What is the Nerf & Why is it Important?

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What Is The Nerf & Why Is It Important?

The “Nerf” is term used to describe the weakening of a large amount of troops by the game because someone has too high of a Troop ratio between T1 and T2, to T3 or T4.

When Trap Accounts were first invented, they relied off of training a MASSIVE amount of less costly low tiered Troops to defeat a solo March or Rally March from an enemy. For example, this is what a Battle Report from Trap Account might look like:

Successful T2 Non-Nerf Account

Trap Accounts were so successful when they were invented that players started converting their accounts to traps like wildfire. It was a viral phenomenon in Game of War, and still is. No matter how big your account is, or what Gear you have, Trap Accounts will always be a viable option for defense.

Game of War saw certain Trap Accounts flourishing and didn’t think it was healthy for the game. Within 2 months after advent of Trap Accounts, they were Nerfed… badly.

Blog Post Covering the Nerf When it First Happened

Nerf 1 Nerf 2

It’s still true to this day that that is the only event in history where Game of War has ever publicly Nerfed a part of the game. Since then the only adjustments in the game have been made via offering Gear or Troops that holds differing strengths and weaknesses.

The first time I wrote on Trap Accounts, I recommended that Alliances who had players with Trap Accounts should cannibalize them to avoid losing points during a KvK from an enemy attack. At the time it was very unclear what the limitations were for how many T1 or T2 can be trained, but it’s a lot more clear now.

As always, I still recommend that new traps are tested by allowing their own Alliance to hit them before trying out the account in a KvK. You want to make sure your Trap Account actually works, or your Kingdom could have a more difficult time winning in a KvK.

In the blog post picture above from Game of War, they mention that they only nerfed “116 accounts out of the tens of millions of Game of War players,” even though there were probably thousands of Trap Accounts at the time. The reality is the other ones were not in violation of the Nerfing formula.

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Game of War Support Chimes In

A few players sent support tickets in to get more information, but of course were not given a clear answer on what the limits are.

Single nerf email
Game of War saying, “We did Nerf the T1 troops, however, you can still be overwhelmed by them.”
Bambi on the Nerf
Snippet of a conversation with Game of War, “Nerfing means that we make  troops less effective, but not entirely ineffective, as this would not be fair to players who only have access to T1 troops while they are still growing.”

Examples of Nerfed Accounts

Here’s what happens to a Nerfed account when it is hit.

Nerf Report 1b
Battle Report of T1 account getting hit after the nerf. OUCH.

Nerf Report 1

Here’s another Battle Report after someone’s account was Nerfed.

nerf report 2

The Nerf is not something to take lightly. You can spend a lot of time and money building a Trap Account only to have it zeroed after two hits.

On the other hand, you can use the Nerf to deceive your foes.

The Nerf Can Be Deceiving

A friend of mine changed his banner to “nerf :(” so enemies think he’s sad about it. Then they send 5 full marches of T4 at him while they read the report of the first March (which says they all died). The other Marches all get eaten too and he gets tons of points every KvK.

Continue on in the mini-series to see how to avoid getting Nerfed.

Article 1: What is the Nerf & Why is it Important?
Article 2: Cheating the nerf perfectly (Amazing New Insights)



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  1. GhostRider says

    What is the nerf ratios now that T5 troops are here?

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      Nerf hasn’t changed: Rule is the same, you must have an average troop and trap power of greater than 10. So Troops + Traps Power / Troop and Traps Count > 10.

  2. Didi says

    I have a question about Traps but what is good having to do it traps in city when I have T2 ?

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      It is generally accepted that you should build traps ahead of your lowest tier troops. So if you have Tier 2 you would build tier 1 traps. Tier 1 traps are those just after bricks. Bricks are considered tier 0.

  3. Gilded Queen says

    It’s 2016 and everyone knows that nerf is a thing………except MZ. I contacted MZ with a question about nerf and they replied saying that there is no such thing as nerf and there never ever has been.

  4. maz says

    If I have 99M ONLY T4 will I get nerphed??

  5. Greg says

    so is the whole account nerfed permenantley if going over these limits or only when the ratios of troops are disproportionate. in other words if an account becomes nerfed can the player just train more troops and become unnerffed?

  6. […] image about an impending new impending nerf has been circling through Line chat rooms today. The image is of a support response from Machine […]

  7. end zone bum says

    Would it be too much of a pain in the — to build A toolThat would enable user to enter troop types and numbers click a button and have the tool display whether or not the combination falls into the nerf category and by how much?

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Yes our due date for that is like 2 weeks out.

  8. Nate says

    Hoard more T1 and t2!!!!!!

  9. griffgraff says

    Why not just make one type of troop? Eliminate the t1, t2, etc. groups and just make standard and strategic troops. That massively levels the playing field, though it would be difficult to do at this point without massive compensation. But really, one level of troops would completely solve the nerf, overpowered-players, and troop hoarding issues. Any thoughts?

  10. furiosity says

    Why not just make one type of troop? Eliminate the t1, t2, etc. groups and just make standard and strategic troops. That massively levels the playing field, though it would be difficult to do at this point without massive compensation. But really, one level of troops would completely solve the nerf, overpowered-players, and troop hoarding issues. Any thoughts?

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Strategic is like another tier imo, so it’s a bigger seperation between newer and older players

  11. Marty says

    i am positive that nerfing has no effect on 5M T1s and 5M T2s. i was rallied with that plus 5M T3s and 3M T4s. 500k beds and kicked ass in points.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      But that might be because you unlocked T3s and T4s.. The question is whether they are nerfed when you are SH14 and haven’t unlocked t3s

      1. Marty says

        i read there isnt any nerfing until T3s are unlocked. Nerfing is in play once T3s are unlocked. The question has always been, at what quantity does nerfing start. MZ originally wrote it only affected 118 people. this leads me to believe it affected those over 40M.

