Navigating Game of War- Part 2

Navigating the Social Media and Help and Support of Game of War

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Last week we talked about Navigating Game of War as a new or returning player. This week we are going to continue talking about how to Navigate Game of War. However, we will be diving more into the social side of the game this week.

While it is important to know where to find the strategy, how to navigate the different dimensions and spend it, is also imperative that you know how to navigate the social side of things. A huge aspect of Game of War is the community. Additionally, we will take a closer look at interacting with the Help modes of the game as well.

A Quick Recap


Last week we began with the very basics of basics. We took a look at how to Navigate the Dragon Dimension and Demigod Dimension and where to find articles to help you get started in those Dimensions.

Also, we took a look at how to navigate spending or not spending in Game of War. We took a closer look at the articles that could help you to advance as far as possible, with as little as possible. For beginners, this is a great article to be sure you go back and read as you are finding your route through Game of War.

Navigating Game of War Part 1 

Navigating The Game of War Community

The community in Game of War can be broken down into three aspects:

The Game of War Community in the Game

In the Game, Community is very important. In-game when we are looking at Community we are looking at Kingdoms and Alliances.  Your initial community for Game of War typically is through the game. You download the game and your initial contact with any player is going to be in Kingdom Chat.

If you are coming into the Game without any past, playing experience or any friends who are already playing, then this is where you will look for an Alliance. Depending on the Kingdom and the people hanging out in Kingdom Chat this can either go well or not. Kingdom Chats are well known to have some trolls lurking.

Your Alliance in the Game will be your main source of community. These are the people that are going to help you build up and often become friends and family. This is one of the most important social interactions you will have in Game of War. Choosing an Alliance that fits you is as important as knowing how to build your account.

The Game of War Community in Line and Discord

Once you are settled in with your Alliance you will often find your way into the Line App or Discord. These are other ways that many players use to be able to communicate and to share. Many Alliances have their rooms on Line as well as Emergency rooms to warn you that you are being hit or burning.

However, the best aspect of Line and Discord are the Help rooms. These rooms consist of players from across the game, from the Demigod Dimension to the Dragon Dimension you can meet a ton of people in these rooms and learn a lot from these players.

Game of War Real Tips has our Help Rooms on both Line and Discord. These rooms are filled with people from both Dimensions that play multiple types of playstyle. From traps to leads to fillers, you can get a ton of help in these rooms. Make sure you join us on whichever platform you choose or both!

Line: Just add thatcinder and request an invite to the Game of War Real Tips room

Discord: Just click here

The Game of War Community in Social Media

Besides Line and Discord, you can also find the Game of War Community in places like Instagram and Facebook. Most of us have social media accounts and this is a great place to get the latest news of what is going on in the Game of War Community.

Game of War Real Tips is on Facebook as well and new articles are posted here as soon as they go live! Get the latest and fastest by following us on Facebook.

Navigating & Finding the Information you Need in the Game of War Community

You are here and reading this article so you have some knowledge on how to find the information you need. However, if you are looking for specific information there are two ways to help you do this:

  1. Use the search function seen at the top of this page and search keywords that relate to the information you are looking for
  2. Make sure you are part of our Line group. We have a friendly Help Bot named Tippy there who can help you to access all the information you will need for both dimensions!

Navigating Help and Support

There are times where we need to reach out to Help and Support for further in-game direction. Of course, it’s not something we want to have to do but at times it is needed. Our hope is when we do reach out to Help and Support that we get a response that resolves our problem. To that effect, we have some tips for you when it comes to navigating Help and Support.

Three Tips to Help you Navigate Help and Support in the Game

We have three tips to help you be able to navigate help and support in the game. From knowing when to contact Support, to knowing how to write your message to support, this is valuable information that will take you far.

Tip One: Know when to contact Support

Knowing when to contact support is as essential as knowing how to contact support. Some in-game problems can be fixed simply and without needing to reach out to support. We have a few steps to help you know when to contact support:

  1. Double-check with your Alliance and other players to see if anyone is experiencing the same problem. Sometimes other members of the community are experiencing or have experienced the same issue. If this is the case often those individuals can help you solve your problem.
  2. Make sure you restart the game, clear your cache, and do all those things so that when you get a response telling you to do those things you can let them know that you have and move the conversation forward at that point.
  3. Make sure that the answer to your problem is not in the FAQ section. You will note that to get to where you can contact Support there is a FAQ section, only contact support after ensuring that the answer to your question is not there.
Tip Two: Know how to contact Support

This is a quick step by step process on how to get to the screen that will help you to be able to contact support.

First: Go to the tab that says Other from here you will hit Help and SupportHelp and Support

This will then take you to the FAQ from here you will choose a topic that best addresses the problem you are having. 

Next, you will see a screen that breaks that problem down even more. Click on the topic that best matches your issue.

Help and Support

You will then see a solution listed if this solution still does not help with the problem you are having from this point you will contact support by clicking at the bottom where it says Contact Us.

Help and Support

That will take you this screen where you will be able to type your message to Support. We will address what to say and how to correspond in Tip three.

Help and Support

You will hit the arrow on the above image to submit the ticket. However, DO NOT FORGET! You must hit submit twice! After hitting the arrow to submit you will get a screen similar to this where you will see the text Submit Ticket. Before you submit be sure that the new information they give does not help. 

Help and Support

Finally, when you have successfully submitted your ticket you will see a green banner pop up as seen in the image below.

Help and Support

If you are having problems using the in-game ticket submission you can also use this email to contact support: [email protected]

Tip Three: Know what to say to Support

Knowing what to say to support is as important as knowing how to contact support and when to contact support. We have some tips for you on what not to say as well as what to say.

Do NOT say or do this:

We get it, sometimes it is easy to be frustrated when something is not working correctly on your game. However, as the saying goes, you catch more bees with honey or something like that. Do not cuss out support or tell them they are worthless piles of dung. A lack of courtesy will do nothing except make the experience with support even more difficult. If you must rant to feel better do it in pm with a friend.

DO say or do this:

Be courteous!!! Support is just doing their jobs and they have tons of people they have to deal with. Do not abuse them!!

When you do send in a ticket follow these steps:

  1. Let Support know What is impacted– This is the most important step. They need to know what is going on with your account so they can help fix it.
  2. Let Support know What steps to take to Reproduce the issue– Knowing how it is happening can help troubleshoot even more quickly.
  3. Send any video or Screenshots to Support that you can to help them better identify the problem or what is occurring.
  4. Let them know how you expect it to work– By doing this you let them know what you expect to happen versus what is happening. This will allow them to further identify the problem you are having and work to get it to a place where it is functioning correctly.

NOTE: Sometimes if you get a response that does not resolve your problem or feels like a computer-generated response you will need to message again, be sure to hit reply and stay in the same thread so that you do not restart the process.

What tips do you have to help other players Navigate Game of War? Let us know in the comments below and do not forget to join our community!

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