Emerald Dragon Cores, New Draconic Steadfast Skills

SavageArab Goes Over the Recent GoW Updates Explaining the New Emerald Dragon Gores and New Draconic Steadfast Skills

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New Emerald Cores Custom!

Over the weekend, GoW released some new Emerald Dragon Cores and New Draconic Steadfast Skills. Additionally, MZ has been putting out new events to keep the game fresh and exciting along with multiple KvK events.

The New Emerald Dragon Cores have multiple pieces ranging in various attack bonuses. The bonuses, depending on the piece, can offer Empire Assault Attack, Troop Attack, Rally Attack, but SavageArab is enjoying the Enemy Troop Health, Attack, and Defense Debuff pieces.

New Draconic Hero 3 Steadfast Skills are out and they offer a lot of Empire Defense, which is a nice addition. Empire Defender Troop Attack has a bonus of +2,600%, +1,200% bonus to Health, and +3,600% Defense bonus.

SavageArab also made a note for players that the new Emerald Dragon Cores have a visual glitch and are not showing the appropriate bonuses for players. However, you can always check your reports to see an accurate bonus to calculate your stats, so keep that in mind until MZ fixes the glitch.

Did you have a chance to enjoy some of the FFA and KvK events? Are you planning to craft the new Emerald Core Set? What are some of the pieces that you are planning to use? Is the Draconic Steadfast Skills a nice implementation or do you want something more?

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