The Plight of Darius

Mixing and Matching Cores with Permanent Gears

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Once upon a time, our Hero Darius was staring sadly into the closet within his castle. Although poor Darius had a lovely gold helm and shiny footwear, the rest of his outfit looked like he had just dragged in from the fields; drab and dull. He couldn’t battle like this! The rest of his alliance was impatiently waiting for him to arrive, and as usual Darius was late because he had NOTHING TO WEAR. What was our Hero to do? Then – “Ah Ha!” – he had a plan. What if…he thought…

Determining Your Weak Point

Darius has a problem. Even though he has lucked out on the GOW lottery and won a couple pieces of nice gear, his other gear is sub par. His outfit is terribly unfashionable and the second he drops shield his gears are going to burn into ash.

Darius' Gear

Luckily, Darius is a smart Hero and decides to think outside the box. He pulls up his Boosts menu and takes a look at his stats.


Darius' Stats“You know I’really love some additional attack,” he muses to himself. He scrolls through his inventory of armor, desperately hoping he’s missed a Ultimate Grand Champion Emblazoned Armor, even though he hasn’t bought a pack in a week. “Curses!” he says “No luck there.”

“You know…” he ponders, “I’ve really enjoyed those Core articles xAlyKat has been writing for Teamrealtips. Maybe I should try something new!”

Supplementing Your Gear With Cores

Suddenly Darius has an idea! “What if I exchange cores for the pieces of gear that are terrible?” He rushes to the Forge and gets to work. He crafts and compares, using his nifty excel worksheet, for a fortnight (really it was two hours…Darius is prone to exaggeration). By the light of candles, he discovers that donning accessories that use the Master Dragon Trinket Core and Pieces such as Horselord’s War, Carving of Touch and the Runestone of Immortality will aid him on his quest and increase his attack!

The next morning, he barricades himself inside his Forge. Slaving away over the hot furnace, forging, crafting and possibly burning a finger. In disgust, he throws his old gray clothes into the fire.


Level 4 CoreAt last he emerges into the sunlight. Slightly battered but victorious! In his bag, he has several beautiful cores to clothe himself with. Once he puts his new gear on, his stats will increase and he will smite all his foes!


StatsIn the distance, he sees his alliance deep in battle. He throws on his new gear and charges into the fray, burning left and right. At last, he no longer feels the shame of his ugly and frayed old gear. He is victorious in battle! As the timer on his cores ticks down, he realizes that in his excitement he has made a horrible miscalculation in burning his old clothes…he has nothing else to wear.


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