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Mariah Carey to replace Kate Upton as the New Star of GOW


Mariah Carey Steps in; Kate Upton is No More

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As mentioned in our previous article, Machine Zone is currently attempting to raise $500 million in order to keep the company rolling as new Kate Upton’s ads have slowed down; if Game of War generating $1.5 million a day wasn’t enough.

So what does this mean for Game of War?

Well, it is clear that overtly sexualizing their ads paid very well by increasing downloads and increased users, but the infamous portrayal of the Greek Goddess, “Athena,” is at a close. Machine Zone understands that the key to retaining and growing their user base is to ramp up their ad campaigns with insane production values.

But who is their new choice for a proper replacement to take the reigns?

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45-year-old, singer Mariah Carey.


Mariah Carey and Upton

Although it appears that this is an awkward switch to replace the 23 year-old Upton, Mariah Carey has more to her than originally thought.

She’s not a supermodel, but Machine Zone seems to be pivoting to play her popular 90s song:”Hero,” in all future advertisements.

This song may not be what you’re expecting in ad for a game that promises crushing your enemies under your boot, but the main 30-second TV spot will be directed by Alan Taylor, the director behind “Thor: The Dark World,” and the upcoming “Terminator Genisys.”  This choice of director is more promising, but we shall see how he works with this tamer song.  Regardless, this is huge for Machine Zone if they can bring an even more polished and large-budgeted ad-campaign into the field judging by Upton’s $40 million ad campaign from earlier this year.

If price is less of an issue, it might explain the turn towards a more high profile celebrity.

Mariah Carey is worth $520 million in comparison to Upton’s $20 million.

That’s literally insane.

Not only does Carey have more net worth, but has more experience in ad campaigns under her belt.  She has been featured in AT&T, Pepsi, and Jenny Craig.  With such a large presence in  the media-world, Machine Zone has set itself up to rejuvenate the power that Upton brought to the table during her four month contract.

In the coming months, we will have to wait and see to if Carey and director Taylor can truly deliver and if Machine Zone can hope to match the power that model Kate Upton provided to their current position in the App Store.

What do you think of this changing of the guard?

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