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Moral of The Story, Don’t Try to Rally Stayalive


Don’t Rally Stayalive

A couple of players sent us pictures of themselves trying to rally stayalive during the Super Wonder this last weekend. Try to imagine their faces when they saw these battle reports:

[foogallery id=”11793″]

In case you skimmed through those pictures too fast and didn’t see how many troops stayalive has…

stayalive troop count

That’s more troops than 99.9999% of Game of War players actually have in power.

Finally, if you haven’t checked lately, stayalive has 100 billion power now……………

His domination is too real.

Thoughts?? Comments? Tears? All of the above?



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  1. Ronsen Panui-Hatori says

    Sup my name is Ronsen Panui-Hatori have in Facebook. I’m first person who was close to this game where I met stayalive77 in the kingdom message. I am after him came in the game. The time I went on the game about a month no money just catches up. I play like fantasy and teachable So I keep going on his game in two month last year ( April)and I feel I teach you more harder than I thought! I first saw the name of stayalive 77 in the kingdom so my last message to him before he left and never sent me back or just left something. After he left I went out off the game online since November. I have money in my own from my job. After that I forgot to go on game of war with my money I didn’t know to pay account with my money there I went out of money from smoking cigarette, then I saw the stayalive77 pop up and win the gold house! This is where I dream about! Lucky stayalive 77 who helped me throught this game! Also my last see that I told Tceese to see him like whispering to stayalive77! Lol

  2. Ronsen Panui-Hatori says

    Also first person who helped stayalive77 to focus on this game before I went out of this game.

  3. Ronsen Panui-Hatori says

    My name is RONSe Panui-Hatori
    If you want to look at my Facebook you can!
    I’m first person who told Tceese to see stayalive77! Lol

  4. Ronsen Panui-Hatori says

    Sup I’m first person to encourage you before you starting in the game I was surprising you found in the gold house. The time we met in the kingdom and stayalive 77 almost caught me in the kingdom message before left since last year so I didn’t went on game of war since (August -October) went on (November-December) that why I earned money from my job so I forgot to pay account ( October-November). Lucky you I almost touch that because I spend all my money that why( smoking cigarette).

  5. Argus says

    moral of story, why go for super wonder at all? you can beat stay alive by just saying go spend more money, i don’t give a shit about super wonder

    1. Issac says

      Attacking StayAlive at his stronghold is just plain dumb. Beating him at the SW is no where near as impossible as it is to beat him at home. The amount of troops he has is just insane but what makes it worse is he has multiple teams fighting for him at the SW. The fight at the SW is now about how many rally teams you have and of course your cores. Winning the SW is based on total time as king at the SW while it is open for contention. Eventually, it boils down to money.

      1. Cordell says

        I wouldn’t say money cause Cteese has surpassed Stay in power by a long shot. She played with Stay and Kuran and learned from them both. Plus she has the same amount of players as he does. Yet she isn’t emperor. Money helps a lot but he studied the game more than anyone else.

  6. Kick ass says

    Chad..I had a quick question. Are inferno events based on power and not SH anymore? I was below 500mil power until day before yesterday and the Inferno 3rd prize was only 42mil points. I hit 500mil yesterday and ever since, the inferno 3rd prize needs 83mil points. Can you confirm? This is some BS by MZ.
    Thanks and keep up the grt work.

    1. Chad says

      Hey Kick Ass,

      MZ has stated in a support email that I have that: “Events depend on your stronghold level, the kingdom that you’re in, and that each event will be the same for each person in the kingdom.”

      Find another person in your kingdom with just under 500mil power and ask them what their events are looking like.

      Report back!

      1. Kick ass says

        I asked around and this is what my friends in my alliance need for the inferno 3rd prize:
        1. Player 1 – SH21 – 48mil power – Needs 6.5 mil points for 3rd prize in Inferno
        2. Player 2 – SH21 – 91mil Power – Needs 10 mil points for 3rd prize in Inferno
        3. Player 3 – SH21 – 115mil Power – Needs 25mil points for 3rd prize in Inferno
        4. Myself – SH21 – 507mil power – I need 76mil points for 3rd prize in Inferno

        Clearly its based on power now as well. Thoughts?

        1. Chad says

          Hmm yes that seems pretty valid, have you asked other alliance, and even other kingdom’s alliances. It would be really interesting to see if there was a trend in cheap kingdoms or something like that.

          I’ll make an article about it the information gets interesting. Would be fun 😀

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