New Demi Stronghold Levels and Updated Garrisons

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There has been a slew of new buildings and new building levels the past few weeks in Game of War. Demi Stronghold Levels were released, the Master Garrison was updated, and now the Training Garrison is back in play. Today we will take a look at all of the new buildings, their stats, and their functions.

Strongholds to 1170

New stronghold levels are not exactly “new” to us. They are released every so often, so we’ve come to expect them. With an increase in Demi Stronghold levels though, that means an increase in March Sizes. This is something that everyone must adjust for. Not only are solo and rally sizes getting bigger, but more attack is added as well.

If you are a trap, you want to make sure you are making adjustments to your wall traps and mythics to combat these bigger rallies. Traps do not always need to increase their building levels. In fact, that could deter leads from hitting you! However, these new levels also offer defense and attack debuff, so it would be smart to upgrade a few levels at least to get that extra defense boost.

Now, if you are playing as a Rally Lead or Wonder account, maxing your Demi stronghold level is important. You want to have the biggest rally size to do the most damage to those traps we were just talking about. Since the game is incredibly defense-heavy right now, any bit of Attack and Defense debuff that you can find, you want to get.

Notable Demi Stronghold Level 1170 Stats:
  • 8,000%  Attack
  • 4,000% Health
  • 12,000%  Defense
  • 4,000% Attack Debuff
  • 2,500% Health Debuff
  • 5,500% Defense Debuff
  • 6,400% Trap Attack
  • 3,200% Trap Health
  • 9,600 Trap Defense
  • 1 Million Troop March Size Increase
  • 500,000 Trap March Size Increase
  • 500,000 Mythic March Size Increase
  • 5 Million Rally Troop Size Increase
  • 2.5 Million Trap Rally Size Increase
  • 2.5 Million Mythical Rally Size Increase

The Master Garrison is Back!

So, one of the biggest questions we hear is “What does the Master Garrison do?” The short answer is this, it provides extra stats. If anyone remembers a year ago, during the “crazy times” of Game of War, you will remember that to the left of your stronghold, there was an onslaught of different buildings. Those buildings were all different garrisons. It was confusing for all of us.

Finally, MZ merged the stats from all those garrisons into one “Master” Garrison. So, there really isn’t a specific function for the building per se, you won’t use it for anything, you just need to upgrade it to get the additional stats. Make sure, if you were below level 10 at the time of the new release, that you check the packs for the Instant Master Garrison Level 10 item.

Notable Master Garrison Level 20 Stats:
  • Trap Defense Debuff 8,000%
  • Debuff on Trap Health 4,000%
  • Trap Attack Debuff 6,000%
  • Attack Debuff 4,500%
  • Defense Debuff 4,500%
  • Health Debuff 4,500%
  • Health 2,500%
  • Defense 7,500%
  • Attack 5000%

Promote up to T7 in the Training Garrison!

The Training Garrison is a very useful, and slightly tricky, building. Let’s say you have a ton of T4, but now you need to use T5 for a meat shield on your account. Previously you would have had to train all new T5 and then dismiss all those T4.

Seems like a waste of resources to just dismiss so many T4 troops, doesn’t it? Well, with the Training Garrison, you can now easily promote the T4 to T5!!  You can also use the Training Garrison to balance out your troops. If you are low on Cav T5, just promote some Infantry T5 to Cav T5 and you are all set.

The cost to train troops is more than the cost to promote troops. The Training Garrison is definitely a useful building. The packs will have an Instant Upgrade Training Garrison to level 100 item to use.

Promotion Levels:

  • Promote T4 to T5 at level 101
  • Level 109 allows promotion of T5 to T6
  •  T6 can be promoted to T7 at level 111

With all the new buildings, there are plenty of places to improve your stats, build your march sizes, and work on your troop composition. The really nice part about it all is now once previously dead buildings have been brought back to life. If you would like a break down of the other Demigod buildings, you can check out the Demigod City Setup Guide! 

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