A Glance at New Dragon Dimension Research Part 2

A Closer Look at Voyagers Rewards and Draconic Battlemark Research

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Last week we took a closer look at two of the newer Researches in the Dragon Dimension. This week we are going to take a look at the two newest research trees in the Dragon Dimension. Research provides a plethora of stats within the Dragon Dimension so it is important to know the basics about your different Research Trees.

If you did not get a chance to take a closer look at the previous article, please sure you go back and do so. Also, for an even closer look at Research, we will provide you with a list of links covering various aspects of Research within the Dragon Dimension.

Prioritize your Research in the Dragon Dimension

Strategic Troops Explored 

A Glance at New Dragon Dimension Research Part 2

New Dragon Dimension Research

Research is continually expanding in the Dragon Dimension. It continues to give us new research with stats to continually increase our strength. Since Strategic Troop Research was released we have also seen the following research join us in the Dragon Dimension:

  1. Draconic Ascension
  2. Wild Combat
  3. Voyager’s Rewards
  4. Draconic Battlemarks

New Research

Last week we were able to discuss Wild Combat and Draconic Ascension Research. This week we will be focusing in on Voyager’s Rewards and Draconic Battlemarks. In addition, we will give you some quick tips on how to prioritize the newest Research.

Voyagers Rewards Research

Voyager's Rewards ResearchVoyager’s Rewards is our newest Rewards Research. There are multiple places you can get items for this research from events to packs. This tree provides nice boosts to help continue to give your Empire boosts where you need them.

This Research is divided into three sections. Each section requires a different material and focuses on different stats. To open research further down in each section, you must have achieved level 5 on the researches above.

Materials Needed for this Research

Voyager’s Rewards research requires three different types of materials. Also, do not forget that because it is a rewards research it does use rewards speedups instead of your regular speedups. Materials needed can be found below:

  1. Voyager’s Research Tomes- This material is used for the first section that begins with Cavalry Defense and ends with March Speed. This section has some general stats in addition to some stats specific to defenders.
  2. Epic Voyager’s Research Tome- This is required by the second section that begins with Empire Assault Defense and ends with March Size. This section mainly has stats that are specific to Attackers with some General Stats mixed in.
  3. Legendary Voyager’s Research Tome- This material is needed beginning with Wonder Troop Health Bonus and runs to the end of the Research tree. This section contains Wonder stats as well as some debuff and March Size stats.

Special Abilities Given by this Research

There are no special abilities given by this research. This research mainly focuses in on combat stats and some march size stats.

March Stats in this Research

Stats that help with the March included in this research are as follows:

  • March Speed- Section 1
  • March Size- Section 2
  • March Size Bonus II- Section 3
  • Rally Capacity- Section 3

General Combat Stats within this Research

The following are stats that can apply to all players in different situations:

  • Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Defense (Max: 1,000%)- Section 1
  • Troop Attack with Hero (Max: 600%)- Section 1
  • Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Attack (Max: 1,000%)- Section 2

Debuff Stats within this Research

Next up we have Debuff stats that can be found within this research:

  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 600%)- Section 3
  • Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 1,000%)- Section 3
  • Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (Max: 400%)- Section 2

Stats for Defenders only in this Research

These stats only apply to defenders and are only in Section 1:

  • Empire Defender Attack (Max: 1,000%)
  • Empire Defender Defense (Max: 1,200%)
  • Empire Defender Health (Max: 600%)

Stats for Attackers only in this Research

These stats are specific to players attacking Strongholds and are only in section 2:

  • Empire Assault Defense (Max: 600%)
  • Empire Assault Health (Max: 1,200%)
  • Empire Assault Attack (Max: 1,200%)

Stats for Wonder Players only in this Research

The following stats are for Wonder players only and are only in Section 3:

  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus (Max: 600%)
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 1,000%)
  • Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder (Max: 1,000%)

Stats for Rallies only in this research

The following stat can be found in this research and only applies to players who are rallying. This can be a rally against another player or the Wonder.

  • Rally Attack Bonus: (Max: 1,200%)

Draconic Battlemark Research

Draconic Battlemark ResearchFinally, we have the newest research that is being offered in the Dragon Dimension. Draconic Battlemark Research is taking our Battlemarks out of the prehistoric status and into the present by providing stats when Battlemarking an enemy. In addition, with the release of Battlemark Research, there has also been a release of items to unlock some of the older features of Battlemarks we knew in the Demi Dimension so we can see if our opponent’s Hero is home or not.

This research tree is set up like traditional research, however, the path through this tree is not a straight shot. As you move you will need to check your prerequisites to open different researches.

Materials Needed for this Research

To complete this research, you will need only one material. For this research, you will need, Draconic Battlemarks Research Tomes.

Special Abilities Given by this Research

This research has three new special abilities to be aware of:

  • Increase Battle Mark Duration
  • Increase Battle Mark Target Limit
  • Stats increased when an enemy is battle marked will be covered below

March Size Stats in this Research

This research provides both a March size increase and Rally Capacity increase:

  • March Size I
  • Rally Capacity

General Combat Stats within this Research

Note that some of these stats are specific that the target must be battle marked to receive the benefit from them. However, there are also stats available that do not require you to battle mark your enemy.

  • Troop Attack versus battle Marked Target- Increases your Troop Attack when your Target is battle marked
  • Battle Mark Infantry, Ranged, and Calvary Defender- Increases Infantry, Ranged, or Defense (Max: 1,800%) and Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 400%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Calvary Attack vs Battle Marked Target (Max: 1,500%)
  • Troop Attack vs Battle Marked Target- Increases your Troop Attack Bonus when the enemy is Battle Marked (Max 750%)
  • Troop Armor Bonus-  Increases your total Troop Armor Bonus (Max: 1,800%)
  • Troop Health Bonus- Increases your total Troop Health Bonus (Max: 1,800%)
  • Troop Attack Bonus- Increases your total Troop Attack Bonus (Max: 1,200%)

Debuff Stats within this Research

This research contains no debuff stats

Stats for Defenders only in this Research

This research includes no stats for defenders only.

Stats for Attackers only in this Research

This research includes no stats for attackers only.

Stats for Wonder Players only in this Research

The following stats only apply to Wonder Players:

  • Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder (Max: 1,500%)
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Attacking the Wonder (Max: 1,500%)

Prioritizing the Newest Research

The Newest Research is full of great stats. However, it does require time, money, and resources to complete this research. So how do we prioritize it in the grand scheme of things? I have three realtips for you on how to prioritize the newest research.

Realtip Number One: Ensure that you have your building blocks

New research is important because of the amount of stats available in it. However, building blocks are essential as well. So ensure that you go back to the basics and work on those beginning researches before beginning to dive into the Newest Research.

Realtip Number Two: Always compare costs versus Stats

You will notice that we included what stats are available and what the stat increase is at max. However, currently, you may be able to get more stats from Research A then Research B. As Research gets older it becomes easier to get materials to complete it. So while Research A may have a ton more attack then Research B the level you can complete is important to note as well.

I may only be able to afford x amount of materials for Research B to get me to level 3 or 4 while with Research A which is more affordable I can max it out for overall more stat gains. The information button for the research is your best friend when it comes to knowing how your increases will look at different levels. Make sure you spend the time to compare and contrast.

Check Stats


Realtip Number Three: Know what stats you need

Knowing what stats you need and what different stats do is imperative so you are doing research that is best applicable to you. The last thing you want to do is waste materials on researches that ultimately not going to help you. We cover some of this in this article, however, for even more definitions and a closer look at stats that are applicable to you check out this series:

How To Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension

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