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Monster Lair – Boost Your March With Powerful Creatures


The monsters hiding under your bed are not real.. Or are they? Game of War has given us monsters to help us devastate our enemies and turn our coming into their worst nightmare. No longer do your soldiers march on their own but with the powerful force of a monster to accompany them.

Your Monster Lair houses your monsters that boost your march! Activating different monsters provide different stats and today we have received new monsters! Your Monster Lair can also be upgraded to provide boosts as well. Upgrading it requires Monster Lair Bars and can go to level 200!

10/6 Update (Big Boosts with Multi-Kill Bonus)

RUN!!!! New monsters are on the way!! With this amazing new release you can now raise your Monster Lair to lvl 200!!!! We all know what that means, Bigger lair = stronger monsters.

We will break this into 2 parts, 1st we will go over the Monster Lair update. There are some monstrous stats here (see what I did there).

Ok let’s dive in. As a Trap myself the 1st thing that sticks out is that beautiful 15MT Resolute Defense. That is insane and a must have for trappers. Another key thing to note, this 15MT RD comes from a building boost which means it is also useful for Rally Leads if they want to do a Heroless Trap.

Next, we have Leads in contention for the Emperor Title. Not only does the building provide huge Wonder specific increases but also the monster provides additional rally attack and health stats. These increases in stats could be what pushes the next emperor over the edge to hold Super Wonder the longest.

Now we will start dissecting the monster (no monsters were hurt in the making of this article ). This release gives you the same monsters but at a higher level. A higher level means a stronger monster.

Some of the big boosts here are:
1. 600% Multi-Kill Bonus
2. 40BTT Troop Attack
3. 40BTT Rally Attack

Sitting in my attack gear I currently have a troop attack of 69.3 BTT at SH 197. Which means that this extra 40BTT troop attack is huge!! Multi-Kill Bonus is still a fairly new stat to the game and 600% is a huge increase for this stat!

Other important feature here is that monster stars are now 6* . So I’d expect much stronger monster in the future.  But for now I must go to try and tame this beast.


9/29 Update (New Monsters)

GoW monster lair

Void Dragon Max Stats

  • 100% Multi-Kill
  • 20MTT Troop Attack
  • 240MTT Rally Attack
  • 4BTT Rally Health

Celestial Dragon Max Stats

  • 10MTT Troop Attack
  • 120MTT Rally Attack
  • 2BTT Rally Health

Stone Golem

  • 5MTT Troop Attack
  • 60MTT Rally Attack
  • 1BTT Rally Health

The Monster that every Lead is going to want and everyone will want to look out for is the Void Dragon! This not only has a massive amount of attack but 100% Multi-Kill Bonus. This was a stat that was introduced with the most recent gladiator levels! Monster and Gladiator levels are currently the only two places you are able to obtain this stat.

How To:

  1. Go to Your Monster Lair
  2. Level up your chosen monster using Exquisite Monster Badges
  3. Activate
  4. Dominate

GoW monster lair navigate

Get ready to dominate with your new monsters and send your opponents cowering in fear!

  1. Art Edwards says

    Are there any updates forthcoming to the Monstrous Compendium?


  2. daddio926 says

    Are monsters a one-time use? Do you lose them after you activate them? How long are they active for?

    1. Cinder says

      No, they are active until you deactivate them and they are good forever. That is why you can only have one of each type and you get something else when you open those chests. You do not lose your monsters! Which is good because I don’t want to find them hiding under my bed!!!

  3. Grant says

    Can never use this site because of all the pop up ads.

    1. Navi says

      Apologies, those are out of our control. It’s an ad industry problem where occassionally spamming ads and pops will be delivered when they are not supposed to. Do you have ad blocker?

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