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Up until now, the monsters in the monster lair were only able to be used by attacking another empire. The only benefit for defending players came from the lair stats itself. With the new release, monsters are available to add to your wall as a defensive feature. Plus, when you level up your lair to 1165, the monsters can also be used while defending the wonder.

Monsters for Defense

To use a monster for defense purposes, there are a couple of things you have to look at. First, your wall has to be at level 1100. Second, you will need to have the unlocks for each slot, which is currently available in packs. Each slot requires 1 million unlocks respectively.

Once you have met the requirements, you can then assign one monster to each slot. Keep in mind that any monster that is assigned to your wall can NOT be used in your solos or rallies. At the top of your screen you will see this message when you are searching for monsters to apply :

Select a monster to defend your empire. A defending monster cannot be sent on Marches, however, their combat stats are applied during combat at your city”

Which Monster Should I Choose?

The correct answer is always going to depend on your city itself. What works for you may not work for someone else. With that being said, this is a defensive feature, so the natural decision will be monsters that work best for defending. Let’s take a closer look at the monsters and their stats.

(For more help learning how to defend your city, you can check out our article about Defending in the Demigod Realm!)

Monster Stats

Currently, these are the relevant monsters, with Demigod stats, that can be assigned to your walls. Keep in mind that all monsters have 4800% attack and 4200% rally attack, with the exception being the Serpent that has 7200% attack and 4200% rally attack.

Defense Monsters

  • Golem: 7500% defense, 5500% attack debuff
  • Alicorn: 6000% defense, 4400% attack debuff, 4400% defense debuff
  • Sea Dragon: 6000% defense, 4400% health debuff

The Empirelord and Wonderlord monsters both have 6000% defense as well. However, they are best suited to use in marches as they have empire rally attack and health.

Type Attack Monsters

  • Thunderlord Forest Dragon (Infantry): 5000% Thunderlord attack, 6000% defense
  • Firelord Forest Dragon (Ranged): 5000% Firelord attack, 6000% defense
  • Waterlord Forest Dragon (Cavalry): 5000% Waterlord attack. 6000% defense
  • Bone Ice Dragon, Frost Giant, Polar Bear: 3750% Waterlord attack, 3750% Firelord  attack, 3750% Thunderlord attack

Debuff Monsters

  • Alicorn: 4400% attack debuff, 4400% defense debuff, 6000% defense
  • Polar Bear: 5500% attack debuff, 3750% type attack, 4500% defense
  • Frost Giant: 5500% defense debuff, 750% type attack, 4500% defense
  • Bone Ice Dragon: 5500% health debuff, 750% type attack, 4500% defense
  • Sea Dragon: 4400% health debuff, 600% defense
  • Golem: 5500% attack debuff,7500 defense
  • Volcanic Dragon: 3600% defense debuff, 4200% empire rally attack, 3600% empire rally health

Rally and Wonder Attack Monsters

(Reminder that all monsters have attack and rally attack as stated above in bold)

  • Volcanic Dragon: 4200% empire rally attack, 3600% empire rally health, 3600% defense debuff, 4500% defense
  • Serpent Dragon: 7200 attack, 4200% rally attack, 6000% defense
  • Empirelord Forest Dragon: 4200% empire rally attack, 3600% empire rally health, 6000% defense
  • Wonderlord Forest Dragon: 3600% wonder rally attack, 3900% wonder rally health, 6000% defense

Monster Lair 1165

With the new monsters comes new levels to the monster lair. The monster lair upgrade is huge for wonder players, not only in the stats but the ability to defend the wonder with a monster as well. To upgrade the lair you will need to purchase the Monster Spoils materials from packs.

The max available stats for the lair are as follows:

    • 8500% defense
    • 5500% defense debuff
    • 7500% health debuff
    • 18400% wonder attack

As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch the monsters in the wonder. The monsters that you send in the rally are the ones that stay in the wonder. More than likely this is something that will be changed in the future. If that does happen, we will update the article to keep everyone in the loop!

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