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Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time for some end of the year cleaning. Mythical Creatures are all the rage in Game of War right now and we have some great Mythical Tips for you! Trust me, these tips are more real than they sound.

Table of Contents

Mythical Setup
Killing The Full March
Mythical Spirits
The Current Setup-Updated 1/23/18
Mythical Spirit Horror Creatures
Mythical RSS Buildings
5 Creature Tips


Mythical Creatures

There have been several releases of different creatures. While figuring out these creatures it can get a little confusing so we have created a chart breaking down all of the stats these creatures have for you.

Mythical Creature Guide




As guys can see just like our troops of old these creatures have creatures they are strong against and creatures they are weak against. Stronger creatures are worth more power and more expensive to train.

Mythical Setup

My numbers have greatly increased as well as my tier creature selection. I no longer  use my Guardians of hope for defense due to how fragile they have become. With all the new releases and bigger march size players are starting to need need creature counts in the BT range.What is working now?

Knight in Shining Mirrors?

A new Guardian is here, the Mirror Knight. Like the Knights in Shining Armor of old, these legendary Knights have ridden in to save the day. With amazing Health and Defense stats these creatures outshine all defense creatures before.

Defending the march

For defense, we can focus on a few things. Getting our health and defense up, and getting the right troop setup. Getting our stats up will be the easy due to there being so many options that add health and defense. I’ll make a list of items that provide good defensive stats but for the full list and a complete description of set up please view the city guide and hero guide.

Stats Stats

VIP 1200

VIP 1200 has a huge amount of defense and health.

Champions edge banners

Edge banners have insanely high boosts.

Mythical Strength and Champions Edge Research

These researches will be very important to game play as they become more accessible.

Troop gear

Troop Gear has some amazing stats with it you will definitely want to complete that as you are able.

Killing the Full March

Lots of players posted reports and came to me asking why didn’t I cap? The attacker didn’t kill any of my troops. And the answer was due to most traps didn’t have the right setup for taking on a large march size. 2 things will help you kill the full march

  1. Skill health and defense eradication in your skill tree. Followed by creature attack, health, Defense
  2. Add troop meat. For the longest time traps were using lots of higher tier creatures to kill the full march. We were calling this quantity over tier. The reasoning behind this was the higher tier troops cost to much to train enough to matter. That is no longer the case as packs get better and better the rss received increase as well. Now we finally have enough RSS to train the higher tiers which will give us more attack and better defense. I recommend 100kt royal troops or higher. Based on your stats you may need more or less.


As you can see without the troop numbers the defender wasn’t even close to killing the full march. So be sure that you can kill the full march to ensure you cap each and every time.

With t46 now out, they are the ABSOLUTE go to when training troops to help kill the full march. They pack a huge punch!!!

Do stats still matter?

YES!!!! I have seen recent claims of people saying to not level up buildings or worry about any upgrades because you won’t need them. However, that’s not true.

Against the newest creatures, I didn’t have enough attack to deal enough damage to kill more of the march. While this method is useful, you still need a certain number of creatures to do it and you still need a certain amount of attack and health.


I would highly recommend boosting creature health and attack any way you can.

Mythical Spirits

Mythical Spirit Temple

Mythical Creatures would not be complete without mythical spirits and these new creatures come with a building and the stats are quite CHILLING!! The first thing many players saw when this was released was the 10T mythical attack. In a game that is already so unbalanced, this was concerning to a lot of players.

However, when you open the new building you get a much better view of what is actually offered. With one pack you can get to level 3 and the stats for defense and health at that level are astronomical. Yes, creatures still have a ton of attack, however, as some of my Line friends said when asked what they saw in the stats.. They saw hope, possibilities, and the ability to trap again.

Mythical Spirit Summoning Temple

The Mythical Spirit Summoning Temple, that’s a long name for a building that gives you stats and unlocks the new creatures. However, don’t overlook this building because it is a game changer. We have never seen Mythical Stats like this and the defense in the game has taken an overwhelming jump.

Maxed out at level 10 this building gives:

Level 10 Stats

However, you don’t need to max this building to already get awesome stats. Check out the stats available at level 3:

Level 3 Stats

Mythical Spirit Creatures

There are two new creatures that come with this upgrade, the Holy Guardian of Hope and the Corrupted Ram of Massacre. Currently, we know more about the Guardians than the Rams. Here is what we know:

  1. Holy Guardian of Hope is unlocked and able to be trained at level 2 of the Temple, these are your Defense Creatures
  2. Corrupted Rams do no unlock until level 10, these are your attack creatures
  3. Guardians stand in front of higher tiered creatures and take the first hit, however, Tier 1 Creatures stand in front of Guardians and take the first hit.
  4. These Creatures are essential to capping
  5. While the Guardians are stronger in defense and health the Rams have the edge on attack with 10x more attack than Guardians so when people start unlocking the Rams it will be something to watch out for
  6. Guardians are strong against all Mythical Creatures and do not currently have a weakness
  7. SPIRITS ARE CREATURES TOO!!!!! This means creature stats apply to your spirits as well. So if you can’t get spirit stats just go with overall creature stats.

