah.. the author/writer of this email is seriously have some ego/issues with trap. Traps are fun.. dont hate it.

    and by the way, I cap ares full attack in 8bil 3 kunai. So your stats are useless.

  24. KYFS says

    The title of this article is ridiculous and completely untrue. I cap everything easily with 1 kunai and a mixed set up.

  25. […] gems at your own risk.  Personally, I use the highest defense debuff available because of the Kinoichi's Kunai threat.  However, if you are rallying a heroless target then the added defense debuff of this set […]

  26. Rin says

    Those traps are way low on troops. Most ppl run 300 ml per kunai for it to work properly and 1 pic the player boost was wrong lol.

  27. LIGHTS says

    I don’t get it…why are these traps even losing troops? I don’t lose a single troop…rallies 6.4 million wearing any core, all that’s destroyed is 35k t1 traps maximum

  28. Yolo says

    I would love to be hit by you sir. I sit at 5.5b on my trap. I cap Everything. The max attack only works if a trap is running three Kunai. The reason why it works is because you lose too much defense by doing so. I think it is absolutely hilarious that you work with health debuff on traps over 3b. The only way to possibly burn my trap is to have 4k dd which I reduce to less than half because of research and a SINGLE Kunai. By doing so you sacrifice far too much attack to have a shot at burning me. I’m not giving away my setup or gear but this article definitely made me chuckle and Thankful that everything on the Internet is true.

    1. X SOBER X of Argus says

      I wish to chat with you about setting. I am in the process of building 4 different traps all with the same concept, don’t ask me why cause I really don’t know. Just love of the game I guess.
      However, I have different luck in getting material and really running low on funds to keep buying packs. it has been month since I was unshielded, I want to play and cant do that before I build up my trap at a decent setup.
      Let me know if interested.
      a.khalil at
      thx alot

  29. SpockofBorg says

    hmmm I don’t burn with ares and use 2 butter knives. Really nice write up though…Shoutout to JUSTICE and FUKINWONDER =)

  30. Nasti says

    I see five losses. They may have all burned but you lost big time on points, except one.

  31. CyCops says


    Cores: Frostforged Helm, Tidal Pauldron, Radiant Cocerings, Ancient Spear, Blloodstone Shield x2, Tempeat Gauntlet x1 you can always take out one or two accessories and add kunai

    Pieces: Underworld Plating, Pesephones Brush, Giant Shell, Scylia Eye, Earth Icon, White Fur Crest

    The underworld plating is rare so you can replace it with Water Dragon Pendant, Illusion Token or Fresh Lotus

  32. […] of target i.e., Frostlord, Kinoichi Kunai daggers, Shogun or […]

  33. Kunai Master says

    Ever since you posted this article, people have been losing to me left and right. And I have 2 Kunai and am less than say “10 billion” Thanks!

    1. justme says

      Looking at those reports, it seems the reality is that you lost all but one time despite making fire. If the goal was to release a capped hero great, but if you’re in a kvk, then people prolly drool when they see you coming.

      If the traps were truly setup correctly with 2 Kunai, Im afraid your results, and your hero’s record would be radically different. Tho you should be applauded fro trying something different to try to burn Kunai traps.

      Have to agree with Kunai Master, the good trappers can’t wait for you to try any of their kunai traps with your method. You might consider changing the title of the article, obviously the Kunai trap isn’t dead yet.

  34. SaltGun says

    All this is a bit glorified.
    Full attack setting MZ cores have been used to run into kunai for a while. It works for frostbitten, for zeus, for poseidon, for ares. The question is are you running the right thing into the right troop count.
    If you run attack setting frostbitten into 400 million, 5b power accounts in kunai you have yourself to blame. But it will work against 200 million troops.
    Similarly, if you run attack setting ares into 600 million, 8b power accounts in kunai you have yourself to blame. But it will work against 400 million troops.
    There are no silver bullets. Too many rally leads think a core set makes them invincible. Similarly, 8,9,10b accounts are NOT traps. They are obvious chasms.

