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Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online


Big Burns: 26 Billion Player Online

Today we have another historic event to report about – a 26 billion player being burned.

Just a few days ago (idF) Nec Reus was dropped from 26,039,084,872 Power to 22,736,101,475 by (MGd) Runner. The story goes that Nec Reus was setting a Rally on an Alliance Member of Runner’s named Carebear X, but Runner wasn’t too happy about that.

Runner decided he was going to pretend he’s the hulk and burn the now “Whipping Boy of Krainarius”.

26 bil Rally 4

While Nec Reus was Rallying Carebear X, Runner let his Rally March to Nec Reus’s Stronghold and within just a few seconds Nec Reus loses 2,642,818 Troops out of 610 Million!

26 bil Rally 2

In an even more unfortunate series of events, the Rally Nec Reus set on (MGd) Carebear X got swallowed whole – Hero and all.

By this point a few other Members in (MGd) gained confidence and decided to set some more Rallies. Here’s what Mopar Lar was able to do:

26 bil Rally 3

All in all Nec Reus dropped 4 Bil Power. Not too bad, but definitely a big blow.

26 bil Rally 1

Do you have any Big Burns to share?



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  1. ThatRudeGuy says

    How many rallies did he let land ?

    There’s only 2 screenshots, would have taken dozens at that level to drop that much , with attackers losing nearly as much but spread out

  2. E says

    Here’s just one of many screen shots

  3. Purple says

    You are late. Aj and webs of YOLO in k180 led rallies on a 26b, The Death, 2 weeks ago. Took him down to 4.4b. Death made the mistake of going to bed in research gear.

    1. Chad says

      Haha I know it was late. A good story is always a good story though.

      1. E says

        K252 Harat |NL Sir Knuckles was just zeroed by Bx$, rAge, and eFL within the past 6 hrs its the biggest zero in GOW history 33B now at 4B, took over 56 rallies maybe more, those who participated lost over 300 million T4.

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