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St. Patrick's Day Contest

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St. Patrick’s Day approaches and, for many, it is a day to share your best brogue and drink green libations… We wear green and celebrate the patron saint of Ireland in many ways. For our very own Game of War-style celebration we’re sharing the Luck of the Irish!

What’s your luckiest moment in GOW?

Check these out:


As a bait trap, one of my favorite things to do was sit around in bad gear and wait. Sometimes I would “log out”, but my friends knew better; I was watching notifications. One day I caught a bite; a big player in my home kingdom found me in research gear and started soloing. The solos weren’t bad so I sat and waited. Now, keep in mind this was my early trapping days, and I was still inept at doing a good switch.

I was hoping for a rally, but soon realized that this player had been drinking.. Green libations likely… and was going to continue to solo away. Fortunately, he quickly fell into a pattern of checking gear and not checking gear and I was able to flip, realize I flipped too soon, flip back and then back again and cap. Even though I flipped too soon, my luck that day may have been attributed to… his green beverages.


I don’t get lucky. I’m just that good. #eaglemagic

But in all honesty, my luckiest moment in Game of War was meeting all of you. The people make this game great. I consider myself lucky to have been able to serve the community for so long. #flyeaglefly#eaglemagic#trappingisawayoflife


Back in the day, there was a Coliseum event that did not allow any shielding. I took my cute little 6B health trap overloaded with t2 and gold, and started an epic burndown, spamming troops and instant healing. About 30 minutes in (19 rallies incoming along with tons of solos) my game locked up and the flicker started. I somehow managed to port and then my game shut down. I finally managed to reboot the game and was completely anticipating the pig face. To my surprise, I was chilling in the forest with 12 heroes, as they had hit just as my meat ran out. A huge silver bounty and a bunch of hate mail was my pot of gold.

How it Works:

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  1. Michael Bean says

    Last year in *Anskel, when it still existed. My build was small but solid. There was one in our kingdom that was above all else. The only one with a golden skull in our kingdom at the the time. I seen her port in next our alliance. My blood gets flowing a little bit.. then more as their friends port in. I scramble to activate banners and switch to frost lord trap gear. Boom!! Too late. I think I got two banners activated before they hit. To my amazement I cap and make the all powerful tryant Hemlock.

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