    1. Basazz says

      Your wrong there, traps have to grow with the game the same as rally leaders. As core’s become more powerful traps have to adjust there setup to take those cores. Gone are the days of one size fit’s all for traps!

  35. Veees says

    Hi, I need some advise from U :). I try to build a sh18 trap account now, what troop tier should I focus on? And how much I need? I wanna make it a rally trap.

  36. […] the first set of stats were posted, myself and iBurnStuff from (uMb ) having been trying to one up each other custom sets. We both use […]

  37. Matthew says

    Somebody is pissed because no matter what you will lose to most traps either in a power event or tier no matter if you burn them lol. And the best part is we dont need to spend very much. So keep talking crap and crying because you see a 4-8 bil account in Crappy gear and decide to hit. Good luck and hopefully you will pop over to 571 so we can hear you cry in AC chat.

  38. Juice says

    Love all the info… I’m curious though since this is all numbers, but maybe I don’t completely understand the math… If I had say the gentleman’s below build of 525M T2 and 42M T4 (maybe effective, maybe not). My question is, if I added 20M more T4 and 0 more T2, would that affect me an any way or just make it stronger? (obviously more power) A friend of mine told me the ratios T2/T4 matter?

    1. Myrmeleon says

      First off, I can assure you it is effective.

      Secondly, adding an additional 20m T4 would make it more effective, essentially adding more attack. But it’s really unnecessary. With that number of troops, you will always kill all the incoming troops — even in monster gear.

      Third, I have 63M T4 total, not 42m — I made a mistake when I summarized it. You can see the screenshot of my exact troop count and troop mix below.

      Now, you’re right to be wary of T2/T4 ratio, but it works kind of the opposite of what you suggest. If you have more than 13:1 ratio of T2 to T4 you’ll get nerfed (you’ll lose an incredible number of troops).

      See this post for details: But the numbers are wrong — it say 12.5:1 (or 12.525:1), when the new ratio is 13:1.

      Hope this helps.

  39. Blind Eagle says

    Reading all these comments I just laugh. I mainly laugh at all the traps that have been zeriod. GOW is all about stats. Every city has certain stats needed to burn, even 300bil power. If you hit those stats you are fine, if you miss those stats even by 10% it will end badly. All these traps posting hits from POS rallies or ares gemmed wrong or even rallies from people who aren’t maxed is irrelevant. To burn dagger you MUST have the required stats any other test is foolish. But please remain cocky it will mean more zeriod traps in kvk…. And about points in kvk. If any of you have ever played 416 in kvk, you know they are near impossible to beat. Normally having 5 of the top 10 allainces, even in a 16 way. so giving up points to 10 different traps in 10 different kingdom definitely isn’t a problem. Gathering up your own points while spreading out the points you give up is the only way to win a huge kvk.

    1. Myrmeleon says

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. The only way you burn a 300b player is if they are heroless or if they are stupid enough to get hit with the nerf. You can set up your Ares or custom set however you want, and till won’t even fill one of my hospitals. Those numbers you talk about are irrelevant if the trap has enough troop power, the right gear, and is set up correctly (see screenshots below for details) — not the bad traps shown in this article. Hell, you can’t burn my 8b trap no matter what you do. You’re just upset that MZ set up the game so no matter how much you spend, you have no chance of breaking a well set up trap. When new research and/or cores come out, for traps, it’s just a matter of adding little troop power while you spend thousands. Keep spending and the traps will continue to make you look foolish for chasing that dragon, and it’s been over a year since I was zeroed after falling asleep with my shield down in the wrong gear. But keep on looking for offline players to bully, just don’t be upset when you’re wrong and lose your hero.

      And what does that KvK win get you? lol Meaningless and petty gifts worth a fraction of what was spent to get them.

  40. David E Johnston says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing this article. It had been SO long since anyone had been willing to rally me and after your article gave them new hope, I suddenly got rallied multiple times in one day. I owe you for my kill count going up. I was a nice guy and released a couple of the heroes so that my graveyard doesn’t look too obvious, but it was so great to finally be a target again. Let’s hope everyone doesn’t realize it’s not all true before the next KE. I really want to clean up.

