Memoirs of Game of War Legends

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die

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Game of War will go into the history books as one of the best mobile games ever. What sets the game apart from the masses as truly great? TeamRealTips credits the legendary players with driving much of the success of the game. A wise man once said, “Heroes get remembered but legends never die”. We have gathered a collection of memories from the games greatest legends. May their memories and deeds encourage us all to become #legendary, too.

(nPX) NanaTheWhite
(YOLO) DeathByAJ
(FUN) Umpa Fun
(BH) BABAghanough
(Bx$) KaneKong
(SB) ShadowV
(73v) Huckster3
(ONE) TobyFire
(SO) xXKuranXx
(ONE) XxCtessexXDN
(YOLO) DeathbyCali
(Pzk) SavageArab
(W*N) Tubal
(Bx$) ATLienZ

(nPX) NanaTheWhite

“The best memories I have of playing GOW are always the Super Wonder events. This was the time to get together with lots of friends throughout the game and laugh and play and stay up long hours. For some reason, my very professorial voice always made the others on the group chat giggle. One of their favorite activities was to make this very sweet innocent little old lady grandmother (uhhh) read definitions from the urban dictionary. They would find words or phrases and tell me to look them up and read them back. So if you can imagine me reading definitions of such glorious terms as ‘clam slamming’ in my very quiet ,modulated professor voice, you can see why they laughed.”

(YOLO) DeathByAJ

“This was July 31st, 2015, back before Tess started ONE and after the days of Kuran. Customs were the s#$%, and no set bonus or recipes existed back then. I always used to use purple piece sets because the cost-versus-benefit ratio of level six pieces in sets wasn’t worth it except to “free a homie”.

This was when people would go to coliseum for the events and weren’t ready for off-screen rallies using Hermes. One of the most memorable moments was when we decided to rally Hayden at 10 mill just for s#$%s and giggles to see what the new monster pieces would do. He sent his hero to me and we honestly didn’t expect him to burn. Keep in mind this was when 10 mill burn was considered a record. Unfortunately, I lost the report but I still have the screenshot from it.”

Game of War Memoirs
(FUN) Umpa Fun

“When we lost StayAlive’s hero to Kuran at SW on the first night and had to boost a second (blocking account) and change its name to StayAlive and we still won SW. That was way back when SW was still difficult and boosting a second account was not only costly and time consuming, but super difficult.”

(BH) BABAghanough

“My favorite memory was def when they first introduced GoW tournaments. Our kingdom was the youngest kingdom to make it to the finals. So def some pride there and a nice memory.”

(Bx$) KaneKong

“GoW was an experience that totally transcended just gaming; we met real life friends. People we used to kill everyday, like King Slore and Aj are people we still talk to everyday. People like Atl and OMZ have become real life friends and it all started with our kingdoms merging to take over the game lmao.”

(SB) ShadowV

“So as you may or may not know, we once called k64, Khaos our home. About 15 of us jumped together to k144 the day it opened and eventually changed the kingdom name to “Shadowlands” after winning a worldwide tournament. We left well over 100 cherished friends behind in a couple of shadow brothers alliances that didn’t have the interest or the finances to jump with us. We left on good terms with most of the population in k64 and they always treated the remaining Shadows fairly and with respect.

However as time passed, a group of self-proclaimed rebels in k64 fancied themselves as an elite group of hardcore fighters and at some point decided that the remaining Shadows were easy pickings for a sustained campaign of terror. It’s significant to mention that advanced teleports didn’t exist yet, so no one could travel back and forth above SH5 so we were relatively powerless to help.

(The R5 in k64 happened to be Shadow Vidi aka Mrs. V, so I had a personal stake in the conflict 😂.)

As always, I reached out and attempted to peacefully resolve the conflict, hoping that maybe I would be remembered in k64 (as I had briefly been the king at one time and typically scored amongst the top killers during kvks there) but they weren’t having any of it. My respectful request for dialogue was actually met with disdain and outright threats.

I was a ‘has been etc etc.’, ‘abandoned my kingdom’, ‘was never a real killer blah blah blah’.  
So we had a little meeting in k144 and about 5 of us were committed to spending whatever time was required to rectify the situation in 64. Funky B1tch and Goldbergx were among them.
I quietly bought a few medium level accounts in k64, and we began the arduous task of upgrading them to include a decent rally leader, a couple of top notch rally and solo traps and enough to fill a rally.

