KvK Recap, Draconic Expansion Research, and Supreme Marshal Gear

SavageArab breaks down the latest drops and events in Game of War

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This week, Savage discusses the newest drops including the new Supreme Marshal Gear and Draconic Expansion Research. Additionally, he breaks down the most recent KvK results and discusses his experience in getting Zeroed.

KvK Recap

After a long and eventful KvK, the dust has settled and the shoutouts have commenced. The new Attacking Gear (listed below) made its presence known and had a major impact on the KvK events. Although enjoyable, most of the big accounts were done and zeroed on the first and second day.

Savage’s suggestion is to possibly break up KvK’s by their Kingdoms and introduce the KvK events into different Kingdoms and different days.

What are your thoughts on the amount of KvK events going on? Do you enjoy that many events or are you feeling frustrated that most of the action takes place on Day One and Two? Do you think it’s a good idea to roll out KvK events to multiple Kingdoms over the course of multiple days? Let us know in the comments below!

Draconic Expansion Research

The new Draconic Expansion Research debut and to Savage’s surprise, it’s provided a large number of boosts for players. One of Savage’s concerns was most of the recent Research Trees haven’t been scaled to the types of bonuses that are seen in the Meta.

These bonuses are a substantial boost to players who are looking to get an edge in the competition, so make sure to grind it out as this new Research Tree gets Savage’s seal of approval.

Draconic Expansion Research

Supreme Marshal Gear

The stats provided by the new Supreme Marshal Gear is gigantic. Additionally, combined with your bonuses from Research, the bonuses that this provides is actually larger than advertised. If you’re a Rally Leader, Savage does recommend you get this Gear as soon as you can. All the bonuses are listed below:

Supreme Marshal Gear Set

Supreme Marshal Gear Set Part 2

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