    Xxxxxxxx (name redacted to remain a target)

    1. Navi says

      Hahaha yea we got a lot of this feedback. Once they figured out how out to set their gear up, you might be in trouble though!

  41. SeanOgAsEire says

    Jumping to conclusions. I own one of the traps in the screenshot. It’s at least forty mill troops short of the necessary troop count to cap ares. But it capped the first time you marched? And I released so you could test! I’m 100% sure you haven’t got the Kunais beat. Only one of the screenshots had the necessary troop count. And considering that their losses were higher than mine, it means they’re not set up properly. Please call by any time with your Ares set.

  42. Myrmeleon says

    p.s. keep spending and we’ll keep making you look foolish for doing so. Haven’t bought a pack in months. lol

  43. Myrmeleon says

    Actually, I can do both, but I’m sorry a trap touched you in the naughty place. No need to be butthurt.

  44. Jeff P says

    I have a big fightin account also and after 2 years decided to try something new and I make players like you eat hemlock – thanks for letting me know again why I love trapping now – its a game play have fun get away from the real world

  45. Jeff P says

    I am the player behind KingRendor and several other traps – in the oucs if the ares cores they are talking about my account – I have never been beatvby any core set that is currently out unless I was in research gear or testing something on purpose. The kuni makes a nig difference but wont save you by simply adding 2 kuni to your gear – many factures must be accounted for – troop build is almost as important as the kuni then the gear – the days of the 2-4 bil cant be beat are over – traps need to be at least 5-6 bil to win in kvk and even higher to sit unshielded offline no boosts – there are always a few exceptions – I wish I could figure that out- but the concept the base trap build is still the same just have to adjsut as new cores come out

    1. Myrmeleon says

      Jeff, look at my post immediately below. I’ve figured it out. If you have questions, ask.

      1. Jeff P says

        Thats close to what I have figured out also

  46. Myrmeleon says

    You guys simply don’t get it. Doesn’t matter how good of cores or even with the brand new March 14 bonuses. My trap is unbreakable — even with no boosts, no altar boost, no reinforcements, no hero in prison; essentially as weak as possible.

    Here is the recipe: Present into regular gear (Frostlord Will, Haunted Kunoichi Cloak, Haunted Tabi Boots, Frostlord Shatter Star, Frostlord Will, 2x Kunoichi Kunai). All Barracks in city, one hospital. 175m of each type of regular T2, 21m mixed T4 (strat and reg) — well below nerf limit. 125k of each type of T4 reg traps. 1.4B research power, 6.5b troop power. — just under 8b power total. Level 21 city & buildings.

    Max losses are about 1m T2 for a full 4.5m rally from a maxxed character (as of 6/24/16), depending on attacker cores & gems. That’s 8.25m power lost for me, 162.2m power lost for attacker.

    The reign of the Kunai goes on, and 2 is better than 3 by about 30% as per above setup.

    Don’t believe everything you read. The only way to know is to test & retest.

    Happy trapping…>Myrmeleon

    1. Myrmeleon says

      Correction to this paragraph:

      Max losses are about 1m T2 for a full 4.5m rally from a maxxed character (as of 6/24/16), depending on attacker cores & gems. That’s 8.25m power lost for me, 162.2m power lost for attacker.

      It should read as follows:

      Max losses are about 1m T2 for a full 4.5m rally before recent March research. That’s 8.25m power lost for me, 162.2m power lost for attacker. Max losses after new research are 2.3m for a full 4.9m rally. That’s 18.2m power lost for me, 176.2m power lost for attacker.

      DDR FTW.

      1. Myrmeleon says

        Here’s a screenshot of what happens when a newly maxxed character tries and fails.

        1. Myrmeleon says

          His hero in my prison:

          1. Myrmeleon says

            Here are a few more typical hits:

          2. Myrmeleon says

            Here is a more typical hit:

          3. Myrmeleon says

            A more typical hit:

          4. Myrmeleon says

            Here are a few hits. First has reinforcements and altar boost. Next two have hero in prison and altar boost. As you can see, the losses go down dramatically. Gear is as shown in screenshot a few posts below.