  12. Richard says

    I find it funny that no body has answered. What is the nerf limits? I have read this thread till my eyes go cross with no answer

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Have you seen the new article? Below 5 mil is very effective. As for the nerf limit, I think people are keeping the info to themselves or too afraid to over and loose all their troops haha

  13. Marty says

    Although the upkeep reduction is added to help grow food as armies grew larger, its actually a moot point to keep from training millions of troops. Your troops dont die when Food goes to 0. if so, this wouldve limited growth. Instead of buying T4s, people would be forced to buy food or watch troops starve.

  14. cdRienzo says

    While it’s probably a little late to do something like this at this late stage, what MZ COULD have done was simply not have upkeep reduction as a mechanic. One of the players in my kingdoms big alliance was telling me how with 2 upkeep reduction items and a large upkeep reduction, his total upkeep was 0%. He could literally hold what ever sized at he wanted at the cost of an item. By removing upkeep reduction, they would effectively introduce a ‘soft cap’ on the number of troops that can be trained, because eventually if you train enough troops, the troops will eat it all before you can do anything. It’s probably a little late for something like this now though.

  15. gow says

    Thanks Chad. I didn’t think it was due to a “glitch” anyway, and I thought it was a creative idea by those who thought of this strategy. Anyhow, as some of our fellow players have said before, if the guy had scouted before attacking (or look at the stats first), he/she would not have fallen for the trap in the first place. Also echoing another comment by other players, if we can only train as many troops as we can feed, many problems would have been solved already. just my two cents 🙂

  16. gow says

    If this was just a glitch in the game, all they have to do is fix the glitch, rather than place restrictions on the number of T1s. If they want to place restrictions on the number of troops, should apply to all tier levels (eg. troops will starve if not have sufficient food to feed them).

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      They claim there is no glitch…

  17. xX xKINGx Xx says

    Not sure why people are so upset about this. One T1 killing one T4 was obviously a glitch. The math never added up. So MZ fixed the glitch. And people are upset about this? Newsflash, the only reason the strategy worked to begin with was because there was a GLITCH in the game. No different than cheating, really.

    1. Chris says

      Amen, King!

  18. Rodney Mathen says

    I currently have a “old” account SH9 (former farm) pre anti nerf. I have 110k T1 soliders and the same number of Hostpital beds. The lower is balanced, leaning more to food to stay positive. The upper is mostly Hostpitals. It does well during KVK. My research maxed at 4/10 on everything. Total power is under 3 mill. It’s small enough not to be rallied on, and basically I just port, and “draw out” SH15-20 cities to attack. I get one kill per 100 T3 sent after me. I have gift mode so any gold earned in event goes to my “big” city. Call it what you want… I call it game play

    1. E11evenB says

      Sorry but there is no such thing as a pre-nerf account

  19. Pickles says

    You can have a maximum amount of traps. So I don’t believe its a valid comparison.

  20. Kreig Antonelli says

    PS- Love the site Chad. It’s come a long way

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Thanks a lot man, I agree it’s grown a ton. And believe me it’s not stopping here. I work 20-25 hours a week on this and only 3 hours of those are on posting. There is much more to come, but it takes time to build things and get partnerships in place.

      I hope you continue spreading the word at each iteration.


  21. Kreig Antonelli says

    It all comes down to them trying to make more money. Nothing more. All they care about is people who spend way to much money on a “free game”. If they want it that way, then just charge for the game. MZ is such money grubbing whores. The whole game is out of whack because of it. The billion plus accounts in our kingdom are trying to get everyone else in it to quit. They should just change the name now to, Game of War “Money Age”. How about changing it where you can’t attack Strongholds under a certain power percentage lower than you. No they won’t do that. Makes people get mad and spend money or quit. 600k profit a day isn’t enough money on a supposedly free to play game?

  22. Neo says

    Lol. I’m sorry but power doesn’t always reflect troops size even if you are using t3s. I have no sympathy for those that got ripped apart from the use of the land mine strategy. Maybe if people actually scouted. Or sent a small force to see what the anti scouter or fake army actually had. Or even use seige.

    It’s not the players fault if your lazy. Oh and any one using a variant of Russo strategy will ripp up 1/3 to 2/3 of a non rallied March w/o seige. So should that be nerfed too? Traps don’t add much to power.

    I’m not sure why people like to play a strategy game with no strategy.

  23. Georgo says

    Well we had 2 accounts like this in our alliance, and i must say that this nerf was needed… This was stupidly overpowered…. Our best rally leadders had around 200-300 mil points, spent shittons of everything to get this points and time ofc… Meanwhile our landmines sit somwhere around unshielded and just destroing ppl… 120 mil points in each hit… 500-600m points with no problem… Account like this cost like 600$ to build if you use only mz packs… I dont think that this crap is fair fight 😉

  24. booyaa says

    Yes we have them in my alliance. We were required to create them prior to KvK. We are the leading alliance by a long shot. 18 Billion after two months… and we only have 60 members.

    We have folks with 30 million T1/T2 noob killers as we call them. And yes they will eat a full T4 march @ 375k for lunch. It’s bogus that MZ can change the rules of the game in the middle of the game without compensation for the folks that are and have already spent loads creating these types of accts.

