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Demigods are here and we need some new Memes! What better way to celebrate the release of Demigods than making a meme with one of our favorite Demigods, Hercules. Will our Demigods have the strength of Hercules?

Meme This

Demigod Meme This

How it works

    1. Submit your Caption in the comment section below
      1. Please include Game name and Line or Discord Name
      2. We will reach out to the winner. If you do not respond within 24 hours of us reaching out, we will choose a new winner.
      3. Please no profanity
    2. The Real Tips Team will choose our favorite caption and create the meme
    3. All Submissions are due by Sunday, February 11, 2018 5pm PST
    4. The winner will be featured on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and receive a $25 gift card to Android Store OR iTunes (winners choice)
    5. Winner will receive the hard earned title of “GOW Comedian”




  1. Mark Baines says

    So it’s a T2 Demi-Horsie…does that mean I’m redundant, Mommy?

  2. QueenBtchDD says

    Let the game begin. Time to separate the big boys from the babies

  3. QueenBtchDD says

    Time to separate the big boys from that babies

  4. Anoel says

    Pegasus to Hercules…”You can zero them all!”

    Line ID: anoel
    Game ID: Anoel

  5. Harl3yQuinn says

    Here is my submission…

  6. Goat says

    Peg, I can do what?

    “DocGoat” Line and Game

  7. Shelas a Kur says



  8. Edens Viper says

    Who’s yo daddy?
    Jo momma!

    Line: Edens Viper

  9. xJade says

    The look on your face when you saw demigods were released

  10. Penelope3 says

    Nooooooooo……, I don’t want a play date with Savvo. He hits hard!!!

    1. xJade says

      Lmao that’s a good one

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