            The Reign of the Kunai Continues!!!

    2. Just Saying says

      I think your numbers are a little off. If you have 175 mil each reg t2 (525 mil total) and 21 mil mixed reg/strat t4 as you indicated, then your t2/t4 ratio is 25 to 1, putting you well above the nerf limit. Just sayin’.

      1. cmd says

        i believe he means 63m total t4 (21m inf mixed between strat® 21m ranged mixed between strat® 21m cav mixed between strat&reg) because if you take 6.5b, his given troop power, and subtract 4.2b for his t2 (525,000,000 x 8= 4.2b) troop power, you are left with 2.3b troop power remaining from t4 which when you divide by 36 = aproximately 63m. which would be 21m, 21m, 21m 🙂

        1. cmd says

          i dont know how those strange R circle icons got there but what i typed was strat & reg everywhere it says strat (circled r).

        2. Myrmeleon says

          Thank you. You are correct. Please look a few posts/replies down and you can see a screenshot of my troops.

      2. Myrmeleon says

        Good catch! Thanks. My setup is 42m t4, not 21m…. To be specific: 12m of each type of reg T4, 9m of each type of strat T4. Well below nerf limit.

        1. Myrmeleon says

          Here’s a screenshot of troops:

          1. Myrmeleon says

            And my gear:

          2. Myrmeleon says

            Here’s my power:

        2. Myrmeleon says

          Good thing I’m a better at trapping than mutiplying lol. You can see the total troops in the screenshot, but just to be clear, my total T4 is (12m+9m)*3 = 21m*3 = 63m T4. Thanks for pointing it out.

    3. Chris says

      An 8 billon power trap isn’t a big deal, at 8 billon you should cap every time or you have no idea what you are doing. My 6 year old can run an 8 billion trap and cap every time. Why not say my 15 billion trap is unbeatable? LOL

      1. Myrmeleon says

        I can run a trap much smaller, wise guy, and did for a long time: T4/T3 at a much lower power with cores.

        And of course I can cap every time — that’s the point. But this way I don’t need to run any cores whatsoever, and you’re right I could do it smaller, but why?

        Funny thing is, with the newer cores the attackers have gotten cocky, and this setup simply twist that aggressiveness in my favor.

        Lastly, the reason I trap at this size is because my losses are always small enough to fit into a single 120k hospital, and it takes only spending is a few hundred gold to instantly get them back — and it doesn’t cost a penny to run.

        If you have any better ideas, I’m all ears.

        1. Chris says

          Anyone that hits an 8 billon trap should lose their hero. I know you don’t need cores to cap and 8 billon that’s not novel concept, nobody does.

          You trap at 8 billion because it doesn’t take any talent and you hope some idiot will hit you.

          1. Myrmeleon says

            Who said it was novel? It works just fine, and there are plenty of idiots — fueled by posts just like “The Reign of the Kunai is over” — left in the game.

            I trap at 8 billion precisely because of the reason I stated — because I don’t feel like wasting time or money any more crafting cores and trapping at 2-4b power, and at 8b it costs me nothing to run. ZERO.

            Since you apparently know it all, please share your insight….or perhaps you know nothing of trapping and instead think skill in this game is zeroing offline players and spending thousands and thousands of dollars chasing that dragon.

            Looking forward to your reply….

        2. allkinds says

          hey you guys are awesome seen all kinds other day this smart mouthed little punk trap came through 2.5 bil cappped every thing sent at him just mass troops

  47. Thor says

    Question for all you “Trapsters”
    What do you use for wall trap setup?
    Bricks, T1,2,3,4, combo ?

    I’m about to build my 2nd trap so interested in your thoughts.


    1. Myrmeleon says

      I know a lot of traps that like to use low level traps as meat. I don’t. I use an even spread of Regular T4 traps (125k of each), and capture my T2 troop meat in my one single hospital. See my posts above for details & hope this helps.

