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A Complete Run-down of Hero Presets

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When it comes to Hero presets it can feel complicated sometimes. Not only do we have presets for our gear but we have presets for our skills and there are different places to access those from. Knowing how to best skill and use your presets is not only going to save you time but ensure that you have the best stats possible. The plan today is to go in-depth on Hero presets so that you have a better understanding of how this aspect of the game works and can set yourself up for success. 

Hero Presets

When we look at our Hero Presets essentially we have two presets that we are really going to focus in on:

  1. Gear Preset
  2. Skills Presets

The positive thing about how Skills presets are set up is that you can essentially set up a couple of skills presets and equip them across a couple of sets of gear without having to do each one individually. However, you do have the option to do each one individually if you want to customize even further. Before we dive in to deeply though let’s explore the basics. 

The Basics of Hero and Skill Presets

Let’s start at the beginning. Let’s take a peek at our Hero, note that for all three heroes the presets will work the same but need set up individually. 

Hero Profile

Here we see Hero One wearing some lovely skittle colored training gear. From the Hero Profile, we can see an option to go to our presets we can also see the list of our presets across the top of the page. Let’s cover the buttons on this page and what they do before we move on. 

Hero Profile

  1. Preset Bar- The Preset bar is the numbered bar across the top of the page. Remembering what number your presets are set at is going to be important because while we can name the presets when we are quickly equipping from this screen we only have the numbers. You can turn on the confirmation warning in settings and then get a preview before you change, however, if you can remember what numbers correspond to what gear set it is less button pushing to have that confirmation off. 
  2. Gear Slots- You can change your gear from this screen as well, however, it is important to note that anything you do from this page is not permanent and when you equip a new preset it will be erased. 
  3. Preset button- this button will take you to your Hero Presets. We will cover this screen more in-depth in a few moments. 
  4. Hero Boosts- This button will take you so you can see the Boosts you are getting from your Hero. This page tends to be confusing to players and it is better to check your boosts from your profile. 
  5. Skills button- This button will allow you to skill your Novice Skills and Steadfast Skills. Remember that any skills done here will disappear when you equip a new preset. This is not the place to permanently change your skills with that gear. 
  6. Change Hero Button- This button simply takes you to your Hero Hall where you are able to switch to a different Hero or in the case of Hero One switch the appearance of your base Hero. 
Hero Presets

Next up we are going to cover the page that the Preset button will take you to, your Hero Presets. 

Hero Preset

The Number of Presets you have available to you is based on your VIP and you can see them all from here. Let’s talk about what each of the buttons or slots you see on this page will do. 

Hero Preset

  1. Title Bar- The title bar allows you to name your preset. While this is not something you have to do if you like it to be pretty and labeled more power to you and this allows you to do that. 
  2. Equipment Slots- This is where you can set up the Gear you want in that preset. If you later want to change that preset to update it to newer gear you are able to do so one at a time or by wiping the preset. Which we will discuss soon. 
  3. Skills Helm- This button will take you to your Hero Skills. We will talk more in-depth about this later. 
  4. Skills Monster- This takes you to the same page as the previous button. It is leftover from the days of Game of War when we had Monster Skills. As we do not have a separate Monster skills tree anymore this button is essentially useless. 
  5. Reset Button- This button will Reset your whole preset. This means it will be wiped clean! Only push this button if you really want to reset everything! 
  6. Set Details- If you have Set Gear in your Preset the Set Details button will be green and by clicking on it you will be able to see the set details.
  7. Equip Button- You are also able to equip presets from this page by clicking on your Equip button. 

Let’s go back to that Skills button on your Hero Presets page. When you click the helm or monster it will take you to this page: 

Hero Skills

You are able to Skill your preset from this page. However, you will notice some extra buttons here as well and we are going to take you on a rundown of everything here before we go deeper into skill presets. 

  1. Preset Selection Bar- Across the top of the page you will see a bar labeling the Preset Selection you have chosen. If you have not used a Skill Preset it will say No Preset Selected. 
  2. Skill Preset Button- This will take you to the page where you are able to set up your Skills Presets. We will cover this more in-depth later. 
  3. Skills Preset Number Bar- Much Like our Hero Presets number bar you can equip a skill preset from here if you know the number you would like to use. 
  4. Below this, you can see where you are going to do your skills. This page should be familiar so we are not going to go into depth here. We will talk more about skilling in a different article. 
Hero Skill Preset

The final page we will cover for Hero Presets is the Hero Skills Preset. This is where you can set up different presets and later equip those to your Gear Presets. This simplifies skills in that you do not have to do Hero Skills with every new Gear Preset and can just equip your favorite Skill Preset. 

Hero Skill Presets

Here you can see the page with your Skill Presets. Each of these can be set up as you desire. Let’s cover the different buttons and what they do. 

Hero Skill Presets

  1. Skills Label- Once again you can label your Skill Presets and name them to help you remember what they are. 
  2. Orange Skills Button- This button will take you to the Screen to skill your Hero. This page can be seen belowHero Presets
  3. Reset will wipe the skills preset. Only push this button if you want the skills preset to disappear completely! 
  4. Equip- This is a very important button you must remember to equip your skills preset! If you do not equip it then it will be of no use to you. 

Using Skills Presets

Now that we have talked about the basics of these presets let’s talk about actually utilizing them. Players have run into some issues with these and so we want to be sure to cover this. While you may hit equip if you later “update” the preset you may run into issues and there are other factors that need to be considered. 

  1. When equipping a Skills preset to a gear preset that is currently equipped after equipping the skills preset you must equip the gear preset again. 
  2. If you update the skills preset you must equip it again. If the new preset will not equip then equip another preset and then equip the new preset again. 
  3. If you are having difficulty resetting skills within your preset hit reset, go in the skills tree, and back out again and you will see that the points did reset. 

A Word of Caution: With Steadfast skills, it is important to make sure that your Skills Presets are in fact equipping correctly. You will miss out on a lot of stats if you switch heroes with the wrong skills preset. 

Presets explained

What’s Next? 

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Stay Tuned

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