KvK Blitz Results and Raid Discussion {Savage Arab}

Savage Discusses the Recent KvK Blitz Results, Medals to Purchase from the Black Market, and more!

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KvK Blitz Results

The KvK Blitz finished and Savage Arab is back with a video discussing the most recent results. Naturally, his Alliance DARKkING took first with over 68 Billion points, but he also talks briefly about the Raid Boss and what the Black Market is offering and why you should purchase the Medals and Banners available.

Additionally, Savage opens up about the number of Raid Bosses GoW has been implementing lately and wants to know if you think they’ve been popping up too much.

Finally, Savage discusses the new Poseidon Cores that dropped which give bonuses to your Ranged Attack and Ranged Defense.

What do you think of the medals and banners available in the Black Market and are you planning to purchase some? Are you happy with the number of Raid Bosses GoW has been seeing lately? Will you be purchasing the new Poseidon Cores to help aid in your Ranged Attack and Ranged Defense? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us through our Line and Discord servers!

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