  48. Shader says

    Sorry but I’m not impressed by your screenshot and your analysis is quite hum…. Wrong. I’m a trap. A big one lol. I don’t boost cause I don’t want to loose the benefit of anti scout. I rarely core ( I got the knack to recognize full research accounts ). I don’t execute and release hero asap ( once my alliance rallies that dumb that ends up in my jail) so they can’t appear in my graveyard by using hemlock. I look like a big inactive account they crave to zero. I use t3. Zeus, ares, Poseidon …. It never mattered.

  49. Papa Smurf says

    If 10 different people hit my trap during kvk..I burn but win 200 m to 100m each time how far ahead am I ? Burning is not winning..and who says you will keep your hero?

    1. Yo joe says

      This guy didn’t lose his hero, and good luck taking as many hits as rally leaders are giving out in a kvk. KE is about smashing as much as you can. While points aren’t totally meaningless, “winning” on power destroyed isn’t near as important as you people are trying to make it out to be

      1. Thor says

        Hmm. During a KVK, your kingdom either “Wins” or Loses”, and that happens based on how much power/points they win, AND, how many points they lose.
        “Winning” on points/power IS EVERYTHING!
        Whether there’s “fire”, or “no fire”, means NOTHING.

  50. Tracy Williams says

    And yet you lost in power on almost all those reports showing. Thats not a win. Thats just making fire. In a KE you would be helping an enemy kingdom with these hits.

    1. Yo Joe says

      Keeping hero and burning IS a win, period. In a KE who cares, I see this statement all the time. What you don’t seem to be understanding is it’s not 1 v 1. It’s 10-16 ways. So let’s say he burns 1 target from every kingdom. To make it easy for you he loses 200m every hit, while only gaining 100m. He does this 10x. How many points does he have?…how far ahead of every other kingdom is he?

  51. Papa Smurf says

    Noticed all but one of the traps won on points and that if they had had their wall traps set correctly and boosted correctly they would have done even better. I think the demise of the dagger is just another legend…but please share this article with as many Rally leaders as you possible. We people of the dagger in Homer are always looking for ways to be hit.

    1. DumbDumbBlah says

      Lmao. Wall traps set correctly? What game are you playing where wall traps have any significant impact? As for “winning on points” that just shows a misunderstanding of how multi kingdom KE’s are won. But yea, keep thinking your kunais are awesome. Love burning them.

      1. Navi says

        I know many people with traps who get hit by a full rally and only lose 15k traps.

  52. AriJoy says

    What are you using for SSB for this setup? Cav attack or Troop attack? 5 piece and 7 piece numbers please?

  53. Clujeanul says

    I was hit again yesterday twice by players with ares who said they try your option with full attack. Both heroes lay dead in my graveyard. I lost 3.5k traps and 4.2k traps. I don’t know what ares you guys have or what magic you think you can do but I can sleep unshielded in kaiser and no one hit me. Anyone who wants to prove me wrong come to kaiser, you’re going to find a bunch sitting unshielded. We welcome everyone

  54. Night Angel says

    Easiest ares win to date, please let more rallies leader eat this shit up

  55. JGC says

    7,025% cav atk is not enough

  56. ZestyCrunch says

    Agree that the hits shown were probably mediocre traps at best. We tried today a couple of times with fully researched accounts, ares set, fully gemmed for attack, and set bonuses set to attack. Got the same results below. About 3m t2 killed and our hero’s capped. Beware the kunai until the new debuff resist resistance boosts come out…of course they will only be available after unlocking the unlock pack that unlocks the 90% pack, that unlocks the, 50% pack, that unlocks the special solo event that can only be completed when you buy 5 more packs.

  57. JGC says

    That’s not how you beat Kunai’s

  58. JGC says

    Whatever lol

  59. Rebel says

    another thing wrong with all of these tests, regardless of gear used to hit or defend, is I dont know many trap accounts that keep a solid t4 wall trap, if any of you guys with these super hitting cores qould like to try a real trap, find me in k208

    (R1G) ReB eL

    bring it to me, and I’ll eat em all

  60. LordVoldrmor says

    You can try against my monster gear and would not win with that set. Now I am 22 billion but that set only works for small traps with multiple kuna and low troop counts. You need to show it against the same target with another stud set to see it depends more on troop count of trap then what you hit with.

