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Here at Teamrealtips we have an amazing team of writers! They work hard to make sure that you have the latest and greatest information. Meet our team.



Eagle has been playing Game of War since the Beginning. He is our most seasoned player and writer. He has been with the site over 3 years. His contributions, to the Game of War community, are truly amazing. For the last 5 years he has worked hard to make this game enjoyable for all players. His kingdom origins are still unknown. In that time he has played every role from trap to lead and excelled. He’s known for his cores and his brilliance when it comes to MZ numbers. Eagle is our numbers guy and brings the jokes. He also leads the team, Cinder just won’t admit it. Famous for discovering the Kunai dagger and nerf calculator. He never stops saying fact, and #eaglemagic.






Cinder has been playing Game of War for 2 ½ years. She started out in Kingdom 878, Djotus. In a short amount of time Cinder quickly gained the respect of her alliance and her kingdom. She became known for bait trapping and over time has done everything from bait trapping to heroless trapping. Her favorite part of trapping is the emails when she caps! Even before the site players would come to her for her sage advice. She has advised past emperors and is the go to person for many of the games biggest names. Due to this Cinder had her own meme depicting her as everyone’s favorite.  She hopes to one day be ranked as one of the games all time best trappers. She has come a long way but Eagle still won’t budge. Cinder keeps everyone organized in between writing, publishing, and rolling her eyes at Eagle’s Jokes!



Finally, we would like to welcome the newest addition to our team! Cinder is happy to have another female on the team.Or as she sees it, just another person to give Eagle a hard time



AlyKat is a long time lead and trap in GOW. She started in Kingdom 519 Midas, and took a journey around many of the Game of War kingdoms. AlyKat supported 8 different SW bids with many delirious nights and days spent on coms to help drive her team to victory. She offered support to many of the games biggest legends. School Bus, OMZ, Death by AJ, Savage Arab, and more. It’s no exaggeration to say the game would not be the same without her influence over the years. Her alliance Bx$ was one of the top alliances in the game for 3 straight years. AlyKat and Eagle were family for a long time. She took a break for about 9 months and is now back to join in the fight. She is best known for her years of health trapping and custom core creations.

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