Memorial Day Meme This

Share some laughs this Memorial Day with our Hero Meme contest!

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Our Generator had a hiccup! Unfortunately our generator had a hiccup and entries from the prior contest did not register! However, we have fixed it and to compensate we will be running this contest again, however, this time we will be giving away a 50 Dollar Gift Card! Please be sure to read all instructions below!

Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to those who have served and still serve from Teamrealtips. Memorial Day beckons summer and picnics and barbecues, but it also reminds us of the Heroes we have to be grateful for. Many have sacrificed and given of themselves and we honor you.

Game of War, while a game, has its own Heroes. In addition, as referenced in A Meme Kind of Day, we also love our memes. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you should hop over and take a look. Take a chance to celebrate Heroes with us, and create your own Hero Meme in our Game of War Hero Meme-orial Day Event!

How it Works

  1. We have a new meme generator. Use it to create your own meme to submit.
    1. Registered Users:
      Login, create, submit – You’re done!
    2. Non-Registered Users:
      Create, generate, download, attach to comment – Consider registering!
  2. No cursing, profanity, or bashing of the game or companies affiliated with the game.
  3. Keep it in good taste!
  4. Entries that break the rules will be removed and deleted.
  5. Please include your Line name or Discord Name in the title. Entrants that do not will automatically be disqualified
  6. Category is “Memorial Day Heroes.”
  7. The winner will receive a 50 dollar gift card to their choice of Google Play or iTunes.
  8. The winner will be determined by Teamrealtips. Deadline is June 17, 2018.

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