KvK Tips and Tricks from SavageArab

SavageArab breaks down what you need to do to prepare for KvK's including choosing your Core, Pieces, and Banners, and how to rotate troops to maximize points.

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KvK is coming up this weekend, and SavageArab explains some tips on how to maximize your points.

While preparing for any KvK event, make sure to pick your Cores, Pieces, and Banners accordingly. It’s important to stick to a specific troop choice with bonuses that will maximize your troops and debuff theirs.

Ideally, you will be able to make an Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry set so you can get a full range of troops to attack other players. Additionally, it’s imperative to read the battle reports after your first attack to see what kind of troops your opponent primarily has.

While most players will have an equal amount of different troops, your primary troops that are attacking (Infantry, Ranged, or Cavalry) will start to destroy your opponent’s troops that are weak against your troops.

When you start to see that, it’s important to rotate your troops to keep maximizing the opponent’s troop loss, so you can minimize the number of troops you lose, and maximize the amount your opponent loses.

Remember to have different sets of Cores, Pieces, and Banners ready when you start rotating troops to maximize their effectiveness.

Don’t forget about our lovely Dragons! It’s important to try and fully skill out your firebreathing friend, but if you haven’t yet, make sure to invest in health skills. Dragon Reborn is an incredibly important skill that allows your Dragon to gain stronger from your troops, so make sure to maximize that as well.

What are some of the tactics you and your alliance uses for KvK? Do you plan to do the KvK this weekend? What are some other tips that you’d suggest? Make sure to follow our social media pages below and leave a comment!

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