A Glance at New Dragon Dimension Research Part 1

A Closer look at the latest Game of War Research in the Dragon Dimension

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Research is an essential part of Game of War. Lately, we have seen multiple new research trees join us in the Dragon Dimension. These new researches bring a plethora of stats and new abilities to make our lives in the Dragon Dimension better. From Wild Troops to Battlemark stats these items are evolving the game as we know it. Some of this research has brought old familiar things back and all of it provides great stats to boost our builds.

For a comprehensive look at Research in the Dragon Dimension before what is covered here and tips and tricks to reduce your research costs be sure to read:

Prioritize your Research in the Dragon Dimension

This article will cover subsequent researches that have been released since that time, excluding Strategic Research. For more information Strategic Troop Research be sure to read our article on Strategic Troops:

Strategic Troops Explored 

Prioritizing the Newest Research

The Newest research will need its level of prioritization. Prioritizing this research will allow you to be able to figure out how to work it in among any older Research you are still working to complete. If you are looking for a guide on how to prioritize the older Researches please go back and read, Prioritize your Research in the Dragon Dimension.

We will cover more in-depth on how to prioritize the newest researches later, however, while you look through the information provided on these new researches be sure to keep an eye on the stats offered.

For each combat stat, we will list the max amount available when you max the research. Knowing what each research offers for your playstyle and how much will be essential when it comes time to decide where to spend your resources first.

New Research in the Dragon Dimension

Research is continually expanding in the Dragon Dimension. It continues to give us new research with stats to continually increase our strength. Since Strategic Troop Research was released we have also seen the following research join us in the Dragon Dimension:

  1. Draconic Ascension
  2. Wild Combat
  3. Voyager’s Rewards
  4. Draconic Battlemarks

New ResearchEach of these researches has something that makes them unique and today we will begin to cover these researches more in-depth so you can feel more comfortable navigating the newest research.

Draconic Ascension Research

Draconic Ascension ResearchDraconic Ascension Research is unique in that it has minimal prerequisites to be able to move to the next research. Once you have unlocked a research you can pick and choose where you want to level. For example, say that you have minimal ascension materials and you are looking to increase your attack.

You can take Empire Defending Attack from level 1 to level 10 even if the rest of the research is only at a level 1. This is a research tree that allows you in that sense to pick and choose your stats. To unlock the research you simply need to have the previous researches at level One.

Materials needed for this Research

To complete this research, you will need three different materials that can be obtained from packs and various events at times.

  1. Draconic Ascension Research Tome I- This material is used for the researches above Max Mercenary Troop Capacity
  2. Draconic Ascension Research Tome II- This material is used starting at Max Mercenary Troop Capacity and everything above Wonder March Speed
  3. Draconic Ascension Research Tome III- This material is used starting with Wonder March speed and for the rest of the research from that point.

Special Functions in this Research

This research has a couple of special functions that will help you to be able to improve your Game of War experience:

  1. Maximum Trap Count- While traps are not widely used at this time if you are looking to expand your trap count this is one way you can do so
  2. Hero Ransom- This research brought the Hero Ransom back! Complete this research and then ransom away
  3. Max Mercenary Troop Capacity
  4. Training Queue Increase
  5. Max Troop Count- Increases your troop capacity
  6. Rally Time Reduction- Tired of waiting so long for your rally to march? This research allows you to send your march earlier!

March Stats in this Research

There are several stats in this research that help with the speed and size of different marches.

  1. Stronghold March Speed Debuff- Slows your enemies down when they are on the attack
  2. Solo March Speed
  3. Solo March Size
  4. Wonder March Speed
  5. Rally Capacity
  6. Rally March Speed Debuff

General Stats

These are stats that are available and useful to every player.

  1. Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry HP (Max: 400%)
  2. Troop Attack with Hero (Max: 400%)
  3. Troop Defense (Max: 600%)
  4. Troop Attack Bonus (Max: 600%)

Debuff Stats

Debuff Stats can be very helpful, however, be sure you strengthen your stats before you start working on debuffing your enemies stats.

