Rune Guide for Demigod

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After a long wait, the Runes have now started to rain down on the Demigod realm! Just in the past few weeks there have been five sets released to compliment your gear. We will take a closer look at each rune set so you can determine which rune set is best for you.

The Basics of Runes

I know most players will already know the basics. However, there has been an increase of players returning to the game. The basics are necessary, and sometimes even the regular players can use a refresher course too!

Runes are similar to gems in a few ways. Runes are released in sets of four, and runes are used to enhance stats for your gear. The four runes are Fire, Water, Void, and Earth. Unlike gems, runes are not for every piece of gear. You can only add runes to your weapon. Also similar to gems, the runes are usually released in sets for attack, defense, rally attack, etc.

If you view your runes through the forge, you will view only the basic stats. This is where some players are confused because the blog stats do not match the stats of the rune. Rune research was released a very long time ago.

rune research tree

The runes research tree has research slots that unlock multipliers for each of the four runes. If you are returning to Game of War after a long period of time, make sure that the runes research is complete or you will not be reaching your full stat potential!

Here are the stats of runes when viewed through forge inventory:

rune in forge

And here are the stats of runes after research is completed and is viewed through rune equip screen:

rune equip stats


Rune Guide for Your City!

Now we can compare each of the five new rune sets and see where they fit into your build!

Defense Rune Sets

  • Amberlight Rune Set
  • Calcified Rune Set

The Amberlight set is the most recent of the two, so the stats are slightly better. If you do not have the amberlight set just yet, the calcified rune set will work just as well. Each of these sets feature heavier defense compared to other rune sets. The defense is also supported by attack, health, and attack debuff.

Amberlight Rune Set

Defense Rune Set
 AttackAttack DebuffDefenseHealth
Fire Rune450%425%1050%550%
Water Rune450%425%1050%550%
Void Rune450%425%1050%550%
Earth Rune450%425%1050%550%

Calcified Rune Set

Defense Rune Set
 AttackDefenseHealthAttack Debuff
Fire Rune400%1000%500%375%
Water Rune400%1000%500%375%
Void Rune400%1000%500%375%
Earth Rune400%1000%500%375%

Attack and Rally Attack Runes

  • Iridescent Rune Set
  • Brunet Rune Set

The Brunet set is the older of the two sets, however, the stats are slightly higher in some areas. The Iridescent set has empire rally attack and the Brunet runes have the original rally attack. Attack in the Brunet is higher than the Iridescent, 750% compared to 450%. In the Iridescent runes, the empire rally attack is lower than the rally attack in the Brunet set. Also, the rally attack in the Brunets would apply to rallies on the wonder and on empires. The empire rally attack on the iridescents applies when rallying strongholds only. What makes the Iridescent set superior to the Brunet set is the debuffs. Defense Debuff and Health Debuff are both higher in the newer Iridescent set.

Iridescent Rune Set

Solo/Rally Attack Runes
 AttackEmpire Rally AttackDefense DebuffHealth Debuff
Fire Rune450%575%675%200%
Water Rune450%575%675%200%
Void Rune450%575%675%200%
Earth Rune450%575%675%200%

Brunet Rune Set

Attack/Rally Attack Runes
 AttackRally AttackDefense DebuffHealth Debuff
Fire Rune750%500%625%187.5%
Water Rune750%500%625%187.5%
Void Rune750%500%625%187.5%
Earth Rune750%500%625%187.5%

Wonder Runes

  • Aquavein Rune Set

The Aquavein set is the first rune set to be released that applies to the wonder only. These have wonder holding attack and wonder holding health, but also has both rally health and wonder rally attack.

Aquavein Rune Set

Wonder Rune Set
 Wonder Rally AttackWonder Holding AttackRally HealthWonder Holding Health
Fire Rune650%825%650%825%
Water Rune650%825%650%825%
Void Rune650%825%650%825%
Earth Rune650%825%650%825%

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