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Mausoleum Building Requirements, Stats, and Strategy


The Mausoleum building, located next to your graveyard, provides boosts to Type Defense Debuff, meaning infantry, ranged, cavalry defense debuff, along with Legion Attack, Legion Defense, and Rally/Wonder Health.

Mausoleum Building Game of War GoW

The Mausoleum provides maximum boosts of the following:

Type Defense Debuff:+3,000%
Legion Attack:+50,000%
Legion Defense:+2,000%
Rally/Wonder Health:+50,000%

So, for rally/wonder leaders this building provides a decent amount of boost which is especially needed for Wonder fighters, for tile fighters you gain legion attack that can help swing those close battles, and for traps, you gain Legion Attack and Legion Defense. 

Legion Defense for Trap Players

Legion Defense is significant because Legion Stats cannot be debuffed. So, heroless traps should enjoy this building very much. It provides a layer of defense they can use to protect their massive army. Before, all their defense was easily debuffed when heroless. With the Mausoleum Heroless Traps become a more formidable opponent!

Mausoleum Upgrade Requirements

Unlock the Mausoleum with a Mausoleum Foundation.  If you recently purchased a pack from the gold store like the Daily Bonus Club, then you likely have this item in your inventory already. Once unlocked you need a number of Fallen Shield items. Purchase these from the gold store.

Finally, you need Mausoleum Points, or as I call them “moose points”. It’s  bit of a joke in our alliance. Feel free to use it Ha-Ha.  Mausoleum points are gained by killing and losing Tier 5 troops. Traps can easily obtain many mausoleum points since rally leader’s 100% send full Tier 5 rallies 100% of the time.

Mausoleum – Game of War

LevelFallen ShieldsM. PointsLegion DefenseLegion AttackType DDRally/Wonder Health
20324,010 Running Total200050,0003,00050,000

As shown above you need about 9.5 billion T5 kills or losses in addition to 506,840 Fallen Shields. As a rally leader you receive most of your points from losing T5 in a rally with occasional zero of a tier 5 player, or you fight at the Wonder. Trap players take or fill rallies to gain points for upgrading.

Mausoleum Stat Bonuses

This building provides Legion Defense of 2,000%. This doesn’t seem like much but considering you can’t debuff legion stats it makes this stat more appealing.

A heroless trap generally has all its defense boost debuffed. These traps rely instead on large numbers of troops, health, and the small amount of defense the troops that you can’t debuff. Now consider adding up to 2,000 defense to all those troops.

I believe heroless rally leaders will become considerably harder to burn as this building increases in level overtime from rally leader’s gaining moose points.

  1. Arthur J Edwards Jr says

    What are Legion Troops?

    How are those different from regular Troops?

    1. Darkthorne says

      No Legion Troops are in Game of War its Legion Stats. Its a stat that stacks onto your other stats.

      1. Arthur J Edwards Jr says

        And what Troops do Legion Stats apply to?

        Troops? Traps?

        Under what conditions?

        Hero present?

        In city or out of city?

        In Rallies?

        In Wonder?

        1. Darkthorne says

          Legion stats apply to all troops. Its like adding a layer of stats on top of the Type and Troop stats you already possess. However, legion stats can only be debuffed by other legion stat debuffs.

          Legion stats application is determined by how you obtained it and the description of the legion stat. For instance, “Legion Attack with Hero” means you gain legion attack when your hero is present. Your hero is present when you add it to the march. So, when marching add your hero to gain the benefit of the legion attack with hero. If your hero is not in the march then those troops aren’t gaining that legion attack.

          Similarly, your stronghold gains no benefit from “Legion Attack with Hero” if your hero is captured.

          Alternatively, you can gain Legion stats by other means. For instance, Mausoleum Building provides 2,000 Legion Defense and other legion stats. This 2,000% Legion Defense is applied to all troops no matter where they are because the legion boosts originate from a building boost. Building boosts are applied to every troop regardless of where it is or where it originates and independent of the presence of your hero.

  2. SAVAGE says

    I have increased legion defense and legion health substantially and have not seen any difference in troop losses. There was talk that legion boosts only help when your attacking outside your city, which I am now inclined to believe.

  3. HorseRadish says

    I thought Legion stats only applies if you have a set gear? So how does it work with heroeless?

    1. Darkthorne says

      You receive Legion stats from your Mausoleum, rural building boosts, and the research trees such as Mobile Traps and Ultimate Combat.

      1. Shaitan says

        It was my understanding as Savage mentioned that legion stats only went into affect outside of the SH. Is there anymore clarification on this?

  4. Warwick says

    Thanks for the explanation. When do legion boosts activate? For example, do you need to include troops of every type in a march to trigger the boost?

    1. Darkthorne says

      No they apply to any troop type. Legion Rally stats means the troops gain boost when in a rally. Legion without rally or wonder applies to anywhere troops.

  5. Ibn Sabbah says

    Thanks for all the info. Yiu may want to modify Level 9, 1900 shields required

    1. Darkthorne says

      Thank you 🙂

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