    This is a huge loss to us and the gameplay in general. We could capture and keep heroes with lowely level 14’s. Once we had them we could reinforce with T4 (didn’t need to but we could)

    One of our members was given 250k gold which was chump change. We initiate players by baiting them to hit our noob killers and if they don’t quit and take it as intended ( a learning experience ) we will many times bring them in as part of the group. It quickly teaches you to you scout and look at kill counts prior to attacking, instead of just a quick glance at the SH level.

    Anyway, to the point… its super lame of MZ to nerf this strategy.


  25. yeeloong says

    I’m surprise that no one actually felt like this strategy isnt a strategy but more of an exploit. Although I agree that MZ is a greedy mofo, nerfing is a patchwork solution right now and is the right thing to do. Not doing so would destroy kvk as we know it. What it doesn’t solve is long term game mechanics. The game mechanics and strategy involved in GOW is very poor, if they aren’t thinking of a new way to solve this, the gameplay going forward would be extremely linear.

    1. Neo says

      my problem with calling it an exploit is that then massing t3s is also an exploit. And they didn’t fix that. It’s not like they couldn’t have found out that their attacks were suicide. You could scout — novel thought it’s rare anyone 20 mil or more in my kingdom scouts. You could send a small force. The complainers didn’t want to do either. Next will be traps, because they don’t like seige.

      1. georgo says

        Lol… Massing t3 is ok becouse they actually give you power… Best thing about t1 account was low power… If you pop antiscout, no1 know about t1…. And sorry our 170m power account killed 2m t4 troops from 2.375m of total in rally… This is not right..:

    2. Kreig Antonelli says

      It is already linear. He who spends the most, wins. I don’t feel sorry for those terrorizing and bulling those smaller than themselves. It’s the total arrogance to where they don’t even scout any more. Just attack the little guy. They all forget that was once them. Just because you have the financial resources to buy your way to the top, instead of earning it. Shouldn’t give you the right to ruin it for others either.

  26. GoWrocks says

    It is still possible to attain and amass t3 troops. The rss cost is a little more to produce but it is still viable option for non spenders. I like the fix. That is until MZ nerfs t3’s as well.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says


    2. Chivalry says

      I think T3 balloons are a really good option if you don’t have the time/money to push to a full march of T4. I don’t see an argument for why they would be nerfed because massed T3 troops are reflected in SH power. A 50m account could have 2 million troops behind a full wall or just a handful of T4s and a few hundred thousand lesser troops. Though if they’re online and sending out marches and posting their coords in KC you can be assured it’s the former. ;o)

  27. iluvGOWStrategy says

    The structural integrity is still bad. The root cause of the issue is still there –> imbalance power level vs strength ratios. Nerfing of a strategy just introduced a new facet of the game. Mz will intervene to cover up flaws in the design.

    Has anybody seen the new ratio now for t1:t4 kills? Has MZ actually published it? Also is there now a leveling of power in terms of troop counts? Like if you only got 500k t1 troops? What is it’s t1:t4 kill ratio vs. 40millin t1 troops kill ratio?

  28. jon says

    I dont agree with the nerf. if it’s possible to hoard t4s then it also should be to all the other tiers, it doesnt matter if it costs more or less, each one of us chose the troops we want to train.
    If MZ really want to make it interesting then they can make a max number of troops each SH can have. And here should be when our hero items and research, etc, would bring the diference

  29. King of IT says

    I agree that calling it lame is stupid, but the structural integrity of the game was at stake.
    Many players around 200-400 mill power were building some millions of t1, making them impossible to rally as well!
    The last KVK before the nerf, only our trap players got there points, I was in a rally losing 1mil t3/t4 against a t1 trap, that lost 2mill t1, point vise we lost 80mill points against 2mill points won!
    That also doesn’t come out fair, I don’t say we shuld have won, but loosing that big!
    On the point side, loosing 11mill t1 against 1mill t4 is still 11mill points against 100mill, the traps still work, they have just gotten much more expensive!
    PS. The rally posted by gwendly earlier: I were on the defending side as reinforcement, it happened 10min after MZ announced the nerft!
    Its unfair to put this into act without proper warning and compensation ! (Defender lost 36mill t1, but attackers still lost 2,5mill t4 and 2,5 mill t3 on the attacks) but beeing zeroed still sucks!
    Stay Safe

  30. Neo says

    At first I kind of agreed with MZ on this. I do think it’s lame that hording t1s could wipe out a strong t3 army. But I think the nerf is worse. I think it just encourages lack of strategy. It’s rare for people to actually scout in our kingdom or use much strategy other than massive amounts of troops.

    The land mine at least encouraged strategy. I wish they had done something else to “fix” the issue.

    1. Jack says

      There was no other way to fix this issue 🙂 This has been sorted out for good.

      with my boosts each of my t3 can take down approximately 500 to 800 of t1s 🙂 (depending on enemy’s boosts) So basically 40k to 80k of my t3s will die to kill 40M of t1s.

      Tell me if its not an amazing feeling 🙂

      I will only lose 2M or less power to clean all t1s , boom, that’s what we talking about.

      1. Neo says

        Actually there was it’s just it would have screwed both those using the land mines and those using large amounts of t3 and t4. There just wasn’t one that wouldn’t piss off the really big spenders And keep the smAll spenders happy.

        Btw the next nerf will be to make traps eaiser to destroy because if we spend we should have to worry about traps. The best feeling is wiping out a March by someone that was lazy and I have a lot of trap boosts. Tell me that isn’t an amazing feeling, lol.

