Monster Killing – Hunt for Prizes!

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Monster killing in Game of War Fire Age, some people love it, some people hate it. It’s often overlooked as a non-essential part of the game, for those too scared or too weak to drop shield and fight.

Now Game of War Fire Age is hosting a new Monster Hunt Team Event.  Choose a side Team Clever Fox or Team Mighty Hound.  Earn points for killing either Calydonian Boar or Turkey Dragon depending on which team you choose.

To help in your hunting prowess, Danzac has given us a fantastic monster killing guide.  Enjoy and good luck in the Hunt for Prizes!

Monster Killing In Game of War Helps Your Alliance Grow

For me, I think it’s an amazing way to contribute to your alliance and to also help yourself grow in ways many people don’t even realise.

KvK Points Generation

Even if you are shielded during a Game of War KvK event you can still participate by killing monsters in the opposing Kingdom, which will earn your kingdom points and help to win the battle. Every kill generates gifts for you and your alliance. It also adds to the total kill count in the leaderboards. Whilst this might seem trivial, when it comes to attracting good quality players to your alliance a high ranking in the leaderboards is a good way to show that you’re a successful outfit.

Monster Killing Leaderboard Game of War

Recreational Monster Killing

On an individual level, monster killing is a great way to pass time either when you get 5 minutes here and there or when there’s a lull in the game. Whilst all the other players might put the game down you could be earning gifts, gems, gold, boosts speed ups and much more.

Monster Killers Find Targets and Other Opportunities

As a monster killer you will be spending a vast majority of your time outside your city scanning your kingdom, this puts you in a prime spot for taking advantage of any situation that arises; a large majority of the heroes I capture are from random chances generated by my monster killing activities. You also get to see what’s going on in your kingdom and view and hopefully learn from, some pretty incredible battle you wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

The Hunt

Where you hunt is very important.

Choosing the right location can make all the difference and depending on what level of monsters you are after hero monster killingdetermines where in your kingdom you should sit. Simply put, the closer to the wonder you get the higher the level of monster. Conversely, the further away you get the lower the level.

So, as a new player in Game of War with low hero research, you would need to sit around the outer edges of your kingdom for the greater concentration of level 1-2 monsters. Also within the outer realms of a kingdom you will find individual areas that seem to have more monsters than others. It’s best to skirt the perimeter over your career as a monster slayer and bookmark sites that you’ve had success with. Only through time and experience will you find that nice little place that just seems to drop monsters on your doorstep on a minute by minute basis!

Monster Killing – Distance

Twice the distance half the time. I never kill monsters more than 30 seconds away. For starters, this time is doubled as your hero also needs to return home before he can be sent on his way again to slaughter a pesky Colossus!

When we assume you have just 30 minutes a day to play the game and you fancy taking out some monsters to kill some time, at 1 minute a monster it stands to reason you might kill about 30 monsters, if you double the distance that your hero travels then that number would come down to 15!

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Monster Killing – SpeedPegasus Gear Set

Speed is everything. With only a limited amount of time to commit to the game each day you need to make that time as efficient as possible and a fast hero also prevents impatience and frustration at watching your hero run like his laces are tied.

Increasing the rate at which your hero can cover ground massively diminishes the time you sit around waiting to hit your next target. Speed also looks good.

No, that’s not vanity speaking, it’s a physiological part of monster killing that keeps you hooked. A slow hero soon puts people off and they get bored and move away from this part of the game, a hero that moves like lightening is great to see and it encourages you to do it more!


You should always kill with one hit.  Fine tune your hero for maximum speed and minimal power for a single hit kill. Why is this so important? Well, one of the more obvious reasons is that you’re wasting time having to travel to the same monster twice to get only a single kill. The time spent doing that could have been spent killing another monster and so doubling your kill count. If you’re not getting one hit kills then aim for lower level monsters or more hero power.

The other reason is that in the time your hero is travelling you should then be scanning the area for your next kill, it should be totally Fire & Forget.

I can’t emphasise enough how important the one hit kill is in Game of War. Revisiting monsters with 0.02% life remaining is frustrating and time consuming and should be avoided by careful hero setup.

Hero Research

It should go without saying that max hero research is essential. Research is king in this game and that encompasses everything, not just monster killing!

Monster Killing Gear

Have two setups if possible. One for level 1-2 monsters and also Mythic Destroyer for level 3-6. The reason being is that my system treats the two monsters differently.

Low Level Monster Strategy

The cost in time and energy of killing level 1-2 monsters is relatively low, and these are the monsters I target to increase my kills as rapidly as I can in the most cost effective way.

Pro Tip: Personally, I use Pegasus 5 piece set with 2 x Mythic Fiendbracers. This gives me a March Boost of 1816% with just enough power to get one hit kills 95/100 times. With this setup I can send my hero on his way and then forget about that particular monster and continue my search for the next one confident that my hero will dispatch of his target.

The cost of killing the bigger monsters is far higher, and if you buy your energy with gold then hitting these big monsters in weak gear is going to cost you a lot! It’s also more time consuming and quite frankly demoralising watching your hero kick a monster in the shins rather than slaughtering the beast! This is why you should aim for Mythic Destroyer gear if you can. Slayer is also a good starter set for these bigger challenges.

Large Monster Strategy

Killing these larger monsters is done differently than level 1-2 monsters and here’s why:

Let’s assume I have 100,000 energy. To kill a level 5 monster in Mythic costs me 24,060 energy and if I don’t use max attack I have to hit them 3 times to get the kill. Hitting it 3 times isn’t really an option, well not if you want to ascend the heights of the monster slayer leaderboards it’s not, however, using max attack also isn’t really an option as you’d be wasting almost 75,000 energy, enough to kill a further 3 monsters!

To kill these giants only use the energy you need! So, I just buy 25-32,000 energy because I know I need 24,060 energy to kill a level 5. Then I hit Max Attack. Any higher amount of energy becomes 32,060 energy per attack.  However, I only need 24,060. So, I’d be wasting 8,000.

Pro Tip: These monsters are to generate gift points and top prizes for your alliance. Don’t kill these if you’re trying to move up the leaderboard.

Gems & Skill Tree

If you want to be king of the slayers then you’re going to have to max out hero research. Limit your tree to march speed when shielded if you like. If you’re rocking full gear, then set bonus also. If you have spare points you can use them to up production in your city while you are busy outside.

Also, if unshielded then you should also skill your tree for maximum defence.  Wearing monster killing gear is a red rag to a bull for an attacker looking to zero someone. New players often attack me while I’m in a mix of gear and think I’m vulnerable.  So for safety’s sake skill as much defence as you can.

Gems that are useful to you as a monster slayer are:

  • Gem of Flight
  • Minotaur Gem
  • Prophecy Gem
  • Fire Gem
  • Cyclops Gem
  • Hero Braun Gem
  • Jester Gem

You should experiment with gems to fine tune your setup. Maximize speed with minimum power for 1 hit kills.


Monster killing in Game of War Fire Age is an amazing way to contribute to your alliance. It also helps yourself grow in ways many people don’t even realise.  It provides a unique perspective on Game of War.  Constant scanning outside your city view for monster provides recon for your alliance.  Use the above tips to improve your monster killing leaderboard ranking while showering your alliance with gifts!

-K860 (R4Ze) DANZAC

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