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Announcement: Mobile Redirects – We Hate Them Too


Hi Everyone,

I want to address something that is plaguing the whole advertising industry right now, not just our site.

Mobile redirect ads (adware) are affecting some of the largest websites in the world such as: NBC, Ebay, New York Post, etc.

By the end of this article you will understand:

  • How these redirects occur
  • Who they affect (more people than you think)
  • How you can help us prevent them
  • How you can avoid them

So Who Is Responsible?

Well it’s a little bit more complicated that, so let me briefly explain…

The last thing we want is for you guys is to experience these annoying redirects. Not only are they a terrible user experience, but they are also terrible for our Search Engine Optimization because google sees very odd user behavior.

We’ve gotten emails from some of you saying, “I’ll never come back to your site again! Your ads are so annoying!” Believe me we would think the same thing if we were visiting a site where that happened. In fact, we do visit our site daily to share articles with people who have questions, and what experience exactly what you do.

What I can tell you though is that we talk to our ad provider on a weekly basis to actively remove advertising companies who we find out are serving these redirect ads. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The mobile gaming industry in particular has this problem more than others, because publishers want to serve ads that ultimately result in the user clicking the ad, redirecting them to the app store, and downloading a game. It’s this process that gets distorted by “bad” advertising companies who are extremely difficult to track down. For example, MZ might be working with Company A, but Company A works with Company B who specializes in a specific ad, and Company B is serving bad ads that are hard for Company A to detect. Not to mention nearly impossible for MZ to detect.

Why Are Ad Providers Allowing These Redirects?

They’re not! They have advanced blocks and filters in place to keep any type of adware (malware served through ads) out of millions and millions of ads they traffic on a daily basis. For example, Google, one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, are having their systems tricked by these redirects. This is because redirection adware is specifically written and designed to do two things other than taking over a visitor’s site experience:

  1. Get past filters.
  2. Be difficult to track down and pinpoint.

Providers are incentivized to track these redirect campaigns down, and networks are in constant communication with them to do that. Ad providers don’t receive any benefit from providing ads that redirect the user, because it negatively affects the performance of a site and number of ads served, which is how they make money.

Most Redirects Happen On Safari and Mobile Browsers

Apparently Apple is aware of the situation, but they have declined to comment publicly on the issue. Many think the responsibility is ultimately in Apple’s hands, but it’s likely they are having just as hard of time trying to solve this problem as Google is.

Pro Tip: We’ve never once received redirect complaints from visitors who view our content on desktop. It’s much much more rare.

List of People Who Redirects Negatively Affect

  • Visitors
  • Publishers
  • Monetization partners like Monumetric
  • Ad providers (sometimes called supply-side platforms)
  • Technology companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft
  • Companies that visitors are redirected to (sure, they get clicks, but these erode the public’s trust in them and also breach their contracts)

So what can you do to help? Another great question!

Below is the data you can send us ([email protected]) to help our network partners find the offenders and make sure they don’t serve us ads anymore:


Here are some methods you can use to avoid most of the redirects:


View our website on your desktop instead of mobile.

We are on your side.

Please bare with us during this adware plague. We understand your frustration and we are doing everything in our power to solve the problem. If you can, help us identify and shut down the offenders by sending the information above to our email [email protected]

If you want to understand this problem in more detail, you can read the article we sourced this content from: Monumetric Redirects 101


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  1. The great Muta says

    Great article! I’d say July & August were terrible months for me being re-directed on this site while using Safari, I stopped visiting for a week or two before using other browsers. It never redirected from mobile Google or Opera Mini browsers. Also I noticed putting Safari into Private Browser stopped the endless re-directs as well. And as stated never had any issues from my desktop computer.

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