The Current Setup- Updated 1/23/18

While the stats have continued to change Spirits are still the most important creature you can have for defense. The numbers needed have increased but this will still be your frontline of defense. However, Game of War is bringing back troops and these are relevant once again.

With the release of Mirror Knight Guardians, Worldslayers are no longer your strongest creatures. We took some hits, and while we did not cap, we did not burn. However, we did find out some very important things.

  1. Worldslayers get hit harder than Guardians and so we took less damage when we got rid of our Worldslayers.Worldslayers Vs. Knights Worldslayers Vs. Knights Worldslayers Vs. Kniights Worldslayers VS. Knights2. Vampires Suck.. I mean they do.. Vampires get hit at the same time as Mirror knights and die fast. Unlike mythical Vampires of old these guys are not immortal. Vampires Suck3. A High Tier troop setup continues to be the best choice. We are currently running T49. High Tier Tests High Tier Tests High Tier Tests High Tier Tests


Mz has released a whole new set of creatures. And they are something to be spooked over. The new creatures are actually called evil spirits. I think Halloween came a little early this year. It seems like Christmas was just last week, man time flies.We took a closer look at the evil spirits and will share with you what we found in our testing. To begin we unlocked the first set and did some testing. Check out the attack on the evil spirits and the ram spirits.

Rams Evil Spirits

They are the exact same. I was thinking well maybe research or the new tree will affect the outcome. So I took a hit from both to find out.
Evil Spirits
Evil Spirits Evil Spirits

Rams Test Rams Test


There was absolutely no difference in the two hits. I was quite shocked. But as more evil spirits are unlocked I’m sure this will change. But for right now this release doesn’t have me shaking in my boots.

Spirits for attacking

So we know that the new spirits are amazing for defense, but how do they do for attacking? Well, how do I put this lightly? These spirits will haunt your enemies. Haha, you see what I did there? But on a serious note check out this report.

Attack Attack

Notice that the spirits stood in front of my creatures yet again. If the defender doesn’t have the stats to kill the spirits then all of my creatures will return home.

Mythical Spirit Horror Creatures

Mythical Spirit Horror Creatures are here and they are the best of two worlds. These creatures are a combination of Spirits and Horrors and they have the stats to show it.

Spirit Horror Dual Summoning Temple

Summoning Temple

The Spirit Horror Dual Summoning Temper is here and you need it in order to train new creatures. These creatures are definitely meant for attack. One of them doesn’t even have a name but I know this… I’m scared of it!

Spirit Horror Creatures

There are two new creatures with this update. We have the Pegasus of Doom and what I have dubbed the BIG BOY! There is a reason for this affectionate nickname.. Check out the stats on these guys.

Pegasus Big Boy

The Test

We decided to check these new creatures out and see what kind of damage they can do. Keep in mind that the set up for my (Cinder) trap is low stats and high creatures in order to be able to look more smashable. While I was capping everything before take a look at what happened,

Hit with Rams

MC Testing

The first hit with rams was, of course, a cap and no surprise. So we pulled out the Pegasus.

Pegasus Test

MC Tests MC Tests

So we decided to see what happened if we adjusted stats on the trap. I switched from my first hero and old gear to new hero and new gear. However, I still had low research so that only took my mythical creature defense to around 5KT.

Second Hit with adjusted stats

MC Testing MC Testing

The second hit while still a burn did not do as much damage. Were we to increase stats with more research capping would again be possible. So while these creatures are a bit scary it is still quite possible for all to adjust stats and cap.

Mythical RSS Buildings

Mythical RSS buildings have entered the arena and help with the production of the resources needed to be able to train mythical creatures. However, there are some very important things that need to be known about these buildings.

What you need to know

  1. There are five buildings and each provides a different resource
    1. Mythical Villa produces Mythical Silver
    2. Mythical Farm produces one type of food, you are able to choose between Minotaur, Odin, Dragon, Double-Dragon, Cerberus, or Phoenix food.
    3. Mythical Logging Camp produces Mythical Wood
    4. Mythical Quarry produces Mythical Stone
    5. Mythical Mine produces Mythical Ore
  2. There are production boosts available for mythical RSS, however, you are not able to be shielded and run this production boost at the same time.
  3. Each of these buildings also provides different Boosts (chart of boosts to come!)

5 Creature Tips

  1. The lower tier creatures cannot stand up to the new attack.
  2. Individual health and creature health are equal right now. So when trying to decide what banner or Rune or even skills to use, go with whatever offers the most health. You can check out our City Guide article to see our setup
  3. Taking away creature defense in the skill tree resulted in no difference on the battle reports. Indicating that health is the stat to aim for.
  4. You have to have the new creatures to not burn. Team Realtips trained up to 500 billion creatures and upgraded all buildings and hero. We bought all the best gems and Banners and with a completely maxed account, there was no way to cap until we added the newest creatures. This is huge. Be smart and upgrade your creatures first.
  5. Creatures are important however, there are many things that go into our setup to achieve this effect. Remember this is a guide and that if you follow the suggestions you will do well, however, no trap is a cookie cutter and you need to set up your account in a way that works for you.

Watch for more to come in this article as we refine our Mythical tips and the game continues to evolve!



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