      2. derek says

        “There was no other way to fix this issue” really that kind of thinking is what caused people to get destroyed in the first place, just mindlessly attacking lower power players without scouting, or finding someone with an anti-scout and attacking anyway. After the first week of people doing traps why did any one fall for it anymore? 50 Million power with some research and building power that guy could have 20 million t1, 2.5 million t2. Maybe only 100K t3. Could be zeroed. Just don’t attack. MZ could have come up with other fixes.

        They introduce new equipment and gems all the time, they could have introduced something for increased troop count for marches and rallies.

        I do agree 1 t4 should be able to kill more than 1 t1. but i think the way MZ went about this was very poor.

        I am not saying you are the one that is mindlessly attacking but i am sure you have seen it. someone shows up and just starts attacking. a level 14 player can have 225K t4 reinforcements and could have 300K t2’s and still be under 5 million power. Would that really be a good solo.

  31. Zen says

    Haven’t spent a dime since being insulted for their mistake. Their loss

  32. Opinionated says

    Basically LAME was not the right choice of words. I applaud those that figured out that T1’s could be used this way, but MZ has seen the error of the math, acknowledged it publically, compensated players using it, and changed the game back to what they wanted it to be…. a Game Of War. Simply put I hate the lag time between kill events and would quit completely if the game devolved into a game of scouting and baiting.

  33. 2pipes says

    I have a high level account, and it took a lot to get there. MZ makes money when players build to T4 and not nearly as much for mass T1/2.

  34. Chivalry says

    There’s nothing small about any player who’s amassed tens of millions of T1/2s. My main account is 1.8 billion power but I was working on a ‘T1 bomb’ alt account for cheap and easy points – as were many in my alliance. We’re as disappointed as everyone else. I can see the logic of it because the effectiveness of massed T1/2s is not properly reflected in SH power but it was fun to watch a full T4 march losing their hero on a SH14.

  35. Greg says

    The effect of the nerf touches smaller accounts. I am downloading boom beach today. Good luck.

  36. iluvGOWStrategy says

    The best solution is to just balance the power and troop strength. 2:36 power ratio of t1:t4 doesn’t really match up to 1:4 attack/defense ratio of the units. This opened up to hoarding strategy of t1 because t1 power is deceiving.

    But then again, this is a money oriented company and balancing the ratios will just make the big spenders angry. However, the big spenders should be wise enough to think that MZ is deceiving them with regards to fake power to make them buy more. If ratio is balance, the power of T4 is just 8. That means they big spenders gut suckered to buy fake might.

    The solution MZ is standing by today is just duct tape, albeit, temporary( and bad!) solution and another strategy will be born because players are smarter than them.

  37. Danilo says

    I sent!

    1. Nate says

      From what ive heard you can still build a t1 and t2 bomb as long as you dont have t3 researched. Im not positive if this is true but i will be building one to find out.

      1. Chad K
        Chad K says

        Ya, look at my post, “How to beat the nerf”

  38. Raja says

    I just want to know how a game creator can call a player of an open ended war game lame if he uses strategy. Spenders cry because they spent thousands and want it to be an automatic win, no work. They fail to realize that art imitates life. In war the strongest guns don’t win, the best strategy does. If you’re a one trick pony that only spends money to win, you’ll eventully lose. Some ppl actually think about how to win. They spend night after night coming up with strategies and going over attacks and failures in their minds. Wondering what went wrong and every minute detail. And if they found a way to defend themselves then its great. War evolves, so a game of war should too. Just my opinion. This nerf just made thinking wrong.. and the fact that it’s lame confirmed it.

    P.s. if you can’t scout me and you attack anyway, you’re the dumb one, not me. If I attack someone blindly because I underestimated them, I deserve to lose.

    1. Keith says

      I agree. I am a 300 mill player.. and I didn’t like losing my march to a landmine account. But I did it once and after that it would never happen again. If I ran into anti scout I moved on. It is called tactics and strategy. If you are attacking blindly you deserve to lose your march. MZ could have introduced a way to overcoming the landmine account without the nerf. Maybe new rules / items surrounding scouting and anti scout, or increasing rally sizes.

  39. Jack says

    Love this change and i love what MZ did. I am very happy with MZ on this, i have spent a lot of time and resources to get 3 million t4s. I don’t want them to get killed by t1s.

    There should be a simple rule, T1s should not stand a chance unless they are fighting against t1s and t2s.

    Sorry guys but that was a great decision made by MZ.

    1. Greg says

      Now you can go back to mindlessly slamming marches into farms….

      1. Simon says


      2. Eric h. says

        Don’t forget to stand around with your captured heroes, lol.

    2. FERNANDO says

      Even in real life, if you try to fight with a enemie with 50m unarmed soldiers and you have 2m soldiers with guns, the 2m will be killed for sure. This is a defense strategy and MZ shouldnt be nerfing it..They could discourage this by many differents ways..Could increase the size of a rally for example..But nerf is not fair..is kind of illegal..because to build a sh with this strategy its not easy and costs hight too.

      1. Eric h. says

        Agree- fundamentally they are saying it’s ok to, “hoard” t4 and be unralliable, but smaller guys can forget about it because it’s, “lame.”

      2. Jack says

        Each t4 COSTS 500 in silver to train. Seeing them dying from t1s is a pain. I am happy this has been sorted out by MZ now its more realistic in a way that 20M power player CANNOT cause any damage to 250M player with his t1s. Thats how it should be. Training t1s to hurt players with t4s is lame. We work hard , day and night to get t4s (where t1s come up unlocked). See the difference ?

      3. Eric h. says

        Ya, Jack, you make a good point. I guess of all the choices available to them, MZ probably made the best one. IMHO it’s the food structure that’s the problem, but it would be too disruptive to switch at this late stage of the game.

