Lady Justice Core Recipe, Stats, Skills

Lady Justice Game of War

The land surrounding you is a lawless place – when facing foes, it's up to you to be judge, jury, and executioner. Equip yourself with the Lady Justice Core Set in Game of War and take the law into your own hands!

Use this Set to dominate the Wonder or Super Wonder – it has incredible amounts of Defense and Health for your Troops, as well as Debuffs for your enemies!

Lady Justice Core Set Recipe

Lady Justice Core set in Game of War Fire Age requires a number of pieces to craft a full set of gear. Typically, core sets in Game of War have a couple of pieces that are difficult to acquire, however, in Lady Justice four pieces are difficult and are required in every core!  Therefore, many players are using custom Lady Justice sets at the moment until packs contain more Lady Justice pieces and cores.

Pieces Required Count:

  • Justice Essence - 7
  • Law of the Land - 7
  • World Key - 7
  • Obsidian Plate - 7
  • Blindfold Cloth - 1
  • Verdict Scroll - 1
  • Bronze Chain - 2
  • Binding Decree - 1
  • Copper Studs - 2
  • Contraband Container - 1
  • Justice Medallion - 1
  • Iron Manacles - 1

Lady Justice Core Text Recipe

  • Justicegod's Judgement (Helm) - Arbiter's Crown Core + Justice Essence, Law of the Land, World Key, Obsidian Plate, Blindfold Cloth, Verdict Scroll.
  • Justicegod's Weight (Armor) - Arbiter's Shell Core + Justice Essence, Law of the Land, World Key, Obsidian Plate, Bronze Chain, Binding Decree.
  • Justicegod's Deliberation (Feet) - Arbiter's Stand Core + Justice Essence, Law of the Land, World Key, Obsidian Plate, Copper Studs, Contraband Container.
  • Justicegod's Verdict (Weapon) - Arbiter's Claymore Core + Justice Essence, Law of the Land, World Key, Obsidian Plate, Justice Medallion, Iron Manacles.
  • Justicegod's Measure (Accessory) - Arbiter's Scales Core + Justice Essence, Law of the Land, World Key, Obsidian Plate, Bronze Chain, Copper Studs.

Lady Justice Game of War

Lady Justice Set Bonuses

The base set bonus (5) of Lady Justice includes the following:

  • Troop Type Defense Debuff: 240%,
  • Troop Health Debuff: 50%

The full set bonus (7) of Lady Justice includes the following:

  • Troop Type Health: 1000%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: 120%
  • Troop Health Debuff: 200%

Specialized Set Bonus to come, please leave a comment below if you have crafted this full set to recipe and can provide some screen shots for us. THANK YOU!

Lady Justice Gems

The gems required for Lady Justice are now somewhat determined by your Gem Research progress.  If you haven't already, take a look at the Gem Research article to learn more about Gem Set Recipes.

The Gem Set Recipe most advantageous to Lady Justice is the following:

Stalwart Health Gem Set: 54% Troop Attack considerably more with completely research.

Lvl 6 Behemoth Gem + Lvl 6 Overpower Gem + Lvl 6 Domination Gem + Lvl 6 Leap Year Special Gem


Lady Justice Skills

When choosing skills, you should use a typical wonder attacking or defending setup with focus on Health and Attack.

Remember that you will not need Rally Attack when defending, so adjust accordingly using two presets: one for attacking and another for defense.

Keep in mind that Attack and Attack Debuff stats are priority when fighting for the Wonder.  Next, priority is Health and Health Debuff.  The best type of stats is troop specific stats because it is harder to debuff than general troop stats.

Lady Justice GoW Stats

While a true Lady Justice stats is not yet available (please post in comments below), I can give you some idea of what the stats are the strength of Lady Justice using a custom Lady Justice set shared with me by a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous...

  • Troop Type Attack: 500%
  • Troop Type Defense: 2400%
  • Troop Type Health: 3400%
  • Troop Attack: 7100%
  • Troop Defense: 2800%
  • Troop Health: 4000%
  • Troop Type Attack Debuff: 1500%
  • Troop Type Defense Debuff: 530%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: 1350%
  • Troop Defense Debuff: 530%
  • Troop Health Debuff: 1550%

Again, these stats are not true 7 piece full recipe set bonus firing on all pistons, but these stats will give you an idea of what Lady Justice is all about.  Troop Attack, Troop Attack Debuff similar to Dread Captain and unlike the three previous Wonder Core Sets.  Have fun!

Lady Justice Game of War Strategy

Some players are choosing to use substitution pieces or budget pieces to avoid the costly and rare pieces required in Lady Justice.  The packs containing Lady Justice will improve over time but for now you need to substitute some pieces.

Remember that you WILL receive the base and full set bonus for using the cores of the set, however, you won't get the added special bonus for the core unless you follow the Game of War Recipe exactly!

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  1. What gems are best for this core.

    • New Years Health Gem Set > Frozen Health > Bolster Health Gem Set > Individual Attack, Health, Attack Debuff, Health Debuff Gems.