The next 3 weeks were possibly the most fun any of us had in the 3+ years playing GoW. I lost count on how many of their heroes we caught and executed, including their alliance leader who had been the loudest braggart in the kingdom. They had been so cocky that their bigs considered themselves untouchable and slept unshielded and without sharing logs. It was 3 glorious weeks of carnage without a single Shadow casualty.

It ended with them begging the rest of 64 to turn against SB and join them… one else joined them, thank goodness, and eventually they sued for peace which we agreed and then gave the accounts away, returning to 144. Far and away our best GoW memory.”

(73v) Huckster3

“Even though I’m Emperor and have been around the game four years …. I’ve done some really stupid stuff. After a week in the game, I thought I was invincible ….. and so did my rookie alliance. I ported to the biggest damn hive I’d ever seen and started soloing everything … turns out it was the farm alliance for the king “Wicked Odie” 365 . After about 20 SH were burning he ported next to me and zeroed my once invincible SH with 6 quick solos. I did the only sensible thing at that point . I demanded his immediate surrender and the return of my hero . He thought that was so hysterical he actually let it go . Then he suggested I needed to apply skills to my hero … I didn’t even know what the hell skills were.”

(ONE) TobyFire

“What are my favorite memories of Game of War? Being on conference call for super wonder and kicking ass. I miss those once a month dates with Redbull and vodka, and hanging around with my favorite gamers.  We knew what was going on in each others lives, the good bad and the ugly. We knew each other‘s accounts like the back of our hands and could hop on any one of them at any given time to fill in the gap‘s. I was there for all of ONE.  But my favorite one was angry’s. I will never forget angry being on coms and snoring. I miss Grant’s messages, saying come on Toby it’s time to fight. Also very favorite memory was Nana figuring out clam slamming 🙈. I can’t even begin to mention how big our family was and how much I love them all and miss them.”

(SO) xXKuranXx

“Hmm prob first few kvks, and all the fun and exciting new stuff”

(ONE) XxCtessexXDN

“I think the great attribute that GOW had in the early days was the community it built through its excellent chat features and team work it helped develop. We became a “family” rather than just a game team. MZ didn’t seem to realize that the community was as important, if not more important than the game itself. The rapid pace and cost of the game lost our many friends that we had developed over long periods which hurt and was frustrating.

The early game play was fun with crafting the best cores , using strategy and teamwork to win events. Super Wonder marathons were always great fun until lag and dumb features spoilt what were great events. I still miss the game but really I miss the people although many have migrated to other games with me”

(YOLO) DeathbyCali

“My first kingdom was 464 thanos. And I landed in a kingdom with peeps that had been rallying already for months. So of course I was a nobody. Not even close to rally leader. But what I did do was watch the bigs hit traps for tons of points in kvk. So I basically started looking at kvk points and I thought to myself how can I get hit but still gain more points. And continue to get hit.

So basically I trained a whole bunch of t1. But made my gear solid. Now back then my alliance members thought I was insane doing this. Because I will light up like a Christmas tree. And well no trap wanted to burn. Pride I guess. So one day I decided to help another alliance burn some guys in the forest. And I was just big enough not to be soloed.

So we get there and I don’t believe we burned the guy lol. But behold of course I get rally set on me by the top alliance in kingdom. Lol. And peeps yelling at me to port and shield. I was like hell no let’s see how it goes. Lol. I mean I didn’t build this for nothing. Had my anti on. Gear ready. No boost. Some rein. Had bigs all around me. Yes I am gonna burn but I need to see report. I mean I had too. Now this is my first real rally that I was actually on for. Ok. So yea I was nervous.

And then they sent. Lit up red. Then boom. Of course I burned. Lol. But the report was crazy for back then. I lost more troops but power loss was incredible. Literally lost 1/10 of power as them. All of a sudden the guys who reined me started saying omg I never seen that before. Wow. That was awesome. Then I look in mail and see the guy who hit me. Who at that time in my kingdom was one of the main hitters. And all he said was u are the best kvk trap I ever seen. Lmao. That was a huge ego boost for me.

So a few weeks later we have a kvk. I am all ready to go. Boom it starts. I have one alliance rally me. Then another. And another. I look at rally notes I have like 7 rallies on me. Oh shit right. They all start marching. Boom first one hits I build more t1. So on and so on. I think 1 hit me really good. I got tons of points not losing much. I port out and go to the Forrest cause my alliance going for crystal. I am a beast right I can handle it. I am there and I see I get lit red again.

