Navigating Game of War – Part 1

Navigating Game of War as a New or Returning Player

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Sometimes when you look at Game of War it can feel like a lot when you are just returning or playing for the first time. You ask for help and people start tossing out terms that you do not understand and too quickly for you to understand. Sometimes navigating Game of War can be as difficult as navigating a curvy road in the dark.

For those players that are at this point, we are here to help you learn to navigate the curves and turns so you can find your way to the light. This article will cover everything you need to know as a new or Returning Player.

Navigating 101

You just downloaded Game of War and you are lost. Do not worry and do not give up! We have all been there, even me! Here on the Realtips website, we have tons of articles that can help you to be successful. However, this article is a great place to start. Let this article be your GPS through Game of War.

Navigating Dimensions

Dragon Dimension or Demigod Dimension? This is the first question many people will ask you when you start asking questions about strategy in Game of War. To help you, players will need to know what dimension you are playing in. If you are only asking your Alliance that is easy because they know where you are. However, it is not always that easy. Sometimes you have to go outside your alliance for help and then when you get asked what dimension, we have seen players stumped by this question.

So the basics in most cities you will see a portal that looks like this:


This portal allows you to go back and forth between two dimensions, Dragon or Demigod. As we get more into navigating in Game of War we will cover these dimensions more in-depth. However, for this section just know that two dimensions exist and this portal is what will allow you to switch back and forth between the two dimensions if you do have it.

Navigating the Dragon Dimension

If you are in the Dragon Dimension you are going to see a little Dragon or Dragon Egg if you have not hatched it in the right-hand corner of your city. This little guy (or girl, I named mine Ruby for fun) looks like this:


History of the Dragon Dimension

The Dragon Dimension first came about in June 2018. Since then it has earned many nicknames in the community including Toothless, Dragonville, and Downstairs. For many players, this dimension is reminiscent of old school Game of War. Much of the gear seems familiar because it is gear that was once seen back in the day.

This Dimension took Game of War back to the basics, however, with the addition of a Dragon. Here you will see lower VIP, Stronghold Levels, Hero Levels, and less stuff in general then you would see in the Demigod Dimension.

Articles to Help get you on your Feet in the Dragon Dimension

So if you are in the Dragon Dimension where do you start and how do you build your stats? As a new player what are the most important things to focus on? I have a few articles that can help you start to build up and have a strong account in the Dragon Dimension.

The first article I am going to recommend that you read is an article that discusses the different styles of players in Game of War. Before you can even decide how to start building you must know who you are as a player.

Who Are You? 

The next article I am going to recommend is part of an eight-part series. However, do not dig too deep into this series yet if you are worried about being overwhelmed. This article will help you with the basics of what stats are what and how to use them.

How to Build your Stats in the Dragon Dimension Part 1 The Foundation

Next, we are going to talk about how to prioritize when you are building. Part 1 of the next three-part series specifically addresses New or Returning players and how to get a solid start and build up your base. Once you have a solid start feel free to go back and read part 2 and 3 that address more specific playstyles.

Prioritize what you Need Part 1 

Finally, for beginners in the Dragon Dimension, I am going to recommend an article that talks about how to stay safe in the Dragon Dimension. This article covers safety for every type of player from beginner to more advanced.

Am I safe in the Dragon Dimension

Navigating the Demigod Dimension

If you are in the Demigod Dimension you will not have a little dragon in the right-hand corner of your city. The Demigod Dimension has been around slightly longer than the Dragon Dimension and your Demigod account might look something like this:

Demigod DimensionHistory of the Demigod Dimension

The Demigod Dimension came about around the end of February of 2018. This feature essentially changed all we knew about Game of War. One Demigod troop could one-hit zero an account that was loaded with troops that were released before Demigod. After almost five years of Game of War, players saw this as a reset to older ways. Over time things have continued to evolve in the Demigod Dimension.

Many players have continued to enjoy this dimension and the intricacies of the features that are available there. The Demigod Dimension tends to be faster-paced than the Dragon Dimension which is a huge draw to many players who choose to play there.

Articles to help you get on your feet in the Demigod Dimension

These articles will help you get going in the Demigod Dimension so that you can build up to compete with your alliance there.

The first article I will recommend again is the same one I recommended for the Dragon Dimension. Knowing what type of player you want to be is essential to start building up in the Demigod Dimension.

Who Are You? 

The next article I will recommend is an article that talks about stats in the Demigod Dimension. This article defines the stats that are available and how they work. This article will help you with understanding what some of the terminology you are working with means.

Understanding Demigod Stats The Foundation

The third article I will recommend is an article that talks about safety in the Demigod Dimension. This article will help you to ensure that you remain safe when you are building and as a more advanced player.

Am I safe in the Demigod Dimension? 

Navigating Spending in Game of War

If you choose to spend in Game of War there are ways that you can make it feel more affordable. While Game of War can feel expensive there are ways to lessen that cost and some of the ways provided in the articles listed below are tricks and tips we have picked up over years of playing. I wish I had known some of this when I first started.

One of those methods is by using Amazon Coins. We have an article about Amazon Coins that will help you to navigate the use of these and explore the cost.

Cheap Game Of War Gold Packs – Amazon Special!

However, we also have multiple articles that explore how to stretch your packs the furthest. Or even how to enjoy Game of War as a Free to Play, Player.

This article focuses on the Dragon Dimension, However, it is important to note that many of the principles in it are also applicable to the Demigod Dimension. That makes this article a great read for every type of player.

Dragon War Dimension Purchasing

This next article talks about players who choose not to spend or are very low spenders and making the most out of your game. Once again this article focuses largely on the Dragon Dimension however, the principles found within it can be applied to the Demigod Dimension as well.

Free to Play: Enjoying GOW without destroying your Wallet

Wrapping it Up

Today we have covered the different dimension and some articles to help you get a solid start in the dimension of your choosing. We have also covered cost and spending guides to help you if you choose to spend.

However, we are just getting started. In the next article in this series, we will cover more ways to be able to navigate Game of War as a new or returning player. We want to hear from those of you who are new or returning, what questions do you have that we can cover in this series. Or if you were a new or returning player what tips do you have to help out other new players? Let us know in the comments below.

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    What to Spend Game of War Gold On Here s a good tip. Don t spend gold on things right off the bat and don t spend real cash right when you start. You need to focus on the basics right now.

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