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Last week we had the opportunity to start talking about some frequently asked questions by Trap Players in the Dragon Dimension. This week we are going to continue diving into frequently asked questions, however, be sure to go back to last week’s article and take a closer look at the questions that were covered there. 

Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

A Quick Recap

RecapBefore we dive into more questions that are frequently asked by Trap Players in the Dragon dimension here is a quick recap of what we covered last week for those of you who are too lazy to go back and read. 

For the Love of all that is good! Please stop asking these questions!

  1. How do I set up a trap?
  2. How many troops do I need?

We covered how you can answer these questions for yourselves and alternative questions to ask instead. I also explored all the reasons that you really need to stop asking these questions and the fact that there is NO SUCH THING AS A COOKIE CUTTER TRAP! 

We also covered whether or not there is nerf in the Dragon dimension, the short answer is no because we have a troop capacity. We also covered what troop capacity is and no I will not cover it here again. Finally, we covered capping heroes in the Dragon dimension and whether or not this is currently possible. The short answer is yes and no. If you want more details stop being lazy and go back and ready the answers for yourself. 

Another Frequently Asked Question in the Dragon Dimension

Hello, my lovely trapping friends. I am glad to see you back for this edition of Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs. This week we will be exploring some more advanced questions that are asked by traps in the Dragon Dimension. Note that this week we are actually only going to be covering one frequently asked questioned. This may not seem like much but we want to be sure you have all the information you need regarding this question. Keep on reading for great information and maybe a touch of sarcasm here and there. 

Frequently Asked Question Five: How relevant is the dragon? 

DragonDid I get lost? DRAGON DIMENSION! How relevant is the Dragon in the Dragon Dimension? The Dragon is so relevant that playing without it would be like trying to play with no troops. However, I will back up a little here because we have seen the Dragon evolve a ton over the past year or so. 

Dragon History

When the Dragon Dimension was first released it was exciting to players because it was essentially like going back to the beginning of the game but with Dragons. Remember the old school Game of War ads that always said Roam with Dragons? Players always responded to this with where are the Dragons, it seems developers finally got tired of hearing it and decided to give us our darn Dragons. 

It was exciting to explore these Dragons and find out what they could do, however, ultimately it came down to the fact that while they helped to cushion our troops at higher levels and prevent us from taking huge losses essentially they just were not what we wanted them to be. If you kept up on your skilling then there were better ways to skill them so that they were more useful but many players found themselves keeping their dragons outside their cities or in fake rallies. 

Along came the reborn…

We saw the Dragon going to level 49, then 99, then levels above 100 were released and our Dragons were “Reborn.” This was the biggest change to the Dragon since the game began. It gave our Dragons a new set of skills that linked the Dragon to our troops and interconnected them so as our Dragon becomes stronger so do our troops. We were also given the Reborn skill. Everyone wants to know what this skill is and what it does, and we tried to answer it but it’s still confusing. So just go with it. 

Ultimately what is important is how the Reborn Dragon impacted defenders and attackers. The Dragon became very relevant not just for defenders at this point but for attackers as well. For more information on this check out:

How to Train your Reborn Dragon

So How Relevant is the Dragon? 

We did some tests to show us just how relevant our Dragon Dimension Dragon is at this point in the game for defenders. The Defending Dragon for these tests was around level 134. We had our attacker in this scenario hit our trap with Dragon home. After this was done we reset troops and Dragon HP and had the attacker hit our trap with Dragon out. The only thing that changed between hits was whether or not our defender had the Dragon home. 

Dragon Home? NoYes
Defender Loss710,893447,363
Attacker Loss531,477530,538

Defensively your Dragon is going to provide a huge benefit when at the Reborn levels. On the alternate side getting caught with your Dragon, not home can really hurt so watch out for those hits that may come in when you are filling a rally or sending your Dragon on a walk for some reason. 

Do I need Dragon Reins? 

The next thing we tested on the defensive side of things is how relevant Dragon Reins are. Should we get Dragon Reins? Do they actually help? Does having more than one Dragon Reining make a difference? We did some more tests!! We tested this using solo hits as it was easier to ensure that the only conditions that changed were the number of Dragon Reins our Defender had.

  • Test 1: Our Defender took a solo from our attacker with only their Dragon
  • Test 2: Our Defender reset troops, Dragon, and got reined by one Dragon 
  • Test 3: Our Defender reset troops, Dragon, the reining Dragon was reset, and another Dragon was sent to rein
Dragon Rein?No1 Dragon2 Dragon
Defender Loss?447,363466,760460,105
Troops Hospitalized283,317283,318283,318
Troop Loss142,819142,815142,818
Dragon HP Loss21,22740,62733,969
Attacker Loss?530,538530,812531,473
Troop Loss 465,500465,500465,500
Dragon HP Loss65,03865,31265,973

So are Dragon reinforcements helpful or essential? We can see that our trap lost slightly more with one dragon reining but also killed slightly more. We also see that when a second dragon was introduced to the mix it improved the hit more. Is this a big enough of a difference to make a difference? That is up to you but having multiple Dragons reining can benefit you, so why not take every advantage you can get? Although is having Dragon Rein always an advantage, we bring you a tale of caution from our testing. 

A tale of Caution

I will be honest, I did omit one test from these results. However, the results of this test are not pertinent to what we were testing. This test did, however, paint a tale of caution that all of our traps need to take into consideration. When you are getting reinforcement from your fellow alliance members always make sure that you are aware of who is reinforcing you and that they have their Dragon appropriately leveled and skilled. 

The Problem

Partway through our testing, our defender found themselves being reinforced with a second Dragon. Our Attacker swooped in, however, the results were not what we expected. Compare these results to the ones we showed above. 

Dragon Rein?2 Dragons
Defender Loss1.11 M
Troops Hospitalized283,317
Troops Killed142,822
Dragon HP Loss679,170
Attacker Loss530,777
Troops Lost465,500
Dragon HP Loss65,277

It is important to note that the extra loss in this hit all came from the second Dragon that was reinforcing our defender. Upon questioning the owner of the Dragon it was discovered that they had forgotten to skill for defense and had reinforced our defender with a Dragon that was skilled for Economy functions. So be cautious with not only who is reining you but how they are skilled. In addition, if you are reining your Alliance member be sure to be skilled correctly before sending your Dragon their way. 

The Dragon is currently an essential part of gameplay when it comes to trapping in the Dragon War Dimension. Leveling your Dragon up and skilling it correctly has the ability to push you over the top as a trap. However, be wary and heed our tale of caution when it comes to allowing other Dragons to penetrate your city.

Not a Good Enough ReasonWant to know more about how to skill your Dragon for defense and reining your Alliance members? Do not forget to hop over to our How To Train your Reborn Dragon article for all sorts of goodies. 

You have more questions, we know, we have more answers, but this article is too long. So you’re gonna have to wait until next week for Even More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs. In the meantime do not forget to join us on Social Media and we will probably  (okay we will) answer your questions there too. 

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