      4. Jason says

        The phrase “no brains” comes to mind when I read your post…..your a money spender I bet,,, and rely solely on your t4 and your alliance for rallies. I also have unlocked t4. BUT unlike you I keep my power low enough to be a good target. I keep my t4 troop count just high enough to crush your T4/T3 rally and have also built millions of t1 to Finnish you off in devastating fashion. This is NOT lame,, this is GOW!!! A strategy GAME!!!! If you scouted me and I have on anti-scout and you went in for the kill anyway then it’s your bad strategy for thinking you have the upper hand. You obviously just rally,, watch timer,, and look at march to see pretty colors and a gang of troops marching across the plains instead of looking at what you are running into

  40. Greg says

    Boycott this increasingly greed motivated game…

  41. toto says

    Maybe it is a really noob/basic question. But I don’t really understand what was considered as cheating ? What was the purpose on having a huge amount of T1 rather growing ?

    1. Jack says

      Agreed 🙂

      1. Jack says

        Agreed on “What is the purpose on having a huge amount of T1 rather growing ?”

  42. P boulds says

    I have a t1 account 50 mln t1 1.5 mln t2 and 500 k t3. Setup with good research and trap gear. Mz just —-ed us out of a lot of money. It was awesome to see a whole t4 rally getting eaten by another t1 account in my alliance. Guess k1 are sore losers cause they have a lot of developers in it. I get it that it takes a lot of fun out of the game. As it’s only 116 players mz should tell them what the nerfing does and make a good compensation instead of the 250 k gold. It’s more like 5 mln in gold

  43. Derek says

    All good points. I’m alot newer to the game than many of you, but I’m at SH20 now, and trying to figure out “what do i do next” in strategy. I remember when I first found out that you didn’t have to “feed your troops”, that it seemed pretty strange. Another thought on troops…In the “olden days”, when a city wanted to attack another city, they could hire mercenaries, but, the catch was, once the battle was over, the mercenaries would “go home”. (kind of like using timed gear for your hero). And, how about (also more like real life), troops that are “promoted” over a period of time, and/or as they gain battle experience. The general incentive to build troops would be the same, but all of them would start as T1s. then get promoted. And, the incentive to “do battle” would be big, because your troops get promoted quicker with more battle experience. Guess that might be to radical of a change to the game at this point. Another way to “pay back” those who built huge T1 armies, is to “promote them” at a certain ratio of T1s, to T2/3/4. Just thoughts.

    1. E11evenB says

      I agree if I could promote every 12 T1 to a T3 (based on power) I would be happy, but they basically threw 250k gold and said good luck! But when I add up the res and time in speed ups the cost in gold is 11 million.

  44. drums326 says

    If people have spent money training T1 and now MZ is changing the integrity of that investment, then this constitutes theft.

  45. BobMM says

    This fix sounds like it will fix the “unattackable” problem of people hoarding T1s, sure. But I would love to see the fix for people hoarding T3s or T4s. I am not sure what a great solution is to that sort of endgame space. We have never had a KvK in our kingdom (fairly young), but we have 3 people over 1B in power. You can’t zero a guy like that. Even with all of the new core pieces and more powerful relics, unless rally sizes were to dramatically be increased, it is suicidal to attack big players, whether they have millions of T1s, T3s, or T4s. And is it fair to those players that have amassed a large army, to suddenly provide a way for them to be zeroed by people fractions of their size?

    Heck, for most of us, it’s suicidal to attack anyone over 50M power solo, and that limits your options quite a bit. I’m not sure what a great solution to this is. You could have a penalty for being at 0 food (starving troops get a debuff the longer they starve, maybe -10% stats per hour?, with a negative deficit building up, and you have to get back to 0 to get rid of the debuff?), but then the gap between spenders and those who don’t also gets bigger. Someone who spend thousands to get to 1B power probably won’t balk at spending a bit more on food every now and then to keep his troops alive, or he’ll shield until he needs to attack, then eat a bunch of food.

    One alternative could be a “troop size” limit to strongholds. Maybe at 21 your city can only hold so many troops, maybe each villa provides “housing” (capacity) for another 1M? I kind of like that idea, it would definitely encourage more attacking and aggression going forward. The largest issue with any of these solutions though is what to do about the people who already have a massive army. And if you kill/nerf what they’ve built, how do you compensate them? Because they are your big spenders, and it doesn’t seem fair to just kick over their sand castle.

    1. Eric h. says

      Our alliance is built around hyper rs’ed cities, 80% don’t have more than one food tile, a food penalty would be devastating. The problem is that there is no way to discern if a city is hiding multi millions of t1 and 2 because it is not represented in their power level, solve that. To nerf the t1 guys but not the unralliable t4 guys seems disingenuous.

  46. E11evenB says

    I ran a test, a full T4 march against my 59mil I have 57mil T1 and 2mil T3. He lost all 375k T4 but DID NOT lose his hero! I lost 14.5mil T1. I lost double the power that he did. I’m SH18 maxed research and no attack/defense boosts on either side except for alter. That gives an idea of the nerfing.

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Thanks for this comment E11evenB

  47. Ivan says

    There’s no sense on changing completely the rules in a game that already started… Some bugs that permit unstopabble power, like zero food no penalties, they dont fix. They are just making things for the big big spenders, by sometime all others middle players will kick this game out and the spenders will have no one to atack, because will only rest the Billion players with million T4 that simply cant be attacked. The game will rest like a ghost world, the zoombie apocalipse.

    I already spent 400$ on this game and even with this expense, im begining to see that MZ is acting like a mafious cassino . I already participated of 3 alliances, and I saw, in only two months, about 30 dedicated players giving up because they saw that its becoming more and more not a game about strategy or dedication, but about how much money you spend.

