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The Boost Hall. Right away I think I heard a chorus of groans. Just the thought of working in the building sends your heart racing and your blood pressure boiling. HOWEVER, you can take a chill pill and relax because MZ has updated the Boost Hall for everyone!! Now, allow me to make it even easier for you with this article on how to navigate this new Boost Hall. 

New Boost Hall Display

Right away the first thing you notice is a new organization that makes it a million times easier to navigate. There is a blue “Show All Active Boosts” button. Below are the four main categories of boosts; Rewards, Economics, Combat, and Specialty. If you click on one of those, then it opens to a list of sub-categories. This is an addition that many of you requested! You can also see on the right side of each category some numbers. Those are the number of boosts opened compared to the total amount of boost in each section. So a 12/25 next to Combat means that you have twelve active boosts out of twenty-five available in the Combat section of that particular category. This is an amazing time saver! You can quickly glance and see where you are missing stats!

Viewing Sections in the Boost Hall

Now that you have picked a section of the Boost Hall to work on, the arrangement is a bit different as well. Under the section you selected, the available boost come up in a specific order

  1. Listed first are the boost that you have all components to complete, but have not activated yet. These say ACTIVATE in yellow
  2. Second, are the boost that you do not have all components for. They will be in blue and usually show the 1/2  at the bottom, meaning you have one component out of two needed.
  3. Last is the boost that has been activated. These say Active in a grey. 

Show All Active Boost

This is a really cool feature that was not included in the Boost Hall originally. You can click on this button at any time to see which boosts are active. When you click the button you will see the four main categories at the top. All you do is click one and it will list all the active boosts for that section. This will show you all the boosts that you currently have ACTIVE in that section. 

Comprehensive Boost Hall List

Rewards (435)

  1. Combat 111
  2. Debuff 122
  3. March Size 12
  4. Rally & wonder 10
  5. mythics 6
  6. Traps 6
  7. Troops 57
  8. Support 11
  9. Gathering 21
  10. Capacity 22
  11. Production 22
  12. Construction 17
  13. Training 6
  14. Research 12

Economics (456)

  1. Debuff 12
  2. Support 44
  3. Gathering 84
  4. Capacity 88
  5. Production 88
  6. Construction 68
  7. Training 24
  8. Research 48

Combat (1284)

  1. Combat 444
  2. Debuff 476
  3. March Size 48
  4. Rally and wonder 40
  5. mythics 24
  6. Traps 24
  7. Troops 228

Specialty (20)

  1. Comb

Looking Ahead

Make sure you stay with us in April as we cover all the new items that have come up! There is new gear that we are going to be talking about. We are also going to be digging in a little deeper with the boost hall as well!

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I think everyone agrees that this is one of the best updates that has happened in GoW in a VERY long time! The Boost Hall no longer lags. It no longer kicks you off the game after freezing for 5 minutes, The Boost Hall is now a well-organized building that is easy to use. I know I have a lot of work to do in that building that I had put off for a long time!

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