  61. AJ says

    Im inviting u to 208 to hit my trap as many times as u wish… I will not set boost or use cores just these outdated kunais….

    (LvA) POLES……..208 Eudocia… little baby Poles is Beat it….lol

    1. Pale says

      Solo traps are dead. Money drives the power in the game these days. Spend money and you will dominate. Guys that build strong defenses and pilau smart and efficient are like the dinasours. Spend to keep up or sell your account to cut your losses.

      1. Matthew says

        Solo traps are dead? We have 3 in the alliance I am in and they cap 90% of the time they get hit. Its not their ” DEAD ” its all about the set up.

    2. LordVoldrmor says

      Aj, if you trap as well then you should know not to hit my city with your main. Stop dying in my prison. LordVoldrmor

  62. xman says

    Yea i see the comments on not winning by power lost on reports,but it is good when finding a trap offline to zero which is the main objective anyways.Not all of us care about kvk or points some of want to just zero accts.

  63. Luis thomas says

    Won’t burn my traps , haha I agree with most of the comments , pretty ignorant title saying kunaichi are over , xxkubanxx

  64. J oats says

    You guys are a bunch of noobs. He never said anything about this being a kvk strategy. As long as they keep burning they will eventually be zeroed. No one in my kingdom cares about power vs power outside of kvk. We zero whatever we can whenever we can.

  65. corey says

    I dont know how you’re getting that much attack, but I would love to see your gem set up and skill tree set up. Is there any way you can show that ? I have a 100B acct w 26B research and 3.6B troops and VIP20 and can’t get my attack that high.



  66. Roche says

    Bad traps, if you are properly setup you won’t burn. I took a Poseidon hit at the coliseum yesterday. I have less troops than these guys, did not boosts at all. Poseidon had 2k defense debuff, 1,3k health debuff, 500 individual troop attack debuff, 4,8k attack,1,7k defense,1k health, this guy was max research all buildings lv23 and I only lost 5,4k traps, I just focus on attack debuff do reduce the damage while my the rest of my defense 3,2k after it was debuffed took care of the attacking power and yes Ares is stronger but I would guess 20k traps is the most I will lose to be totally honest.

    1. Roche says

      Only idiots think they won if they burn another player. Those hits costs the other alliance a lot of points and tier troops, and also what kind of gear where these people in, results may vary depending on your setup. Kunai is still king.

  67. Guy says

    One more glaring fact you only won one of those rallies on points

    1. aric says

      hahahaha. That’s what I was going to comment

  68. John Thomas says

    Obviously none of those traps know how to trap. Come to 296 and test me. . I’d be surprised if you kill more than 50k wall traps.

  69. Texasliam says

    In most of those reports you lost on power. A traps measuring stick

  70. SexyEmp says

    Who cares if you set a trap on fire or not? During a KE winner is the one who causes greater power drop to their enemy, and I saw the attacker here lost badly. His points about Black Kunai’s effectiveness were poorly proved. Hope I meet him in coming KE, SexyEmp K26.

  71. Clujeanul says

    Kinda hard to believe that. I would like a test on my account

  72. Rich says

    A recurring theme with most of those hits was also the attackers still losing far more power than the defender even if they did make them burn…in kill events that’s still going to be a big win for the players using kunai.

  73. andrei says

    this is bulshit all those report if you look dosent show nothing they didnt bost defence and atack debuff and also did any one of you seen in those report what gear they have on oh well i tell you what was about all those reports was tested with 3 kunai on not 2 not 1 which 3 kunai is wrong any way the guy who write this article he dosent say the truth i can prove what i am saying in here is real and remember a trap who has 2 kunai on or 1 if has overc440m trops in is imposible to burn if is set up wright and also bost wright thank you .

