Tier 7 Troops Are Here! Learn How to Use Them

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After much anticipation, the Tier 7 demigod troops were released. Although many players were anxious about the cost at release, they are actually very affordable for everyone to open. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at these new Tier 7 troops, traps, and mythics.

Cost of Tier 7 Troops

There is a noticeable difference in the way these troops were released. Previously, a player had to unlock all the research and then could unlock the new tier. However, the Tier 7 troops are able to be unlocked before you complete any other research associated with the new tier. Keep in mind, you still have to complete all the research prior to the troops, traps, and mythics in the Demigod Defense and Demigod Combat trees. In other words, you must have unlocked the Tier 6 troops and all associates researches.

The Tier 7 troops, traps, and mythics themselves are able to be unlocked with just two packs. This was a very big difference from the Tier 6 release, which cost upwards of ten thousand dollars at initial release date. Once you unlock the troops, traps, and mythics, you are then able to continue on with the Defense and Combat Trees. The research and unlocks require T7 research power, so completing the entire tree will take more than just two packs.

Stats Gained from Tier 7 Research

If you are a rally lead or solo attacker, you don’t want to just open the Tier 7 troops, traps, and mythics and then forget about the research. Even traps and fillers will benefit from the added stats. Remember that research is your foundation to a well-built account.

Attack Stats

  • Demigod Attack: 2400%
  • Demigod Type Attack: 2640%
  • Demigod Rally Attack: 2600%

Defense Stats

  • Demigod Defense: 3000%
  • Demigod Type Defense: 3300%

Health Stats

  • Demigod Health: 1200%
  • Demigod Type Health: 1320%
  • Denigod Rally Health: 1300%

Wonder Stats

  • Wonder Holding Attack: 2600%
  • Wonder Holding Health: 1300%
  • Debuff to Enemy Rally Health while Holding the Wonder: 1600%
  • Debuff to Enemy Holding Health whole Rallying the Wonder: 1600%

Debuff Stats

  • Debuff to Attack: 2200%
  • Debuff to Defense: 2200%
  • Debuff to Health: 2200%

Adjusting Your Set Up

If you haven’t already, make sure you are compensating for all Tier 7 rallies by adding more traps and mythics to your meat shield. The rally sizes are huge and an all T7 rally can really do some damage. Anything below T5 for a meat shield can easily be burned. Matter of fact, my alliance just recently hit an account that was 180B in power. This player had almost 4 BILLION T3 wall traps and 1 billion T4 wall traps. When the full T7 rally hit him, he went up in flames. It wasnt a little burn, it was a BIG burn and he lost almost 7 MILLION traps!!

Most of us wont even come close to having the resources to train that many traps.  For this reason, I recommend using T5 and up for your troop build. And, make sure you have close to a billion T5 traps. If your stats are above average then you can aim lower. Team RealTips Money Saving Tip: When training T5 traps, use the Valk hero with the T5 TRAP resource reduction skilled!! Its important that you make sure it is the Trap reduction, not just the troop resource reduction.

Have any additional questions about Tier 7 troops? Let us know in the comments below!

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