Additional Building Plots

Additional Building Plots Game of War

Additional Urban Building and Rural Building Plots are available in Game of War! The blog describes it very clearly.

Your Empire now has the potential to grow even more: four new Urban Plots and as many Rural Plots of land have just been discovered! Currently one of each of these plots of land can be unlocked – watch for the ability to unlock more in the future. Whether you want to grow more Food for your Troops, gain more Hospital space, get the extra Silver you need, or much more, your options have just expanded.

Urban Plot Buildings You Can Add

There are 14 buildings different buildings available for your Urban Plots, 11 of them can be built only once, but 3 you can add to these new plots: a Barrack, Villa, or Hospital.

barracks buildingVilla_05hospital_05

Rural Plot Buildings You Can Add in Game of War

Four different buildings exist for your Rural Plots, and you can add Farm, Mine, Logging Camp, or Quarry.

farm_05 mine_05 logging_05 quarry_05

These additional plots are now extremely important for rally leaders looking to maximize their Rural Building Boost stats!

Click here to learn more about Rural Building Boosts!

How to Unlock the Land

Master's Sickle Real Master's Shovel Real

Watch for the brand-new Master's Shovel and Master's Sickle for the ability to unlock this new land, and get the edge on the competition!

The Master's Shovel and Master's Sickle are similar to the Daggers and Books of War. You need the shovels and sickles in order to unlock each plot of land. Each additional plot is more expensive than the previous. The final urban plot costs 30,000 Master's Shovels.  Master's Sickles are much easier to obtain and plots are 50,000 Sickles.

How to Get the Master's Shovel

Building Plots Chests main Building Plot Chests 4 Building Plot Chests 3 Building Plot Chests 2 Building Plot Chests

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In order to unlock new Urban or Rural Plots, you need to buy a gold pack with Master's Sickles and Shovels required.  Also, you can obtain these items from your Alliance City Bazaar.

Final Thought

The extra urban buildings will affect the resilience of traps and the add power to rally leaders. Gear is very powerful right now.  Those extra buildings will add additional power.  Also you now have the ability to boost them with time orbs. Please visit our tips on Building Boosts to learn more.


Navi, Darkthorne

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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. Hi Navi , can you tell us how much shovels and sickles are required to unlock all the buildings ?…

    • Hmm, yes, that would be great info to learn. I can tell you that the final urban, inside the city walls, plot costs 30,000 Master’s Shovels to unlock. The others are less.

  2. Very nice, Navi!

  3. Well said by all. It sucks to put in soo much time to the game but gets to the point where you have to spend money to keep playing. Happened with KoC too. Both games went to the crapper. Smh

  4. The first Urban Plot cost 1,000 shovels, the second one cost 5,000 shovels. How many shovels does it take the third and fourth Urban plot to unlock?

  5. I am a very average player. I loved this game when I started, spent a few hundred pounds overall across a dozen cities. Big time investment and would like to keep playing after nearly 2 years in the game. We all know most of the early fun and enjoyment has gone and that is almost entirely because the ever increasing pace of sets, research and other upgrades makes it virtually impossible for an average player to stop from falling further and further behind. Catching up IS impossible regardless of the time put in. It is hard to keep going when almost every week something new from MZ makes your efforts more and more irrelevant and pointless. But I plod along for now because of the time I have put in although I know that sometime soon I will have probably have to stop before my gaming soul is sucked entirely dry…

  6. In other games that I used to play, the extra lands are granted free when you reach a certain level. Here, everything costs real money. I hate you MZ. Money is all you think of.

  7. These new plots are MZ’s most egregious money grab yet!! Even the “bigs” in my kingdom (I am one of them) are complaining and won’t buy these jokes of a pack. If the pattern continues, just wait a few months and all four city plots will cost a mere pack. The problem is too many idiots keep buying, thus giving MZ no reason to change their ways. If everyone would stop blindly giving them all their hard earned money, their revenues would plummet and they would be forced to change their ways. Stayalive77 showed us the way. Things improved for a short time after his boycott and he was one player. If a widespread boycott by a majority of the spenders was enacted we might have a chance of taking back OUR game and protect the substantial investment we have made. On the current course, this game will die and what we have put in will be lost. I would like to see sites like this one become a driving force in making MZ change their ways. It is time for us, the players and spenders, to stand-up and declare war on the worst tyrant of all……..MZ!!!

  8. Great, they open this up, but I’ll be damned if I don’t see it tied to some pack you MUST purchase. $100 for some shit pack that just provides a short-term boost. I really don’t get why people are still spending so much so blindly. A boycott is necessary for MZ to get it’s shit together.

  9. Mz really should change the concept of the game and put the big players in 4 kingdoms and that get between them. while others may be in different kingdoms according to their power. no point in trying to raise power if every time there is a low shield big guy hitting you. 20mm or 50mm players will be more interested in competing with each other. to compete against someone of 1 Bm or 50bm

    • I totally agree with you Senna, Its very unfair being zeroed by 1b or over playesr when you are just 30-50m.
      The king or the queen who holds the wonder should be more involved in bringing the kingdom in order No tiling and small players should be protected from bullies.

      • There are Ancient Advanced teleports out which means everyone can port to your kingdom and attack you and then just return to their home kingdom. That’s why the kingdoms which had NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) before, cancelled it. So no, king can’t and won’t protect anyone but their own alliance members. You are the only one who can protect you, buy shields, ghost rally, send troops to other’s embassy.

  10. If the shovel’s and sickle’s could be purchased with gold, then they extra plots would be worth it, but to spend $100 for one extra plot is completely a huge waste and money grab. The city storage capacity is so low the extra rural plots won’t do much for you. The only real advantage would be the additional training time reduction, hospital beds and training capacity for the city plots. But is the value worth the expense? In true MZ style, I would imagine the shovel’s and sickle’s will start to show up in larger quantities in the coming months and inferno’s (if you want to do a 700 million near impossible inferno but that’s another issue). This is a push to get the BIG, BIG spenders to drop more $$ on this game.

  11. Ultimate attack mode is also up there

  12. This is second most blatant example of MZ money grabbing Bull S$%^ that I have seen. The first being the frostlord gear with it’s over rare materials taking at least 30 packs (ie $3,000) and now giving us new building slots that can only be used if we buy pack after pack.

    Oh well I guess it’s time to finally call the game officially dead. It’s too bad MZ couldn’t get onboard with the players and make the game a true gaming experience, instead of the out right money grab that it became.

  13. Just another way to dig into our pockets.

    • Yep anything to make more money. Dont care bout the smaller blokes. I hear another boycott on the way. Thanks MZ for destroying the game completely.