It’s a solo. No big deal. I probably cap hero. Boom it hits. Nope I burned. Wtf. Red again. Omg what. I look it’s the same guy. Sending March. Over and over again. Iam dropping power fast. I try to shield and I can’t. Because I had March in rally. Ughhhhhh. I yell cancel rally. Finally able to shield. I look at power. I was almost zeroed. Like wtf. Who is this guy. I see his name and think wow I just almost got zeroed by a School Bus.

After that I never trapped again. I built my way up to being a rally lead. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do in this game. And that’s do what Bus did to me to other people. And I needed to learn from him. So I grew and grew. And I tried getting into Bx$ to learn from him. And nope. Kept getting denied. Every time I played them I tried and tried. Till one kvk I saw him rallying with a guy named DeathByAJ. And AJ actually won the kvk in points.

So I said well Bx$ won’t let me in. I doubt YOLO would. But I decided to apply there anyway. And then out of no where I get a pm from AJ asking what’s up. Lol. So my ass of course kisses ass and He gave me a shot. And it changed the game for me. I learned everything from him. I watched him get the kill record. I watched him burn bigs that no one thought was possible. I learned to solo fast. Very fast. I also learned that purple pieces were just as beast as gold ones lol.

Within a few weeks Super Wonder came. And I got to help School Bus get his title. Then AJ was next in line. And we won that one as well. Then the next so on and so on. The Bx$ family just destroyed everyone. And I got to be apart of that. It was amazing. From t1 trap to leading rallies and to being on top of the GOW world following beast gamers. Now I try to bring that to FF. That’s y I go HAM now. Because of AJ and bus. I wish mz didn’t get so greedy. Maybe we would still be playing with legends “

(Pzk) SavageArab

“Winning my Super Wonder”


“Falling asleep during KE while trying to secure wonder in the last 30 min of event. The best memories was when we first started playing and we were customising our own gear😂🙈 b4 core sets were released”

(W*N) Tubal

“My favorite times were when we crafted the first speed march cores and we would go kingdom to kingdom and blast people out of the wonder.”

(Bx$) ATLienZ

“My best memories, there’s so many, met so many great people but I guess one of my favorite memories is how me and Kane Kong met School Bus.

Kane and myself were training people how to port rally (yes there was a time when rallying without a hero was a effective without spending a gazillion dollars). He picked a random target in a kingdom 252, which we decided to start over in after starting N|o in 148. We left and started Bx$. We saw a target called kindnessoul. He zeroed him as practice to teach others. A day later he asked Kane to join us. Kane texted me and I figured what the hell let’s do it. I was set to teach him the basic fundamentals and custom cores. He couldn’t speak English at the time, so we spoke a lot with google translate and emojis.

So a week later he blows up lol and Kane was paranoid he was going to try to kill us so he builds higher. He changed his name to School Bus, Kane got even more paranoid. 😂 But from that day on we became the best of friends, and what was more memorable was the friends that we met along the way and built upon. Even if we didn’t dominate the game, the friendships along and the amazing people we met made everything worthwhile.

Writing this piece brought back many fond memories, and involved more than one shed tear. So many players have memories to share that we couldn’t fit them all into one piece. Stayed tuned for the next installment of Musings of the Greats.


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  1. Seraph says

    I gave up in January of this year because it became so complicated that it was more like work than play. I do miss the game. I have tried other war games and nothing even closely compares to GOW. And all of the alliances I played with have basically folded up the tent and gone home! I miss the Wonder play. Last time I looked at the Timo Wonder in February, there was no one there. Very sad.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Some of the improvements have helped. Check out the Demigod Changes in other articles!

  2. SmokeDatSh1t says

    Great article Aly! That brought back so man great memories from the good old days. Looking forward to the next article!

  3. Kevin says

    I’m still playing but you forgot one think you mention the one team at sw and yes I know which one team but we ran 4 different one teams at the SW I still play and man can I say I was sad when ctess quit you also forgot one of the most feard players in the game of awhile anvilheart from 787 he was the first person to get the Golden scool graveyard and one of the first to use it I still play and the game has changed I remember when 5k was slot of power Ebola Virus

  4. Caroline says

    Nice article Aly!!!

  5. Drag says

    Great reading this and bringing back great memories Amy! Miss you guys! Dragden

  6. Cjay says

    Presumably I’ll be in the next article . . . . Cjay

    1. Caroline says

      Cjay! its CKHi!

  7. David Murphy says

    I am still playing so hold off on history books, Troy7361 Carmel.

  8. zkenpachi says

    Reading this brought back so many memories. I truly did love the game, the people, the group and offline chats. I look forward to more articles.

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