  48. Dan says

    Honestly this kind of makes sense to me, a tier 4 troop is supposed to be head and tails above what a tier 1 troop is, So if the ratio is now 1 tier 4 can kill 11 tier 1….given the costs involved and such that seems somewhat equivalent. The other problem with this strategy is how quickly it would become the standard. Tier 4 would be well beyond pointless and in the end attacking would become pointless because why even attempt it when most of the time youre just going to die on a pile of tier 1s. This nerf has to happen otherwise there is no point in building up

  49. thanks MZ says

    Nerfing was the correct thing to do. With research and gear being the same t4 troops are 18 times more powerful than t1 troops. So in theory 1 t4 should be able to take out 18 t1 troops. So in those rallies against 60mil t1 many more t1 troops should be lost. Making it 1 for 1 loss was completely wrong.

  50. SYG says

    An alliance mate of mine just post a pic of a 1.75 million rally did to a 36 million T1 account – the rally killed off 11 million of the T1s and the rally lost 966k. Talk about game changer. MZ really screwed the landmine SH.

  51. derek says

    i agree with a previous post it isn’t necessarily about this “nerfing” but it is about the nerfing that will come tomorrow?

    Why can’t i have 40 million t1’s but it is ok to have 40 million t4’s, They both will crush a rally, the only difference is the 40 million t1’s will lose 1.5 million troops(as was shown from the previous post). The 40 million t4’s if they got rallied probably wouldn’t lose much. the t1 account is accepting they will lose 1.5 million troops each rally they will have to rebuild. Is 55K gold they get from the event enough to rebuild that many troops? I don’t know how many people can join a rally but if you had the max players that all the millions of t4’s they could crush these traps forcing the person to shell out more money and time to rebuild and eventually break them so they stop rebuilding. the t4 players would probably lose a lot of troops but that is what war is.

    The biggest players in the game don’t seem to want to play with a lot of strategy they just want to show up and hit. I have seen people hit SH15-20 with 10-15M power with out scouting because they just assume they will win when they send 375K t4. Now the game has changed a little you need a little more strategy to play you can’t just slam your money at another account and expect a victory. Scout first, if Anti is on, send a small march if they all die you can either try to send more or don’t attack. Or call in some friends to make a small rally to test the waters.

    I would have rather seen an increased march or rally limit then MZ making a decision what strategy you can and can not use in the game.

    This announcement made we want to quit the game, especially how they called this strategy of fending off an attack by players with billions of power lame. This strategy reminded me of the Germans invasion of Russia in World War II. The Russians just kept sending in more and more troops to fend off the invading army.

    If it wasn’t for the money that i have already put into it i probably would have stopped . And i don’t even have a trap account.

    1. El Barto says

      Yeah thats MZ! Its okay and its not lame at all, to spend shitloads $$$ and train 40mil T4! You are boss! But train 40 Mil T1. I Dare YOU!! You kill rallys without spending enough $$$, that is so lame!

      ppls MZ plz tell me why amassing T1 is lamer then amassing T4 !
      MZ you made T1 a 2power Unit, and MZ YOU MADE T4 a 36 Power Unit.
      And now its lame when a 130Mil Acc eats a whole T4 Rally.

      I tell you what it is dear MZ, ist just the way you made this game. And if you didnt want it to work like that then you shouldnt have been so LAME IN BRAIN to make that possible.
      If your players are doing the math on this game better then you then you call them lame, shame on you MZ! shame on you!

      MZ I HAVE A VERY GOOD IDEA FOR YOU: make T5 T6 and T7 TRoops for xxx Years of Research!!!!
      and then nerf T4 cause its SO MTHRFCKN LAME TO AMASS T4 TROOPS, COME ON !!!

      1. Tokyohenjin says

        Two main differences between amassing T1s and amassing T4s.

        First, if you have a ton of T4s that gets reflected in your power, which is one of the tools people use to decide whether and how to attack. 40 million T4s is 40m x 32 = 1.28b troop power alone. Are you about to attack a city that big? But 40 million T1s is 40m x 2 = 80m troop power. My kingdom rallies people up to around 350m power, so you know 80-100m is getting attacked.

        Second, it’s extremely difficult to amass that many T4 troops, making that kind of power very rare. (Assuming standard 5m x 3 rss + 2.5m silver/5,000 troops, we’re talking 120b rss and 20b silver.) The problem with mass T1 is it breaks that rarity because everyone can do it. Imagine a scenario where the vast majority of players have 1.28b power of T4s–not much attacking going to happen there right? Same thing when everyone has mass numbers of T1s.

    2. Eric h. says

      Well said, Derek

  52. E11evenB says

    I also am one of the “lame” individuals that amassed a huge T1 army. About 57mil. So yes this is very irritating, to change the mechanics of the game is understandable but to punish people for being smarter than the enemy isn’t really fair. Also I find the fact that offering me 250k gold as compensation is an insult.

  53. LynnieV says

    I think this problem and others point back to one of the central absurdities of this game: you don’t really need to feed your troops. If you had to support all the troops you built, people would have to think a lot smarter about which troops they built and how many instead of dealing in these absurdly high numbers to begin with.

    1. derek says

      great point

    2. GOW Player says

      Agree !

      1. HJH says

        most of the people with those trap accounts have 0 upkeep anyway. they simply got the gold one year anniversary helm and added the 50% upkeep reduction item. so even if feeding troops comes into play it’s not a concern at all

  54. RallyMeGood says

    I cant type lol “10 mil T1 and she got an email saying her account was being Nerfed.”