  1. Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 400%)
  2. Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (Max: 400%)
  3. Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 400%)

Defensive Specific Stats

These stats only apply to defenders!

  1. Empire Defending Attack (Max: 800%)
  2. Empire Defender Defense (Max: 800%)
  3. Empire Defending HP (Max: 500%)

Wonder Specific Stats

These stats only apply to Wonder Players.

  1. Wonder Holding Troop Attack (Max: 800%)
  2. Wonder HP (Max: 600%)
  3. Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 800%)

Attack Specific Stats

These stats only apply to attackers who are attacking other Empires.

  1. Empire Assault Defense (Max: 800%)
  2. Empire Assault Attack (Max: 800%)
  3. Empire Assault HP (Max: 500%)

Wild Combat Research

Wild Combat ResearchWild Combat Research rounds out our troop choices in the Dragon Dimension. This research tree brings back the fun of Wild Troops for the Old School Game of War Players who remember the days of Regular, Strategic, and Wild Troops.

Materials Needed for this Research

To complete this research, you will need Wild Combat Research Tomes. The costs and prerequisites for this research are very similar to that of our Strategic Troops so be sure to review that article if you are looking for more information.

It is important to note, if not, self-explanatory that research is very important when it comes to your troops and the more you have done the stronger your troops will be. Also, if you go back to some of the basic concepts we addressed with Strategic troops this remains the same for Wild Troops.

Recall as said in the Strategic Troops Article (Rewritten to apply to Wild Troops):

  1. Wild Troops are stronger than Strategic Troops.
  2. While this is the case if you look closely at the Wild Research Tree you will notice that the stats added are not Wild Specific.
  3. What this means is that if your stats are not high enough there are situations where Strategic Troops may beat Wild Troops.
  4. Early Adopters of this feature can get substantial stat increases that will allow them to have a high level of success.
  5. However, what this also means for traps is that there is still the ability to defend as you work to increase your research.

Special Abilities included with this Research

Below you will see a list of the different things this research will make a possibility for you:

  1. Tier 1 Wild Troops
  2. Tier 2 Wild Troops
  3. Tier 3 Wild Troops
  4. Tier 4 Wild Troops
  5. Max Troop Capacity
  6. Max Mythical Troop Capacity

March Stats included with this Research

The March Stats included with this research are:

  1. Solo March Size
  2. Rally Capacity Bonus

Debuff Stats included with this Research

Debuff Stats included with this Research are as follows:

  1. Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 600%)
  2. Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (Max: 800%)
  3. Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 800%)

General Stats included with this Research

These are stats that can benefit any type of player:

  1. Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack Bonus (Max: 1,200%)
  2. Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Health Bonus (Max: 800%)
  3. Troop Health with Hero (Max: 800%)
  4. Troop Attack with Hero (Max: 1,200%)
  5. Troop Health (Max: 800%)
  6. Troop Attack (Max: 1,500%)

Defender Specific Stats included with this Research

These stats are specific to those defending their Stronghold:

  1. Empire Defender Troop Attack (Max: 1,500%)
  2. Empire Defender Troop Defense (Max: 1,200%)

Attack Specific Stats included in this Research

These stats are specific to those who are attacking other Empires:

  1. Empire Assault Troop Attack (Max: 1,500%)
  2. Empire Assault Troop Defense (Max: 1,200%)

Wonder Specific Stats included in this Research

These stats apply only to players who are fighting at the Wonder:

  1. Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 1,500%)
  2. Wonder Defender Troop Attack (Max: 1,500%)
  3. Wonder Troop Health (Max: 1,000%

Draconic Ascension and Wild Troop Research are only two of the newest researches that are available to us in Game of War. Next week we will get a chance to take a closer look at Voyager’s Rewards Research and Battlemark Research. Research is an essential part of Game of War so familiarizing yourself with it and being aware of what is available is integral to successful gameplay.

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