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Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77


Long Live The Emperor: Stayalive77

Stayalive77, with the help of D:V and no doubt hundreds of other players have won the Super Wonder battle once again. Their experience in Super Wonder battles is unmatched. I believe this win makes it 11 in a row now.

The amount of team work involved in winning the Super Wonder is incredible to think about. When you see the picture below, it makes you wonder how all those people can collaborate and execute maneuvers down to the precision of just a few seconds.

Super Wonder December 4-7

Compare that picture to last month’s Super Wonder below:

The Super Wonder screenshot compilation
Photo Credit: Snow_1021

If you look closely, you’ll see that this latest Super Wonder had about 2-3 more rings of Strongholds…

If you want to see what it takes to compete and succeed in the Super Wonder, read these articles:

7 Reasons the Super Wonder is Extremely Difficult | An Outsider’s Perspective on the Super Wonder

Actually though, Game of War did something pretty sweet this time when announcing the victor of the Super Wonder. They put the names of the Top 5 competitors AND their times!

The times really put into perspective as to how each of the teams are performing. In the past, neither side even knew how well they did! Now each team can better judge their performance and keep things the same or adjust them.

The runner up and only person bold enough to compete against Stayalive this time was XxCtessexXDE. The scores were as follows:

1st: Stayalive77, of Devine Vengeance:
Held for 1 Day, 2Hours, 8 Minutes, and 36 Seconds

2nd: XxCtesseXDE, of ONE Team ONE Heart:
Held for 10 Hours, 55 Minutes, 29 Minutes

3rd: Stay Naga, of Divine Vengeance
Held for 2 Hours, 37Minutes, 37 Seconds

4th: XxCtessexXDB, of ONE Team ONE Heart
Held for 2 Hours, 9 Minutes, 15 Seconds

5th: O M Z, Divine Vengeance
Held for 1 Hour, 56 Minutes, 47 Seconds

I look forward to seeing an even closer competition next month.

  1. Real Head says

    Can you imagine the lag there?

  2. Demon Damian says

    I feel as though someone else should get a try for the super wonder but that’s just me. If he has got it eleven times they know what they are doing. You can’t even use normal wonder tactics on him cause he has so many troops. But then again he has payed a lot of money on this game so he probably wants ever benefit he can get.
    I feel like I’m insulting him. Not what my aim is.
    Oh and I though of a new ability MZ should give to the Emperor. He should get the ability to teleport across kingdoms whenever. I mean he is Emperor, the Emperor should have the greatest freedom. But if he losses the Super Wonder, he loses the ability. Just thinking here.

    1. Blair says

      i strongly agree that the emperor should be able to go to different kingdoms and spread his knowledge to different players

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