New Monsters, Chat Features, and Gear Updates!

SavageArab goes over new updates including a new Chat Feature in GoW, Paladin of Sola Gear Updates, and New Monsters! (Yep, new monsters)...

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SavageArab goes over the most recent updates for GoW including new monsters, Paladin of Sola Gear updates, and new chat features to use in-game!

For our Wonder players, you’ll want to level up your Paladin of Sola Gear to 50! It gives 1,400% attack and defense, 420% Rally Buff, and 240% Enemy Health Debuff.

The new chat features give players a way to notify players both in-game and outside of GoW! You can send notifications to your fellow players when you see them getting attacked, or when you need to send an important message to your friends.

New Monsters (SavageArab’s favorite)! The three new monsters are all Wonder based, offering 2,500% Wonder Troop Attack and Health buff. However, each monster offers a bonus to a specific troop: Minotaur = Infantry Bonus, Cyclops = Ranged Bonus, and Alicorn = Calvary Bonus.

The NightThrill Meta Event is taking place this Wednesday through Thursday for twelve hours. During the Meta Event, there will be Zeus’ Flashes that will give players the opportunity to enjoy different events and earn prizes.

Lastly, SavageArab is looking for professional Traps and Account Builders to interview for future videos! Make sure to contact him in Line, Social Media and other means to nominate your favorite trapper and/or account builder for Savage to interview in future videos.

What are your thoughts on the new Monsters? Are you a fan of the new Monsters? Are you a Wonder Player who wants to test these out? Will you be participating in the NightThrill Meta Event? Can you recommend an amazing trap or account builder to interview?

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