  55. RallyMeGood says

    The limit must be high as only a small number of players are affected. A member of my alliance has an account with 10 mil T4 and she got an email saying her account was being tested. We also tested how baldy they are nerfed and the attack after nerfing did about 20 x more damage. She did however receive 250k compensation from MZ to account for the fact that most of her army is uselss

  56. Lion says

    Almost everyone uses some level of this strategy to help protect their t3/4 troops if nothing else. No matter what they do this will have an effect on game play for almost everyone and not just the 116 players. At the very least MZ owes all players exactly what they are doing so we all know how to build our cities and protect our high value troops.

    1. 2pipes says

      Everyone? I didn’t and very few in my alliance either.

  57. edu says

    Damn.. i already build 15 barack to train T1, destoyed all my hospital to do this and selling silver to get speed up.

    Why MZ do this??? We must sent million of mail to MZ!!!!

  58. GOW Player says

    I agree with your first line of thought, that it took creativity and effort to come up with the idea and to execute it. As mentioned by other players, most of these landmine accounts are easily recognisable, so it was a surprise to hear that they are a problem and required intervention by the makers !

  59. Anomoumousy says

    Does anyone know what the limit is? That is the fundamental question. Someone on our kingdom chat said those with 20 million + would be Nerfed. Wild guess or not I don’t know?

  60. Ladystars says

    116 players are sending anthrax to mz

  61. Ryan Theologo says

    Well done MZ, this strategy was killing the game. It’s the equivalent of 10 men with swords fighting a 1000 babies with blankies and the babies win. Sure, it was a smart strategy, but realistically all that would follow would be that everyone would eventually be forced to follow suit and there would be NO attacking. Everyone would sit back and wait for a hit or hit tiles. And for the record, I have amassed a substantial amount of T1 troops along with my T4, so yes, this nerfing affects me too.

    1. Greg says

      Let’s see the game play when this nerf when the new strategy will be, Don’t play unless your 200+mil with t3/t4.

    2. E11evenb says

      It’s not like guys attacking babies. If the U.S. Invaded China they would whoop the U.S. Because of sheer numbers not combative skill, how is this strategy any different? I do agree there would be a lot less attacking but this is a game of war and in war any strategy goes! If a very skilled army gets ambushed and wiped out they don’t ask the other side to wear handcuffs to make it more fair.

      1. BNet says

        Interesting analogy but very flawed. What makes China equal to US is the nuclear weapons. Otherwise US would be able to blow up China off the world map. No need for troops on the ground to win a war of attrition. Bombs would suffice as US has a much higher level of bomb delivery/accuracy/quantity than China, not to mention China only has 1 aircraft carrier. Where would they send it first? East coast, west coast?

    3. Zman says

      This t1 strategy is like the persians attacking the 300 t4 spartans.

      1. derek says

        no it would be like if the Spartans attacked the Persians. On the persians home turf. The Spartans would have lost, they probably would take a more than 300 persians with them, so i think the new calculations where a t4 can kill more than 1 t1 at a time is a little more accurate.

      2. E11evenB says

        I agree it shouldn’t be 1 to 1 and I was amassing T1 (I’m the 1%) lol. But the fact that you can’t capture a hero is absolutely ridiculous! Just my opinion.

  62. Drums326 says

    I am among the camp that recently restructured my city for mass troop production. While the majority of my production has been strat t4’s, I have started to train several 30k loads of just about every troop type. It’s really disappointing that they are changing the rules after many have spent money on the game. I find the their use of the word “lame,” as insulting and wouldn’t be shocked to see someone go class-action on them.

    1. Zman says

      Yes lame is bad. Its only cool if you spend money to by t4. And then attack t3 troops. That is the not lame part of the game. Not everyone has t4 troops. So what are they supposed to do. How does this affect beggining kingdoms and people that ise t1 to farm. Big implications in this. And now people build a mass of t3 and t4 players will complain once again.

  63. geuksan says

    crap,profit orientated company, i just trained like 400k strat t2 and i hv 600k t3 ,doesn’t know whether it will be affected or not since mz says ‘lower numbers of t1 & t2 will remain unaffected’ , i really wonder what is the cap .stupid big spender find that they cant even win against t1 or t2 and get frustrated cause these players are smart and creative by not only keep blindly throwing money into the game (no offence to those big spender with smart brain)

    *sry for poor english

  64. Greg says

    Tokyohenjin… To bad that your not smart enough to scout the city before attacking. Your alliance rallied a low level player with T4 max and lost. I’d say suck it up and move on.

    1. Tokyohenjin says

      You really think we didn’t scout before rallying? Of course we did, but as it happens there’s a readily-available item that blocks scouts.

      Thing is, that’s supposed to be part of the game. Power levels are there to give you a general idea of a player’s strength relative to yours even when you can’t scout them. Sometimes you attack anti and nail them, sometimes they’re fake rallied, and sometimes you meet a mass of reinforcements and die. But at least in the last case the game is rewarding cooperation and planning.

      If you meet a mass of T1 and die, the game is just rewarding the hoarding of low-level troops and the distorting of power levels. Again, this is a creative strategy; that’s not my problem. My problem is that the end game of this strategy is that 1) everyone starts doing it; and 2) no one attacks anyone with anti at almost any power level. Either way, the number of attacks go way down, and that’s bad for the players no matter which side you’re on.

      1. Eric h. says

        I must say I agree with your game assessment, I’m hoping the nerfing doesn’t come down on the small players.