  74. Lord Stryke ERS for life says

    I normally dont respond to things like this but you have stated several different traps were hit with various regular defensive setups. Yet you post 5 different attacks which did burn the target but were not point positive, so in the end the trap was still winning even though you did burn them. Also with your 5 posted reports you didnt supply any screen shots of the gear the player was in. So its hard to show proof when the item needed to prove it are not provided. Being a “trap” it isnt the purpose of not burning, its nice, but not required to be a successful trap. I can do as you did and post screenshots after screen shot of good rallies and bad rallies. And claim success as proof that everything you posted could be exactly as you mentioned, rumors. Yes i can tell you as a t2 trap i have no problem burning, and so far i have not been beaten point wise. But while trying to prove your theory you did mention a few really good factual ways of beating some traps. And from your reports you can break down where the trap has its errors. Some are simple with troop counts vs obvious 1 or 2 dagger accts so like i mentioned before your proof is limited to the quick readers who dont analyse the reports posted. Feel free to hit me up anytime to discuss any questions or concerns.
    Lord Stryke k154

  75. Myrmeleon says

    p.s. and nothing you can do will outdo a good set of preset trap cores, including Kunais. The only thing legendary would be your hero’s death if you were dumb enough to rally me.

  76. UberV says

    Yeah, you burned them. But look at your power drop vs. theirs. I’ll take those hits all night long.

  77. Myrmeleon says

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Kunais help immensely in reducing your losses, and the traps you hit didn’t boost or have enough troop numbers (or good enough gear) to overcome Ares.

    If you had run a test case with and without them, like I have, you’d know the truth.

  78. Anon says

    If you’re sitting unshielded and offline, you need to be able to cap any rally that comes your way and do so quite easily. That means, no boosts.

  79. Akira says

    Not trying to be rude but Cody from already showed our alliance in winning (494) about this strategy. This is nothing new.

    1. Br4v0 says

      That’s exactly what I was thinking plus they lost on points, traps still won. Good to see a K494 in the comments

  80. Kirk says

    Did you test each of these traps twice using dd or mixed dd and attack gemming?

  81. Sig223 says

    There is a common misconception in those reports your showing that stands out like a sore thumb. None of those traps boosted!! The one trap that did boost, used the wrong boost! Should have used Defense and Attack Debuff.

    I can guarantee I’ll eat every thing thrown at me! Come find me, K398 Yeva, nDC tags Sig223

    1. Torbjörn says

      I am still never burned with two kunais only as gear. 730 reseach power eest t2 t4. Sometimes burned with one kunai.

  82. Ebed says

    So what traps are still giving players problems

  83. FrankieHifi says

    How many points to you give up in kvk though? Burning is not winning…

    1. 50ShadesEvil says

      In kvk ke you can burn and win. Only fools think that just because someone burns that the flames prove a loss. The ke is to pick your battles wisely and for those traps out there that do burn… don’t forget your shield. Zeroing bragging rights are all that matter in game of war then those out there are tossing those expensive t5 around like candy. Also the days of the 5m rally are a time of the past. I can’t remember the last little rally. I’d be surprised if a 5m rally would hospitalise more than 1500 troops in my one hospital. Rally is now a common 10-12m now guys and gals. And yes research and troop counts are key.
      Have you noticed how mz will not let you skip around and research just the defence or attack and trap stuff like before? Now they make you follow a pattern. New economics tree for example. Great def and attack research there but you have to walk through the weeds to get there. Kunai is still strong as ever…though there are not many people in my kingdom under 8b troops. You can’t say Kunai is dead or even remotely weak when we here can wear a helm and 2kunai ( that’s right- 3 pieces of gear only) and cap 1- 18t players max research 328b power.
      Guys, watch your points, boosts, potions, banners, hero and VIP. In my opinion those of you only using t2/t4 are setting yourself up for a fall. Fix your numbers up to include t3 as well. You will find that healing 130k troops will drop to healing less than 1k and you will not need rss to train or have to worry about burning. I’ve since moved past the trapping stage…so I thought and at 451b power I’m still a trap. Not because I want to be but because the stronger the cores are the higher the target range is. The only people here not wearing the kunai are either zeroed or 700b plus in power with more than 30b troops. If you ever feel safe in any gear then think again. Game of War will add a bigger and better core with even higher debuf and attack all for the low cost of 99.99.

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