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Goblins, monsters, and witches abound and we are preparing for Trick or Treat! Join the Real Tips team in celebrating Halloween this year with a Monster Mash! We want to treat one of our lucky community with a gift card! No tricks from us on this! One of you will earn a $25 gift card to your choice of iTunes or Google Play.

What do you need to do? It is simple! Just do the Monster Mash. Dust off your monster Gear, pull your Hero out and get to hitting monsters. Whoever kills the most monsters over a week will win! Do you have what it takes?

How Does it Work

  1. Take a Screenshot of how many monsters you have currently killed, see the example below.Monster Mash
  2. Send that Screenshot to Cinder on Discord or Line (if you are not in our Discord or Line rooms jump in here). Cinder’s Line ID is thatcinder.
  3. Get to killing those monsters!
  4. By the end of day 10/31 send another screenshot to Cinder of your new monster kill count.
  5. Please note that your name and other info must be showing in the screenshot and should look exactly like our example.
  6. The winner will be announced in our Line and Discord rooms. They have 24 hours to contact Cinder again or the next person will be chosen.

Have some fun and get to killing! Questions or comments? You know what to do!

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