      2. Kevin says

        Which ultimately leads to less people spending money…which is what the game is all about. I’m a money player. T4, 15 farms almost 300 million power on my main in 6 months. I’ve enjoyed the game, but with the outlook for the future I don’t see me playing much longer. With events not returning speed ups, and with top tier research now at over 3000 days before discounts I can’t see spending several more thousand dollars on a game than may not be around 6 months or a year from now….

  65. tacky says

    i have a screenshot, tell me how to send in. A nerfed acct being slaughtered

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Awesome!! Post in the battle reports forum section. Then put a link in the comments here. I cant wait to see it!

  66. Eric h. says

    So t4 big spenders can continue to amass huge armies and be un-zeroable while the rest of us bend over and take the rallies? It would be nice to see MZ nerf this flaw also.

    1. MadAxx says

      Key word here is “big spenders”, who do you think complained about losing T4’s? They spend the big money, MZ will listen to them.

  67. Sam says

    Does anyone know what the changes actually are? Is it a limit on the number you can have? Did they take troops away from people? Or is it a change in strength or cost of t1/t2?

  68. Tokyohenjin says

    While I appreciate the creativity of this strategy, I think it was nerfed because it exposed a fundamental flaw in the game design. The game is predicated on attacks between cities, but T1 bombs undermined this by strongly disencentivising attacking. You need multiple valid strategies to keep gaming interesting, and this effectively “solved” the game.

    I say this as a member of an alliance that had a 2M T4 rally crushed by a 60m T1 bomb: kudos to them for their creativity. I hope anyone getting nerfed gets compensated some other way, but as far as the strategy goes I’m glad it’s on the way out.

    1. Sam says

      I agree that this strategy is toxic for the game. I think the root of the problem is that the power number you get from each tier isn’t representative of the actual attacking/defending power of the troops.

      Before land mining was a strategy you could have a decent idea of how many troops a 150M power player had. With T1 hoarding now becoming a prevalent strategy someone that size has a chance of eating two thirds of a full rally. This happened to my alliance, and after that not a chance we hit an antiscouted player that size again. And this game already suffers from not enough battles between active players

  69. silver says

    So what was the fix, 1 t4 is going to be able to kill more than one troop? A mill t4 will take out 4 mill t1 ? It’s still a equation, Are we going to get kill numbers larger than the marches

  70. Greg says

    Marches of war elephants on swordsman must be protected even more..

  71. kicking it says

    I think MZ has gone too far here in the name of making more money! Maybe they should focus their efforts on keeping their systems up and not on going after people who are playing the game legit. Kinda ticks me off.

  72. Eric h. says

    Wtf, is this real??? I’ve been busting ass amassing t2. If a t4 player is dumb enought to attack, why is that a bad or cowardly approach. All is fair in war. I might quit if this is real. Is it?

  73. Greg says

    116 individuals are being punished for damaging high level accounts. It sounds like persecution to me. This should be illegal. This game is the ultimate play to win.

    1. Danilo says


  74. MistiK says

    Well hopefully they dont screw it up too bad, they should just make it so if you have over a certain e.g. 500k, they wont do any extra so 2m t1 will do the same damage as 500k or whatever cap they choose.

    1. Marty says

      The question is, what IS the cap? If the cap is 2M T1s, then i will build 2M T1s and 2M T2s. These are my defensive troops. These replace my hospital beds. i can withstand two full rallies of T4s using 4M T1s. By then, I better be online to shield or counter.

      1. Matt says

        The cap is 14.9 mil T1. The nerf only affects when above that. Still able to have a huge meat shield on big accounts , or massive troops on a trap account.

        1. Chad K
          Chad K says

          Thank you for the update Matt.

      2. Josh says

        Thanks matt, if i have 14m t1 can i also train 14m t2 to go with them without being nerfed?

  75. Z man says

    Wondering what there planning on doing? I just have one march of t1s to farm under attack and wondering how mz will now screw this strategy also.

  76. Chopper says

    What bothers me is I just destroyed 10 lvl 21 hospitals and replaces them with 10 21 villas to speed train t1. If mz doesn’t reimburse me for this I will go to iTunes…… Tho I’ve heard horror stories of accounts getting deactivated after getting compensation from iTunes. Regardless of what they want to call it, lame being there proffered verbiage…… It’s a strategy.

    1. BobMM says

      Correction: WAS a strategy. lol

      1. Karo says

        My question is what happens to all those jumper accs with 2 bil power?

        1. Dillon Heaberlin
          Dillon Heaberlin says

          He’ll I was a sh5 with 1.2 bill power, the nerf only works if you unlock t3/t4. If you don’t unlock them then you will not be nerfed

    2. Danilo says

      I spent a lot of money buying anniversary pack to get the fire helm and do this strategy as well can be, also I spent Mach RSS and time doing this. I sent a mail, if they don’t back me all I will go to iTunes, and justice!

    3. Jason says

      I’ll say first that I have t4 and a ton of t1. I just took a rally from a player much stronger than me. I’m 182 mil and the attacker is 300+ Though I lost the battle I won the fight. I lost 1.9 mil t1 (3.97mil power) and they lost 1.3 mil t3-4 (34.37mil power) from what I can tell this “nerf” is a TROOP NUMBER CAP….. So if your one of those people with 30-60 million t1 your doomed…. Have enough t4 to take the hit yourself I.E. At least 2.25 mil and full t4 traps. IF you are over the troop cap the debuf kicks in and you loose millions instead of loosing the “meat shields”. In this case less is better. Also,,, use relics guys… I see a lot of people not using comon sense…. Defense is your strategy USE defense relics duhhh…. And why would you destroy hospitals for villas?

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