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Mobile Traps Strategy and Research Breakdown!


Mobile Traps research tree provides incredible boosts for rally leaders. From the in-game blog:

The war has changed, and time has come to adjust your strategy. For the first time, your traps have gone mobile! Use traps to attack enemy cities! Defend a wonder you claim with mobile traps! Combat has never been more exciting.

You can now increase your Troop and Trap Rally March Size to 55,000,000.

Mobile Traps – Getting Started

Any trap that you build can become mobile.  You will need to purchase a Mobile Trap Unlock token. Also you need to do research to increase how many traps you can donate to a rally. It doesn’t work like troops. With troops, once you unlock and train them you can donate as many as you’d like. However, Mobile Traps are different.  You need to unlock and then research march size to increase how many you can donate.

How Mobile Traps Work

Currently, I’m about 9/10 through research. I can rally with over 3.5 million traps but my alliance hasn’t completed or even unlocked the mobile traps yet so I’m only sending about 1-2 million traps currently. This will improve over time.

The max number of traps you can send right now is 5 million. This requires many in the alliance to donate or a few maxed players to donate 1 million.

You can send Mobile Traps anywhere your troops can go – Wonder, Enemy Kingdoms, Empty Tiles, Resource Tiles, and Gold Tiles. Also, your Max Trap March Size is counted separately from your Max Troop March Size.

Mobile Traps Research Test Game of War

Special thanks K386 [WH] TapMyWall and [WH ] || WZ ||. Check out WZ IG at @wz_warzone and TapMyWall @tapmywall for more tips, strategy and tricks for Game of War!

The following image explains which traps are strong against which troops.

Mobile Traps Game of War GoW

Special thanks K386 (xPR) o Querida o for sharing these with the Community! Follow her on Instagram at Querida382.

This image further explains which traps are strongest against which troop type.

Mobile Traps Strength Game of War GoW

Quick Guide to Mobile Traps

My alliance mates are having some troubles with these mobile traps. The VIP queue is a little screwy if you don’t have the correct traps for the rally or if mobile traps are still locked. So I’m providing a quick tip sheet for us to review:

  1. Unlock Mobile Traps with a Mobile Trap Unlock Token
  2. Research Mobile Traps to increase the number of Mobile Traps you can send to the rally.
  3. Build T5 traps – I recommend to my guys an even mix and then replace as used.
  4. Join a rally – try using VIP first, if that doesn’t work, then tap the leader in the rally tab and send the troop types  he is sending and scroll to the bottom of the list of troops to the traps and send what T5 traps you do have trained that will help the rally.

Mobile Trap Benefits

The best part of Mobile Trap Research is the benefits gained by your troops. Boost your troops and Traps up to 80,000% Attack, 3000% Defense Debuff, and more as seen in the chart below:

Troop Benefit
Total Attack:80,000%
Total Defense:8,000%
Total Health:8,000%
Defense Debuff:3,000%
Health Debuff:7,500%
Attack Debuff:5,000%
Total Wonder/Rally Health:125,000%
Total Wonder/Rally Defense:62,500%
Trap Benefits
Trap March Size:1,000,000
Trap Rally March Size:4,000,000
Empire Wall Trap Capacity:+3,475,000
Total Trap Defense:6,000%
Total Trap Health:6,000%
Total Trap Wonder/Rally Attack:10,000%
Total Trap Wonder/Rally Health:25,000%
Total Trap Wonder/Rally Defense:12,500%

As we see in the chart above, Mobile Traps Research has impressive troop boosts.

The entire tree is estimated to be about 2.5MT – 3MT. That is 2,500 KT – 3,000 KT.

Mobile Traps Strategy

I’ve been testing these traps to determine the best way to use them.  My theory is you send traps that protect the troops in your rally. For instance, for a cavalry missile you want to send traps that are strong against infantry troops since infantry is the greatest threat to cavalry troops.

Another option is to send traps that are effective against what your cavalry is strong against. In this case ranged troops. So some are sending traps that are strong against ranged to increase the number killed.

Further testing is needed for conclusive data. Currently, I’m just happy to have traps in my rally as not many in my alliance have unlocked and increased their march size.


Mobile Traps provides very nice boosts for rally leader. Traps in rally and wonder provide a new dynamic to Game of War which is always a plus. It will be a little while before players will max out and we experience the full effect of Mobile Traps.

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  1. Seisho says

    I tried to create a preset using T5 Wild & mobile traps together. It ended up locking out ALL my presets & I had to redo them. I made a separate preset for traps. Is this just a glitch?? Or completely impossible to combine troops & traps in a preset??

    1. Darkthorne says

      You may do it. You get some errors when you don’t have the traps which are in the preset. Until more folks get maxed mobile traps, we are having everyone train the same trap type. This makes it easier to fill the rally. We selected Wolf Teeth as our trap to fill.

  2. Tap says

    Hmmmm before posting information and stating it’s made by someone maybe you should fact check and confirm. The mobile traps chart posted that was supposedly created by Querida was not created by her nor tested from an account of hers. It was created by TapMyWall using II WZ II account. Shame on you Querida for claiming the work as yours. Keep in mind the testing was preliminary and done to provide a quick concept of how they operate, only scratching the surface. It doesn’t provide a complete and accurate picture of how to use them.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Ty Tap for bringing this to our attention. I may have misunderstood which contributions are the work of Querida. I have updated the battle test giving you proper credit for the work. Real Tips is about furthering the “GoW Community”. We love submissions of this type! Please keep them coming!

    2. Micarta says

      There appear to be a few errors in the traps vs. troop type image, which may lead to unsatisfactory results if followed as suggested.
      In the Strategic Traps T3 section, Poison Swamp is listed as strong vs. Ranged (should be Defense Tower), and Defense Tower is said to be effective vs. Cavalry (should be Poison Swamp).
      In the Strategic Traps T4 section, War Barricade is listed as strong vs. Cavalry (should be Smoke Bomb), while Smoke Bomb is shown as effective vs. Infantry (should be War Barricade).
      And in the Wild T5 section, Rope Trap is said to be strong vs. Ranged (should be Gatehouse), Wolf Teeth is suggested as strong vs. Cavalry (should be Rope Trap), and Gatehouse is shown as strong vs. Infantry (should be Wolf Teeth).

  3. Elaine Demmitt says

    Thank you most kindly clear, concise and timely, as always!

  4. tina mack says

    Just wondering if Seoge will help your city when mobile traps are sent or are they still useless for defense

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