New Banner, Gems, and Accessories

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Christmas is over! All the gifts were handed out!  Now, Demigod has a new banner, gems, and accessories for Ancient Gear.  In this article, we will take a look at each new item and see how they fit into our city setups.

Two New Banners for Your City!

The newest banner is named the “Warm Welcome Banner.” This is a banner that you would use for attacking or for holding the wonder.

  • 2500 % demigod attack
  • 2500% demigod troop attack while holding the wonder
  • 2500% demigod troop health while holding the wonder

There is also a new banner that you can get by completing the rewards streak in the gold store. The “One’s Demigod Predestined Banner” is a great banner for rallies, especially on the wonder, and also wonder holding.

  • 4000% demigod troop, trap, mythic attack
  • 2500% demigod rally attack
  • 3500% demigod wonder holding attack
  • 2500% demigod rally health
  • 3500% demigod wonder holding health
  • 2500% demigod health debuff

You can see how this banner compares to the rest by checking out our Demigod banner guide!

Jolly Gem Set

So, many may be confused because the blog announced this set as the Nobility Gem Set, and we all know that we already had a Nobility set released earlier this year. The actual name is the Jolly gem set. At first glance, some assume it is an attack gem set. However, the Jolly gem set is best for defending.

  • 130 % demigod attack
  • 175% demigod empire defender attack
  • 110% demigod defense’
  • 135% demigod health debuff

The Demigod Gem Guide is a great way to check out the best gems! Be sure to check it out!

New Winter Accessories

The Ancient Gear sets have new accessories to send a chill down your enemies spine! These new accessories add almost double the stats of the original accessories! If you are holding off on the Noble Gear pieces, these are a must have to keep your gear updated.

Demigod Shoguns Winter Conjure
  • 1670% demigod attack
  • 2300% demigod defense
  • 1250% demigod health
  • 620% demigod health debuff
  • 2400% demigod rally attack
Demigod Executioner Iceheart Ring
  • 2370% demigod defense
  • 1250% demigod health
  • 1960% demigod defense debuff
Demigod Kunoichi’s Frost Demon Set
  • 1590% demigod attack
  • 8400% demigod defense
  • 1460% demigod health
  • 1200% demigod attack debuff

There has been some debate about the set bonus since these accessories have been added. If you click on the armory, and then open each gear set, the new accessories are pictured in the gear sets. However, if you do not have one of the new accessories crafted, you will still meet the requirements for the set bonus. As long as you meet the requirements for the base and/or full set bonus, you will receive the stats. When each requirement is met, the stats will be lit up in green and have a green check mark at the top of each gear set when viewed from the armory.

These banners, gems, and accessories are a great way to add to your account! Even if you can’t have them all at once, you can certainly build using one or two things. As we watch the attack grow higher in the Demigod realm, make sure you know what is needed to properly defend your city! There is an easy to follow guide to defending your city that will walk you through step by step.

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