New Hero Research – Behemoth Monster

“I was working in the lab late one night

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight

For my monster from his slab began to rise

And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash”

It’s October and we’re all getting in the mood for ghouls and monsters. Game of War has joined us with new monsters to smash!

New Research in your Hero tree is now available! It’s been awhile since monsters have been updated and the boosts have fallen to the point of a drop in the bucket compared to current stats. However with the new research, we have three new Behemoths as well as some amazing stats! Not only that but we get a new monster gear too!

The Research

So let’s take a look at this research. It has three parts which we will take a look at: Monster Benefits, March Size Benefits, and Combat Benefits. In order to complete this research, you need Monster Pelts and Monster Jawbones. So let’s break this down a little further.

1. Monster Benefits

There are three new monsters with this release. Those are:

  1. Ultimate Behemoth Monster
  2. Supreme Behemoth Monster
  3. Exalted Behemoth Monster

Unlocking them allows you to join in the battle of smashing these monsters with your fellow alliance members. In addition to that, there is a research to make your attack stronger, speed your energy recovery, and increase the speed of your monster march.

However, probably the most helpful thing here is the Ultimate, Supreme, and Exalted Behemoth Boost Modifiers. These modifiers will allow the behemoth boosts you get when your alliance kills behemoths to multiply in strength. Check out some of the new Boosts!!

2. March Size Benefits

This research also increases the size of marches. So again we have an increased Rally and Solo size! These marches keep getting bigger! Here’s what this adds:

  • 333M Solo Troop March Size
  • 500M Solo Mobile Trap March Size
  • 4T Rally March Size
  • 2T Rally Mobile Trap March Size

To rallies that are already ranging between 32 to 33 Trillion with troop and traps combined, this will give us a new max rally size and we will start to see rallies closer to 39 trillion! This will give some players the edge on the Wonder and against specific opponents!

3. Combat Benefits

As with any Research tree, we also have some combat benefits that come along and it includes research for Attack, Wonder, and Defense.

For Attack, the stats that are going to be huge are 1k% Multi-Kill (this is the biggest we have seen this boosted so far), 100T% Triple Massacre Attack, and 83.3TTT Triple Attack. These stats are going to further increase already pretty high attack levels which will force defenders to adjust.

There is hope for Defenders in this tree as well. There's 20MT Triple defense and 20MT Resolute Defense to help traps and fillers further increase their stats. As I have mentioned many times in the past, research is the hidden power of a great trap. While there are other places to get bigger defense boosts, these boosts are certainly a help as well!!

Don’t worry! Wonder fighters were not forgotten. In addition to the added attack, there's a 25KTTT Rally & Wonder Health available in this research tree!

Get to researching so you can go out and do the Monster Mash!

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  1. So, where/how do I get monster pelts and jawbones?